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Perry Winkle Blue

Perry Winkle

December 16th 2009 8:03 am
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Oh to list Perry in his younger days. I called the breeder and asked if my cat was crazy.

10 weeks -6 months He would be running through a room and would do a back flip for no reason.

10 weeks-4 months I would find him resting on the tops of doors.

10 weeks -onnnnn he used people for traction when he needed to make a tight turn.

10 weeks on he jumped into my arms when I asked him to.

12 weeks-6months, when the visiting nurses would come to take care of me, he would manage to get into their bags and steal something, anything, so they would have to chase him through my house.

!8 months old, we took in a 3 week old kitten, Perry mothered it as if it was his own. He carried her around by the scruff of her neck, licked her so she could pass her bowels and urine and thought any time she moved was a reason for a bath. We named her Tiger Lillie

12 weeks -2 years, he would play hide and freak with my 7 year old and he was better at it than she was.

12 weeks -2 years He would not let me have any pictures on the wall, as he would run up the walls and pop them all off the wall.

12 weeks -2 years old, he stuffed the toilette every time someone left the lid up with everything he could carry, everything. When the lid was not, up he stuffed his water dish instead.

6 months-2 years he discovered he could put out votive candles with his front paw, and since I used a lot of them they would set off the smoke detector. When I went to the bathroom, he did this every time while my daughter watched and laughed.

6 months -3 years old, he had daily talks with the kitty in the mirror.

8 months old on, he knew he was not to get on my kitchen table to look out the window, but if there were papers on the table he would carefully arrange himself on even the smallest amount of paper so he could fit.

2 years on, he would know when I was sick before I knew and start to worry over me, demanding I go to bed all day.

2 years on when I am sick, he hovers making an invisible circle around me in which he does not leave.

9 years old, he told me when someone was breaking in to my bedroom window early one evening.

14.5 years old we took in a 5 week old kitten someone had tossed from a moving car. This kitten smelled of death. Perry took a day to decide this kitten needed him. He had to get passed the smell of death is my guess, but in my blog you can read about Ginger Ten~ten, now Dusty Miller. Perry treated Dusty the same as Lillie.
Perry is an F1 Natural Mink Tonkinese and without him I would have gone crazy after falling off the cliff.

16 years and 7 months old, my beloved Perry Winkle passed away. That was in December. It has taken me until March to beable to type this and still it is through a veil of tears. I miss my heart cat more than I could ever tell you. He no longer sings me to sleep every night, nor curls up on my chest and keeps me warm. I miss him as if part of me is gone forever.


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