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A long-overdue hello ...

December 2nd 2014 9:09 am
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... to all my furriends. Yes, it's been months since I've written anything. Mom hasn't felt like typing even though I've offered to massage her fingers and taste-test her meals for her.

Well, I'm afraid I have more bad news. On Halloween, we lost my older sisfur Margo. Literally lost her. Mom was at work, the husband was home. The carpet cleaner guy came and the husband opened the garage door and the kitchen-to-garage door so the guy could bring his hose through. Then he left the doors open, assuming that Margo and I were in the basement where we usually hide when strangers come in. I was there; Margo was not. We don't know what possessed her, as she had never ever gone out of the house before except when Mom took her to the vet, but she apparently went outside and disappeared.

Mom set humane traps, put out flyers everywhere, called and visited the shelters, and went up and down the streets and woods calling and calling. But there has been no sign of Margo. Mom thinks a fox got her. She's very small, has no teeth to defend herself with, and is very very shy, so she would never let anyone get near her.

The husband, of course, feels awful, and has been letting me sleep on the bed with them ever since. I've been been very well-behaved for the most part, although sometimes I just have to start purring or grooming mom's hair in the middle of the night.

I've also been sticking like glue to my mom's side. I won't let her out of my sight and insist on having some part of me touching some part of her when she's sitting on the couch. I roam around the house yowling, hoping to contact my sisfurs in the Great Beyond, but so far they haven't responded.

We are planning to adopt another cat, since I have never been an only in my entire life, and I don't like it.


On the mend

August 20th 2014 8:42 am
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Yes, furiends, Catster and I are both on the mend, thank goodness. I had an ultrasound on Monday and it showed that I have a mild case of inflammatory bowel disease. When mom thinks back over the past year, she thinks perhaps it was developing (I was throwing up a lot, but I have a habit of eating wall insulation) but she didn't really pay attention. She read that grieving for a lost companion can instigate illness, so she thinks that Diva's passing caused a flareup that resulted in more dramatic symptoms.

So now I am on some meds and am getting some of my energy back. I still don't eat well - the husband was complaining about all the half-empty cans of food in the fridge and how much is thrown away because I won't eat it. Mom asked him if he knows more about cats than she does, and if so what would he suggest. That shut him up. He got back on her good side by paying for the ultrasound.

Mom still has to follow me with the food bowl and coax me to eat a little at a time, although I DEVOURED a cod fillet last night! Hopefully when my insides feel better, my appetite will come back. The vet wants me to eat hypoallergenic food (duck and potato) but I won't even give it the time of day.


It's been a long, long time

August 17th 2014 11:41 am
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Greetings, all my furbulous furiends. Yes, it has been a millenium since I prowled around on Catster. Fleas, and all that. Also, silly Mom thought she had been shut out because of the password debacle - she was not able to sign in on her tablet. But she discovered that she had never signed out on her desktop, so EUREKA! Here we are.

It's been a very sad time for mom and me. Last month we lost my beautiful older sisfur Diva. One Saturday she refused to eat breakfast, which was totally not like her. She was a regular vacuum cleaner. Mom rushed her to the vet, and within a matter of hours we had a highly likely cancer diagnosis. She had a big mass in her chest displacing her heart, fluid in her chest & abdomen, and her bone marrow had stopped producing red blood cells. We were absolutely stunned. Diva had been a little quieter than usual for a few days, but mom was not alarmed because she was a sedentary cat and she was still eating well. There was nothing dramatic to tell us that she was so sick. Mom made the heartbreaking decision to let her fly free.

And now I have been giving mom fits. I've been acting finicky about my food for a while. Mom kept bringing home different brands and flavors; one day I would like it, the next day I wouldn't. I was also vomiting sometimes. But I was still me - running around the house like my tail was on fire and getting into everything.

Then one day I refused to eat anything, including roast chicken, my favorite. Mom flew to the vet, where they took blood and xrays. All came back normal. The vet suggested an ultrasound to check for IBD. We also considered that perhaps I was grieving for Diva and my appetite would come back.

The next weekend I crashed. I turned my nose up at just about every kind of food, and worse, I didn't want to move. I would walk a few steps and sit down, or just lie at the top of the stairs or next to mom on the couch for hours. We rushed to the vet again and tested for pancreatitis - negative. Mom gives me pain med in a syringe, which I hate. I'm not vomiting anymore, thank goodness, and am eating a little better, although mom has to follow me around with the food dish. She's also giving me really cool snackies, like dried shrimp and cod from her dinner plate. I'm still not moving much, but mom is letting me sleep with her on the bed (the husband is away doing his airplane captain training, or this would not be happening!)

I want to thank my Auntie Lisa (Finney and Lacey's mom) for talking my mom down off the ledge, and all mom's Catster Buddy Facebook friends for their purrs and well wishes. And thank you To Hazel Lucy's and Mazie's mom for putting my profile on the Facebook page and to my Catster pals for the purresents and purrs.

We have an appointment with the internist for an ultrasound tomorrow and I will be sure to let you all know what the results are.


What the...??

May 13th 2014 1:28 pm
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Oh my catness, I had absolutely no idea that I had been chose as a DDP on Saturday! Mom has been very slack about logging in regularly, but also Catster didn't notify me at all! Thanks to Angel Smiley and Angel Buddie for their p-mails!



May 3rd 2014 8:29 am
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AAAAGH! Mom pulled a tick off herself yesterday! I don't know what a tick is, but when she showed it to me I almost passed out. She squished it and then she almost passed out! The tick had bitten her and she has a bruise where it stole her blood. Then she spent an hour on the internet reading about tick bites, looking at pictures, and imagining all kinds of dire symptoms. She's decided that communing with nature is not worth it and she's going to stay inside where it's safe and watch trash TV. Me, too.


Warm at last, warm at last, thank cat almighty, warm at last

May 2nd 2014 8:45 am
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Yes, spring has finally defeated winter. It's a beautiful day here in the boondocks, but what is mom doing? Sitting inside watching trashy reality TV shows. The husband is in Brazil, where it's Autumn. Everything down there is backwards, upside down, reversed. It makes my head spin.

Speaking of spinning, I have learned a new trick. As you know, I am clicker-trained, and for a long time my repertoire of tricks has consisted of nose-to-chopstick, sit, and high five. Now I do SPIN, which is turning in a circle (although it's not really a spin -- I am very leisurely about it). Too bad Letterman is retiring, because I finally feel ready to make my appearance on Stupid Pet Tricks.


How do you spell MOM?

April 3rd 2014 8:39 am
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Well, it's L-O-S-E-R! Yes, I'm ticked off at mom for being so lazy and wrapped up in her trashy reality TV shows that she wouldn't take the time to type my thank yous to all my furriends who sent greetings for my birthday. Anyone want to trade moms?

Monstrous thanks and whisker kisses to

Mietzi & Timo
Louis LeBeau and family
Hazel Lucy
Meiko & Kinzy
Teebo, Callie, Rose & the kittens
Mr. D, Sam, and family
Minnie, Penny, and Bliss
Keisha & Sylvester
Platelicker and furmily
Poopie pal Newman and furmily
Big Harry and furmily

for the purresents, pawmails, and greetings. I had a great purrthday. First I made mom serve me breakfast on the heating vent, then I napped for 12 hours, then I had dinner, then I napped some more. It was purrfect!

Mom dodged a bullet a couple of weeks ago. She and her friends were supposed to spend a day at a Korean spa where clothes are NOT ALLOWED! You have to walk around buck nekkid except in the restaurant & the sauna rooms (which are coed). Pool - nekkid. Massage area - nekkid. When mom found that out, she was thinking of ways she could gracefully (and not so gracefully) get out of going. Fortunately, all the massages were sold out for a week, so the trip was cancelled. Those other spa-goers don't know how lucky they were. Mom is not 22 any more, if you know what I mean.


Getting what I deserve

March 9th 2014 3:43 pm
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Turns out that I' am not so thrilled that mom is back at work. It means that she is not home 24/7 for me to shed and drool on, and I find that very annoying. To express my annoyance, I've taken up a new behavior: I won't eat breakfast unless she serves me while I sit on the heating vent.

Also, I'm very disturbed that mom is cuddling other cats at the vet's office. Not only that, she comes home and talks about it! The other day she said a gorgeous cameo smoke tabby boy with 6 toes on each foot came in and she couldn't take her hands off him! Hmmph! When I sniffed her hands, I detected the distinct odor of Old Spice cologne. Not classy, mom, not classy at all.


Oh, oh, oh!

March 3rd 2014 6:45 am
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Well, the snow is falling 100 miles per hour, and my heart is beating twice as fast. Because my sexy, seductive, scintillating lovely largeness Simone sent me a belated Valentine card (with glitter on it!) and two, count e'm - two! - giftees, made especially fur me by her talented mom. One is a heart-shaped catnip toy with a burgundy toile pattern on ivory background (yes, mancats do know these things) and the other is a Picasso-inspired mouse shape toy with yarn whiskers and tail. I love them both and sometimes I just sit and stare at them
a)because I can't believe I'm so lucky that my lovely largeness loves me!
b) I can't decide which one to play with. When this happens, Diva sneaks in and steals one and I have to smacky paw her.

Thank you so much, my largeness! I bask in your lovely love!


getting credit

February 28th 2014 4:37 pm
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No, mom won't let me have my own charge card. Recognizing true genius when she sees it, the Diary Gal named me a DDP the other day. And I want to thank the Academy -- er, I mean my Catster furriends for the pawmails, purresents, and concatulations! You all certainly made a miserable winter much warmer and brighter!

Mom has been at her job 3 weeks now and likes it. She's learning her way around the computer programs and finds her back is not bothering her as much as she feared it would. The only drawback is that she has to count money and add up numbers for the bank deposit at night, and she is TERRIBLE at that! Even with a calculator, 2 + 2 is hard for her. Which is why she was a writer and not a rocket scientist.

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