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How do you spell MOM?

April 3rd 2014 8:39 am
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Well, it's L-O-S-E-R! Yes, I'm ticked off at mom for being so lazy and wrapped up in her trashy reality TV shows that she wouldn't take the time to type my thank yous to all my furriends who sent greetings for my birthday. Anyone want to trade moms?

Monstrous thanks and whisker kisses to

Mietzi & Timo
Louis LeBeau and family
Hazel Lucy
Meiko & Kinzy
Teebo, Callie, Rose & the kittens
Mr. D, Sam, and family
Minnie, Penny, and Bliss
Keisha & Sylvester
Platelicker and furmily
Poopie pal Newman and furmily
Big Harry and furmily

for the purresents, pawmails, and greetings. I had a great purrthday. First I made mom serve me breakfast on the heating vent, then I napped for 12 hours, then I had dinner, then I napped some more. It was purrfect!

Mom dodged a bullet a couple of weeks ago. She and her friends were supposed to spend a day at a Korean spa where clothes are NOT ALLOWED! You have to walk around buck nekkid except in the restaurant & the sauna rooms (which are coed). Pool - nekkid. Massage area - nekkid. When mom found that out, she was thinking of ways she could gracefully (and not so gracefully) get out of going. Fortunately, all the massages were sold out for a week, so the trip was cancelled. Those other spa-goers don't know how lucky they were. Mom is not 22 any more, if you know what I mean.


Getting what I deserve

March 9th 2014 3:43 pm
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Turns out that I' am not so thrilled that mom is back at work. It means that she is not home 24/7 for me to shed and drool on, and I find that very annoying. To express my annoyance, I've taken up a new behavior: I won't eat breakfast unless she serves me while I sit on the heating vent.

Also, I'm very disturbed that mom is cuddling other cats at the vet's office. Not only that, she comes home and talks about it! The other day she said a gorgeous cameo smoke tabby boy with 6 toes on each foot came in and she couldn't take her hands off him! Hmmph! When I sniffed her hands, I detected the distinct odor of Old Spice cologne. Not classy, mom, not classy at all.


Oh, oh, oh!

March 3rd 2014 6:45 am
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Well, the snow is falling 100 miles per hour, and my heart is beating twice as fast. Because my sexy, seductive, scintillating lovely largeness Simone sent me a belated Valentine card (with glitter on it!) and two, count e'm - two! - giftees, made especially fur me by her talented mom. One is a heart-shaped catnip toy with a burgundy toile pattern on ivory background (yes, mancats do know these things) and the other is a Picasso-inspired mouse shape toy with yarn whiskers and tail. I love them both and sometimes I just sit and stare at them
a)because I can't believe I'm so lucky that my lovely largeness loves me!
b) I can't decide which one to play with. When this happens, Diva sneaks in and steals one and I have to smacky paw her.

Thank you so much, my largeness! I bask in your lovely love!


getting credit

February 28th 2014 4:37 pm
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No, mom won't let me have my own charge card. Recognizing true genius when she sees it, the Diary Gal named me a DDP the other day. And I want to thank the Academy -- er, I mean my Catster furriends for the pawmails, purresents, and concatulations! You all certainly made a miserable winter much warmer and brighter!

Mom has been at her job 3 weeks now and likes it. She's learning her way around the computer programs and finds her back is not bothering her as much as she feared it would. The only drawback is that she has to count money and add up numbers for the bank deposit at night, and she is TERRIBLE at that! Even with a calculator, 2 + 2 is hard for her. Which is why she was a writer and not a rocket scientist.


The week that was

February 15th 2014 10:12 am
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What an amazaing week! So much good news, the biggest being, of course, that Catster is not closing! I am so relieved not to be losing my furriends and their furbulous diaries.

As you know from Simone's diary, she agreed to be my Valentine again this year, and I just flipped head over tail! She is one sexy lovely largeness, so furry and whiskerious! The Mata Hari of kitties. Exotic, bee-yoo-tee-ful, sly, imperious, seductive, and so very very smart. And what a belly! My greatest hope is that one day I will get to paw it in person. Massive hugs, my Thai tsarina!

In other news, mom started her new job at a vet on Tuesday. It's extremely parttime, which the husband is not that stoked about. But really, mom doesn't care. It gets her off the couch and keeps the husband off her back about not working. There are two kitties that live in the office. One is a snowshoe mix with no tail named Frankie, and the other is an orange tabby named Winston. They are both FELV + and the vet rescued them from a shelter. Mom has already started clicker training Winston, because he's a huge chow hound. The office is only 20 minutes from our house - no more long commutes! The only drawback is that the receptionists don't sit down! What!! They stand up all day, and mom just can't do that because she has collapsing discs in her back. She didn't know about the standing when she went for her interview because you can't tell from the client side of the counter. Ironically, after she interviewed with this vet, her own vet posted a help wanted notice, so she sent them a resume. They didn't get back to her until after she accepted the first job, but she's going to interview with them anyway next week. She would much rather work for them so we kitties could get a discount, but she does feel guilty about possibly ditching the first vet.

And lastly, the husband gave mom a slick tablet for her birthday. He gave her a keyboard to go with it, thank catness, because she sure has a hard time with the onscreen one. Her facebook comments were not making any sense!

It's snowing here again, and the power just went out, long enough for the generator to kick in for a couple of minutes. The clocks are blinking, so I must go reset them all. Maybe I'll mess with mom's head and make them all different!


It's not about the money, money, money...

February 1st 2014 7:57 am
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Well, yes, it is. The husband has been nagging mom to get a job! He says she has spent way too much time sprawled on the couch - there's a big dent in the cushions now. So on Monday mom has an interview at an animal hospital to be a receptionist. As they say in Yiddish - Dafen gehen kollege? (for this they went to college?) Mom says she just wants a job that won't stress her poor, overworked brain and won't follow her home. I'm all for that - when her brain is overworked, she refuses to type for me, and my brain gets all backed up with ideas and comments, then they get all twisted up into a big, tangled ball of unintelligible words, then it just comes out as Meow.

Yesterday I watched a squirrel vigorously defend the front yard from a crow. It was so intense I had to go lie down.

Think I'll do that again.


leaking eyes

January 18th 2014 12:19 pm
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Oh furriends, just like all of you, I am sad beyond words at the news. Mom and I have had such a wonderful time here. Mom interviewed so many terrific kitty owners for her stories, and I made so many furbulous furriends - way more than mom has on Facebook. Mom wasn't writing too much the last couple of months because she was having such a hard time at work, but trust me, I made her check Catster every day and read everyfur's diary entries to me.

We would love to be furriends with anyone who's on Facebook. I don't have my own page, so you can send her a friend request to Arna Cohen if you are so inclined.

Meow out loud, everyfur!


Starting a new chapter

January 2nd 2014 12:39 pm
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Furriends, I apologize for being absent from Catster for so long and missing so many birthdays, Gotcha days, COTD days, COTW days, DDP days, DOTD days, and so on. Mom's last few weeks at her job were the most stressful ever - trying to finish up a story that she hated, saying goodbye to friends. But now she's done and she's promised that she will do more typing for me.

In the meantime, until she starts looking for a different job (she doesn't really want to but the husband insists), she's keeping the couch in line. That thing gets really feisty sometimes and she has to sit on it constantly to keep it from acting up. Last night she had to spank it.

We kitties are doing fine. I've been limping a little more than usual because the cold weather is making my arthritis worse. But it doesn't keep me from jumping on the countertops and mom's lap a million times when she's trying to type or eat.

As promised, here is a link to Mom's story about internet cat sensations

The Cult of Purr-sonality 014/01-02/internet-cat-sensations.html#.UsV_sbQiQ7w

This is the story she's very proud of, not the one she hates. Enjoy!

Happy New Year, my furriends!


Wrapping up another career

November 27th 2013 8:27 am
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Mom has told me that she is leaving her writing job at the animal magazine. Much as she loves the people and truly believes in the organization, she says that all her uncoordinated deadlines made her very stressed and anxious to the point where she was losing sleep and not wanting to go to work. It's also a very long drive - up to an hour one way.

I guess this means that I won't have anyone to get my ideas published, but it does mean I will have more time for Catster! Yay! Mom says she'll certainly look around for another job, maybe go back to working in a shelter or a vet clinic.

Anyway, her last big cat story will up on the web in a couple of weeks and I'll put a link to it in my diary. It's all about those fantastic internet cats. It's called The Cult of Purr-sonality.


Furbulous news!

November 6th 2013 10:27 am
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OMC, furriends, my mom got some great news today! She won a medal in the Cat Writers Association contest! She won first place in Magazine Article: Health and General Care for her story "Junk in the Trunk" about helping fat kitties lose weight. Teebo, Rose, and Callie helped!

I'm doing the happy dance! (not really, I'm sleeping while she's typing)

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