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sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

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April 2nd 1990


being with me, either talking with me or resting nearby

being pounced on... she's very frail now

Favorite Toy:
Kayli is past her playing days, but she still enjoys eating catnip.

Favorite Nap Spot:
usually on the floor near the bed. also likes to sleep on a bed, under the covers with head on the pillow.

Favorite Food:
Kayli is a very good eater, loves just about every canned food, loves milk, cantalope, and enjoys cream cheese mixed in food

Kayli is a great talker and answers when I ask questions. She is a very caring kitty and gets concerned when you're sad or injured.


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Kitty Girl

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So hard to say goodbye after 18 years...

Even tho Kayli has very few teeth, diabetes, breast cancer, hyperthyroidism and kidney problems, she still gets around, has a good appetite, enjoys going outside, likes to watch tv and listen to Garrison Keillor's radio programs, and is still a very caring and talkative kitty.

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November 14th 2009 More than 7 years!

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Hello! I'm Kayli Byerly

No more couch monster

November 14th 2009 4:07 pm
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I missed my friend Molly and things just changed so much after she went missing. My daddy wasn't around much, and one day he didn't come home. He came to visit a couple times, but things just changed.

No more couch monster.

One day, mommy gave the fish away and we got in the car and drove all day. Mommy called it a 'vacation'. We stayed in a couple little rooms and I didn't have very much space to explore, and I was a little scared.... until I smelled a familiar face that came to our door - The Pizza Man! Sausage cures all things scary! Mommy was gone in the day, but always brought me good food and we watched tv together at night. She didn't take me for walks on vacation, but she played with me and talked to me more. Then we went for another big drive back home.

Soon after I got a bunch more boxes and wrapping paper to play in the boxes again. Men in uniforms came and took all our stuff away, and mommy and I took another long drive in the car. It was cold and Mommy climbed a lot of stairs and took me in this bigger place, but the lights and heater didn't work. So we just snuggled up under a blanket and slept together real close. Sometimes it helps to sleep real close when things are kind of new and scary. It was fun to explore this new place, but I was glad my mommy was there and she needed me to sleep close to her.

I scared my mommy a couple days later. I had just found a new place to hang out and she couldn't find me. I let her cry for me and get all scared and then she finally found me, watching her from on top of the refrigerator. She didn't get mad tho.

I had great napping places, and a big mirror to admire myself in and best of all I could watch these interesting things from inside my house. They would actually sit on My patio and look in at me. Mommy said they're birds. I like to sit in a chair on the patio and look out at the trees and mountains and birds. Sometimes mommy would me out one of my favorite things to eat... Wheathins! I love 'em. Sometimes I just like to stick my head in the box and give it a good sniffing.

I liked our new place, and then it was my birthday again and mommy brought home a new scratching post for me. It was very tall and had a little house at the bottom, a level above that and a napping place above that. I was scared of it at first when she put me near the top, so she let me down and didn't get mad or anything.

Later when she wasn't looking, I tried it out myself and when she went looking for me again I didn't hear her cuz I was sleeping way at the top. It wasn't scary at all... it was good. Life was good again.


1st Friend!

November 14th 2009 3:22 pm
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One day I was upstairs helping mommy fold clothes. Ok, she was folding clothes, I was in the window occassionally taking the clothes back out of the dresser for her. I looked out at the trees and looked around and then I saw something down there at the top of the outside stairs. It was a kitty! I meowed at mommy to tell her. I looked down at the kitty and meowed again. I looked at mommy and meowed again. She came over and asked if I saw something outside and she looked down with me and we saw the yellow kitty down there.

Mommy took me down the stairs, I was too excited to go down slowly, and she held me as she slowly opened the door and then she squatted down and we looked and talked to the yellow kitty. The neighbor's door opened up and it was the yellow kitty's mommy. My mommy talked to the other mommy and then I got introduced to ... Molly.

Molly was a little older than me, but we were friends right away. We'd talk to each other, she'd come over for playtime in the house, we'd hang out on the patio together. She'd come to say hello when I was out walking with mommy. We just loved to be with each other whenever we could.

One day it was my birthday and mommy brought home a two level scratching post.... just perfect for me and my friend Molly!

Mommy: "Molly was a sweet little yellow stripe kitty and she and Kayli were best kitty friends. One Sunday Molly got permission from her mommy to have lunch with Kayli and have a play day in our house. Terry and I were just doing our own thing, and the girls just kept themselves occupied. It was a pretty lazy Sunday and I was tired so went to laydown for a nap... later Terry came in and joined me. A couple hours later I woke up and it was dark in the room and Terry was still asleep next to me. I sat up and saw that Kayli was asleep at the foot of the bed and then wondered if Molly was still in the house. Knowing that Molly wasn't allowed on the bed at her house, I leaned over to look on the floor, closest to Kayli... and there was Molly taking a nap as close as she could to her friend Kayli. I got everyone up and the girls and I went down stairs and I let them know it was time Molly went home cuz her mom was probably wondering where she was... I just opened the door and her mom was just coming out to call Molly home for dinner. I apologized saying that we all had taken a nap. She said she figured Molly was here and safe, so wasn't worried. I was so glad Kayli had found such a nice friend, and so had I."

There was a little kitty that would sometimes just sit outside and put his paw to the screen door and just sit with me. He came by a few times and it was nice to see another kitty, but mom wouldn't let me go out with him. But I could play with Molly anytime!

One day Molly and I were laying out on the patio... mom checked on us and one time she came over to see what we were playing with. A little ball or something. (yeah it was something, but it wasn't a ball!)

Mommy: "I saw the girls were rolling something across the patio back and forth to each other and I hadn't given them a ball so wanted to see what it was. I stopped it from rolling with my foot and there was a tiny mouse curled up in a ball, breathing so fast, scared to death of these sweet little girls who were just rolling him back and forth between them. Poor thing. He was taken inside, put in a shoe box with a soft rag and a tiny lid of water, a bit of food and allowed to recover from that horror overnight, after which he was released into a nearby field." It's not like we were going to eat him.... there really wasn't enough for two. ;-b

Mommy: "Kayli and Molly were great friends and it broke my heart when Molly disappeared because it broke Kayli's heart and I couldn't explain what had happened to Molly, because we didn't know. Molly's parents were on vacation and a relative was taking care of her. Molly simply vanished. Her caretaker had hoped Molly had come over to our house to play, but she hadn't, so I helped look in every nook and cranny in Molly's house to try to find her - in the cabinets, under the beds, in and behind the refrigerator, outside .. we checked down below her patio in case she fell ... nothing! she simply had either left or been taken.

My poor little Kayli. She just cried and cried for her friend. She'd put her paw on me and look up at me with big concerned eyes and cry. I knew she wanted her friend, but I didn't know where Molly was. I would take Kayli outside on her leash and we'd both yell out for Molly. Kayli would sniff everywere, we'd check near the garages trying to see if we heard anything. looked in the laundry rooms, looked in the bushes.... we never found any sign of Molly. She was simply gone.

Kayli was so sad and cried alot and just needed a lot of TLC to help cope with her first loss."


How to get outside

November 14th 2009 2:50 pm
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I loved to go outside, so when I wanted to go, I'd tell mommy and daddy, then go to the front door and cry and look up at the doorknob.

If that didn't work, I'd sit in front of them on the coffee table and stare at them. Then I'd cry and cry and then go the front door and cry some more.

If that didn't work, I'd go stand in front of the patio door (a foot away from the front door) and cry some more.

I'd even stand up on a box by the front door, get on my tippy toes and turn the door knob with my paws. That would get their attention and, oh, how cute that was.... then they talk about maybe taking me out....

but if that didn't work, I'd go to the end table with the cabinet in it, I'd pretend to try to open (I actually could open it) and I'd make that knob thing plunk down over and over and over until they'd say to knock it off. I wasn't able to knock it off, so then I'd go ahead and open the cabinet, walk inside, retrieve my leash and collar, walk out of the cabinet and walk in front of them, either on the coffee table or on the floor, drop the leash and tell them again. I want to go OUTTTTTT!

They thought the leash retrieving was soooo cute, they'd hook me up and out we'd go for a walk around the condos, into the grass, over to smell the flowers and after a second time around to see everything, I'd want to go home and would start up the stairs leaving them in the grass... but then I'd want to hang out on the patio for a while, so they'd hook my leash up to a chair and I'd get to hang out by myself, smelling the breeze, listening and watching my mommy and daddy thru the patio door and falling asleep on my patio.

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