Big Harry, My Orange Angel

Egyptian Mau/Breed Unknown
Picture of Big Harry, My Orange Angel, a male Egyptian Mau/Breed Unknown

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Home:Van Buren, a  [I have a diary!]  
Sex: Male   Weight: 13 lbs.

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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Quick Bio:
-cat rescue

January 20th 1999


attention, ear and chin rubs

waiting for food and/or treats to be served

Favorite Toy:
bed sheets

Favorite Nap Spot:
on meomy's chest, in his cubes

Favorite Food:
baked chicken or turkey

honks my nose with his paw, gives "5"


Arrival Story:
He was rescued with his little sister Patches from a cat hoarder.

Big Harry has a very distinctive un-meow, more of a "MAH!" He was diagnosed with feline diabetes in the beginning of 2011 and has lost some weight, so he is more of a Medium Harry. He is currently eating both prescription and Wellness food (chicken and lobster wet food is his favorite!) and is taking insulin to regulate his sugar. Thanks to the attention, love and purrs of our furmily and our furiends here on Catster, he is doing well!

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Bonjour! Welcome to Chez Haroldine!

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November 20th 2009 More than 7 years!

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What a pawsome day!

January 20th 2012 4:07 pm
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OMC! I was invited to join the group Dream Mancats because Samoa chose me as DREAMBOAT#57! You can read about it here: /760917

Not only did I find out I'm a Dreamboat and my little brofur Jameson became a Dreamboat in Training, but it's my birthday! If you can believe it, mommy made me go for a check up on my b-day! Of course, Dr. Price was so happy to see me and gave me pets and rubs! She thinks that I look so much better since last year when I got sick and was diagnosed with diabetes! She thought I looked just purrfect! HOORAY!

I received the most pawsome purresents from my Princess Poppy and her furmily from the Cat in the Clover! She sent me a BIG snooze sack! It's like a big soft sleeping bag all warm and comfy! (:

Thank mew to all of my furiends for making this the best purrday ever- I'm sending you many bonks and whisker kisses!



August 13th 2011 5:57 pm
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I've been tagged by my Princess Poppy!

Copy and Paste the following diary, answer the questions below, add your score, and find out just how you rank on the Charlie Chocolate Paws Scales of Feistiness!

Charlie Chocolate Paws Scales of Feistiness

1. Do you make demands of your human? (If you answered Yes, give yourself 1 point.)
*Yes 1 point

2. If you make demands by doing any of the following, give yourself 1 point for each:
Persistent meowing *1 (only when my canned din is being prepared!)
Biting *0
Smacky Paws *0
Relentless staring *0
Inappropriate behaviors (i.e., chewing on furniture, electrical cords, the oven) *0

3. If you make demands by doing any of the following, subtract 1 point:
Headbonking *-1 (I love to bonk!)
Rubbing and purring on your human *-1

4. If you let your humans rub your belly, subtract 2 points.
*-2 (I even let mommy kiss my belly!)

5. If you let anyone kiss your belly, subtract 5 points. *-5 (OMC, I just said that and had not even read this yet!!!)

6. Are you Head of your Household (HOH)? (1 point if you consider yourself HOH) *0 (That would be the Schmools!)

7. If you have kitty (or other animal) siblings, do you:
(Give yourself 1 point for each Yes)
Eat their food? *1
Demand that they groom you? *0
Chase them? *0
Stare at them relentlessly? *0
Stalk them? *0
Pounce on them? *0
Make them meow? *0
Steal their (well, *your*) toys? *0
Make them growl? *0
Make their ears go backwards? *0
Pretend to be grooming (or staring at the wall, ceiling, etc.) while actually stalking them? *0

8. Have you ever destroyed household items?
(1 point for each yes)
Furniture? *0
Clothing or shoes? *0
Kitty Toys? *0

9. Please list any other crazy things you do that are ridiculously feisty (1 point per).
1 point- Demand snacks constantly.
1 point- Demand snuggles and rubs constantly- daddy must vacate the area so there is room for me
1 point- I reach down to honk mommy's nose or grab her eyebrows when I lay above her head on her pillow at night

Total Score (Place your score/name in your Diary Title):

My Score is -3 of Feisty Points- I must be A SUPER DUPER Laidback Lovebug Cat!

0-5 LAIDBACK LOVEBUG: You are a lovebug. You are sweet (and probably floofy) and you go with the flow. Nothing *really* bothers you and you like everybody. You don’t even mind having a feisty sibling! You are a laidback lovebug!

6-15 COOL CAT: You are one cool cat. Smooth with a touch of mischief. You’ve got a bit of feisty in you and a bit of lovebug. Balance is good; you know how to have a good time by chasing and pouncing AND you know how to have a good time by being a mellow kitty and just hanging out. You are a cool cat!

16+ CRAZY FEISTY: You are a nut. A cheeky little monkey! Crazy, feisty, the talk of the town! Chasing kitty sisters, demanding your human feed you NOW, eating your mom’s favorite pair of shoes, turning on the oven with your freakishly strong teeth just because you can! The world is your playground and you’ll try anything once (or twice). If your human can handle the shenanigans of a CRAZY FEISTY kitty cat, all is good! If your human cannot handle the shenanigans, wait until she leaves for work to get crazy and then blame it on your sistercat when your human comes home! You are crazy feisty (and a whole lot of mischievous fun!)!

Any kitty that wants to play is invited! Feel free to tag friends to find out just how feisty your friends are! I’m tagging:



Family Tag!

August 2nd 2011 2:27 pm
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I have been tagged by my beautiful Princess Poppy!

Poppy was tagged by Tao and this is his message because he invented it (pawsome idea!):
I invented this new game inspired by Leo Lovebug's Lovebug Tag. we've known a lot of stuffs about each other by playing Lovebug Tag. and by this game we'll come to know about each and everyfurs' families. All u have to do is write about ur family members just like the way I'm gonna do and tag the friends u want to know about! Have fun!!


Meowmy - Oh, my meowmy, where do I begin?!?! The center of my world! The bearer of comforts and snuggles and food and treats and medicines and pettings! Mom says I am like velcro- perhaps we are "co-dependent"- we are happiest together! She took me and my sisfur Patches as adult kitties after we were living with a cat hoarder. The atrocity! I am a finicky and spoiled prince and my mom will get up in the middle of the night if I meow for something. She has an alarm set for 8am and 8pm for my medicine and refuses to be a minute late! She makes up songs about me and sings them. Sometimes I sleep above her head on her pillow, sometimes I sleep on her back and sometimes she wakes up and I'm just staring at her happily. If my spot next to her on the couch is not available, I am not happy and I "Mah", never a meow. I don't know why. Mommy is a researcher at the University of Florida and is working on her PhD. This is much nicer for me than when she was teaching- more flexible hours to snuggle!

Daddy - Daddy is quite possibly the first person in all of my years that I gave the thumbs up to (can I do that? I don't think I have a thumb...) besides mommy. If she isn't around, he might do in a pinch for snuggles... He is a bearer of treats and food and head scratches and knows exactly how I like my food fixed (oh yes, he's quite good). Unfortunately, our younger, yet gigantic and quite clumsy sister Tabatha follows him everywhere. This is no good for me. He is very creative and writes comic books and graphic novels. If you like comics, Google search Jamison Kasian! He reads and writes all of the time and I love to sit on his papers and books.

Patches - My sisfur Patches and I have been together for what seems like furever! Nobody knows exactly how long, but we were together at the terrible house before mommy adopted us! We have very different personalities, but get along. We don't exactly snuggle, but we will nap next to each other occasionally. She is so silly! We are so opposite- I am tall and lean, she is short and tumpy. I am slow and quiet, she is spastic and makes all crazy noises! She is extremely friendly and lovable- even Zack (our dog brofur) loves her and is protective of her! We have been through a lot together and she is a great little sisfur!

Zack - Holy, moly, where do I begin? Zack was with mommy before us kitties and he is one gentle giant! he is like a bull in a china shop- a real buffalo! He is quite clumsy and doesn't realize that he weighs about 100 pounds. I think he may think he is a cat... He is so sweet and mostly keeps to himself- he likes Patches and they nap on the dog beds. He doesn't bother me unless I have come from the vet or mommy has used cleansing wipes on me and then he follows me around sniffing me, which I don't care for... He is one big baby for 11 years old- he never quite grew out of the puppy phase! He does not care for Tabatha because she swats at his tail and is a typical little sibling. She will pop out of nowhere and scare him, jump on him, whatever!

Lumi - Lumi, or "The Schmools" as she is known, is something else! She came to live with us last year at the age of 15 and boy, was she a grouch! Now she thinks she owns the place! She is the bossiest cat in the house, has a meow you can hear for a mile and she LOVES hats! She went from a sad, skinny kitty with greasy fur to a plump and sassy senior! She is so happy living with us that her whole health and appearance has changed and we love her! Mostly, we get a kick out of her because she is the queen bee! It's her way or the highway! Don't think about telling her to move out of your spot on the bed or the couch... It just isn't going to happen.

Tabatha - Oh boy... Tumpy. Loud. Clumsy. Antagonistic. Spoiled. What else? A total daddy's girl! He actually will sit on the floor of the office if she is in his office chair! Sometimes she won't eat her wet food until HE (not mommy) has smashed it down with a fork. She will wait until he is home. She just jump on the couch or bed- she catapults. She will smack you and run away. She eats all day long. Her poo smells really bad. That's all I have to say! But I love her anyways and she looks like a bunny- she is very pretty...

I'm tagging:


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