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back on the hill...

April 29th 2014 7:17 am
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well like my sister buzz said... we have been very busy.. ,moved back to the house... we love it here... mom says we are very amorous now that we are back... tail going and giving mom love... the first few nights I hung out in the bedroom with my peeps... so much stuff all around it is nicer in there.... we have been napping on one chair that has our blankets on it and that is cozy... there has been a change in the placement of our food/water dishes and that caused a little mom tried to fix it but we are tending to eat out of each others bowls and we are not being redirected... dad says it will all work out... mom worries I will just get fatter....


back to normal !!!

April 16th 2014 6:26 pm
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well buzz has been out from under the bed and she has not hissed at me all day.... we are back to eating... my mom said my stitches look good and I am healing... she also said my fur is growing back already.... my peep mom wanted all the catster cat friends and their peeps to know how grateful we are for all the love and encouragement we have received the last few days.... things are looking up... even though we has snow and ice this am......


a shot of the antibiotic

April 15th 2014 2:52 pm
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so instead of being man handled for the oral antibiotic I got another trip to the vet for this special sustained release antibiotic instead... we are all happy for this alternative!!!! I had to get in that crate again and off I went with mom down off our hill and back to the vet ... I cried a little but mom was with me . the vet that gave me the shot was a man and he seemed young but very nice... I was a little more hesitant to leave my crate this time... but I did not have to go in the back like yesterday and I was able to stay with mom... I heard mom say how upset and stressed she was over all this and also that my sister buzz is so scared and hiding and that we are not eating... the lady at the desk said that it is all normal and will be better soon..... came home and all is well...... I am happy and content and napping and loving mom... I think it is ok that we are not eating.... I just don't feel like it.... mom says I could afford to lose some weight anyway... I weighed 17.4 pounds at the vet..... the vet said that Is the reason I have got matted on my back side... I just cant reach around all that fat I try though


having to take medicine :(

April 15th 2014 11:04 am
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once home I got out of my crate and I went right to grooming myself... I have scents on me... not sure what that is about... buzz is coming near but not too near, she is hiding... my peeps say I look silly like a "lion king" since the little knick from the scissors is close to my "pooper" the vet said I have to have antibiotics... the vet gave mom some pink stuff that said I needed 2 yes 2 droppers full of medicine 2x's a day ... yes 2x's a day.... so mom and dad thought that that would add the to the stress of all this.... they tried but I spit it out... so they called the vet and she said that my peeps needed to "wrap me up like a burrito".... my peeps were not pleased with that answer since they said that the towel and holding me down was the reason we were all in this mess in the first place..... so they tried it and I took it ok but they decided that they were not going to do that 2x's every day for 5 days... we are all stressed in this family ... I think I am the least stressed... mom and buzz the most .... but I am glad that this ordeal is over,,, no more cutting, no more towels, no more medicine..... just healing and love....... but what to do with poor sister buzz... she keeps hissing at me........ all I know is napping seems like a good idea


I am the new LION KING!!! my new furcut

April 15th 2014 9:19 am
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well a lot has happened the last few days ... lots of stress in the house ... especially mom and buzz and me too....... so yesterday mom peep was trying to get some matted poop off my backside and she knicked my skin... it did not really bother me afterwards I just rolled around and purred so mom did not noticed right away... when we were snuggling she noticed.... so I ended up going to the vet to get my matts out and to get some stitches... had to get into the crate which dad was very surprised how I did not fuss.. I cried a little on the trip down and back but mom was with me and she let me rub her finger the whole time.. the vet lady was nice she had the same name as my mom... lots of dogs there and my mom said one was 1/4 of the size of me... some maltese Yorkshire mixture ... I was very docile with the vet and I let her touch my bottom and lift my tail... mom was wondering why I let her do it without out a fuss... the vet told mom it was because I don't know the vet so I am scared of her... I really don't know who she was and I figured I better not move.... so I went in the back with the strange lady vet and next thing I knew I was back in my crate without half my fur... I did get to see mom again..... so I am looking funny.... will continue the story in a bit ... gotta go groom my silly new furcut


success !! .... dematting saga continues

April 12th 2014 4:21 pm
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well I was busy watching the birds this am... seems like a lot of increased activity ... spring has sprung..... mom continues to follow me around and it seems she always has those scissors no matter where she is in the house... I think she has them placed strategically around so she can trick me and cut more matts... she has been successful lately... my right buttock hip area has really been cleaned of the large matt that was there... mom's new trick is to talk sweetly to me while she brushes me and lets me sniff the scissors and she tells me what a good girl I am... I don't mind it too much ... I even purr at times... she is sneaky since she only bothers me for a minute or two each time..... I even heard her say that she got a few matts off my pantaloons!!! she seems happier than previously. I must look like a sight missing fur in many different spots....


quiet day so far

April 9th 2014 9:54 am
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well this am I felt frisky and I did a little running around.. I played with my food,,, I like to take a piece of food out of my bowl and batt it around the kitchen for a bit then I eat it.. or I just take a piece out with my paw and eat it... another reason mom calls me silly... today mom continues to brush me when I let her and she is sneaky and tries to take more matts off with the scissors.. I don't like it much so she is not very successful... but at least there is no towel involved and those frightening black gloves... for now we are just curled up napping... a cat's life... meow


tales of gotcha day part 3... on anniversary of Gotcha- day.... 4/7/08

April 7th 2014 10:16 am
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so I think I left off where I am hunkered under a hemlock tree... peepmom comes over and I don't move.. which she is surprised about... she gently talks to me and picks me up.. I am a little frightened but she is warm and seems nice.. she wraps me up in her flannel jacket and she gets snow and dirt and hemlock needles all over her.. she stumbles down off the snowbank and I am placed in the front of the big red vehicle with my peep mom and my sister buzz in the back meowing... I crawl over peep mom's legs and meow... we start moving then peepmom picks me up and we are getting out and I notice we are at this farm and peep mom goes to the door and the farmer comes out... peep mom explains that she found us just up the road a piece and wonders if we belong to him, she explains that our catmom is a tortoise shell calico with a gold chest and gold on the tip of her tail and if she is one of his barn cats... the farmer says no but then he says that it looks like I am about 8 weeks old .. peep mom mentions something about going to a place called the humane society ... the farmer says that he thinks we should be with our cat mom on account of us being so tiny...peepmom says ...oh .ok.. I think I can still catch her.... so back into the big red vehicle we go ... next thing I know mom has our catmom... so happy to see her.... then we are moving again........then I am once again picked up... I find myself in this warm place and there is this man standing there... later I discover he will be my peepday.:)..... stay tuned for further tales of gotcha day


just another day.... no mohawks i say.....

April 7th 2014 9:56 am
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so humbled by all the attention..... getting diary picks .... yippe... something good happening ... well it has been quiet the last few days. mom has not got out those black gloves and towel... she does keeping looking at my back side and occasionally tries to snip some fur off my pantaloons... I don't really give her a chance.. she has been brushing me and telling me how good a girl I am.. I like that as long as she keeps away from my backside.... mom was looking at the article posted today about pro's and con's of shaving a cat... she thought the mohawks and designs made with shaving were silly... I really hope she doesn't decide to give me a Mohawk... we may have to picket that... ..well I am going to go take a nap on that box that is near the window ....


getting the matts out

April 4th 2014 6:43 am
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well two for two... two times I was wrapped in a towel and 2 scratches for mom ... not going well. dad was able to get a few more poop matts off my butt... but I guess there is one more.... I am under the bed at the moment... I do love my peeps though... I just wish they would leave my backside alone... I sure did meow pathetically.... my peeps tried to talk softly and sweetly but I just wanted out of this situation... don't like those big ugly black gloves they grab me with... ... mom is upset... she is concerned about needing to trim my "pantaloon" fur... and upset that I am upset... I don't hold it against them... I did let them pet me afterwards as long as it is not near my backside...... hoping the future gets better..... mom keeps saying that the scratches I gave her sting... :(

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