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My Surgery


March 16th 2009 8:42 am
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It is with great sorrow that Tamara Marie passed away by lethal injection March 4, 2009 she had pancrest cancer may she rest in peace
with god at rainbow bridge.

Your mama's little girl and I miss you dearly


I'm A Diabetic

December 20th 2006 7:48 pm
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Everytime I dont look well my mom gets sick she told dad I needed to go to the vet
he check my breathing and tempature and said I sounded fine. Mom told him that I was sick to check my kidneys or blood and he came back in and said your right she is a diabetic I have to take a shot every morning sometimes it hurts I had to spend one night with the vet and then go and have my blood checked once a week.

Now that im on dibetic cat food and insulin im doin much better.

How does mom know im sick? I dont play and I always play, I have a funny little sound I make when mom wakes me up and I stoped doin that and when mom got out of bed she had to lift my head up just to wake me up and I also lost weight and just laied around.

I still have to go get my blood checked but not once a week


My Surgery

November 25th 2005 7:40 am
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October 17, 2005

Mom found a knot on my side she thought it might be a spider bite so she watched it a week. It was not getting any better and she decided to take me to my doctor.

My doctor (doctor Lee) said it defently wasnt suposed to be there and it needed removed so they scheldued me for surgey on the 24th. I had to spend the night at the vets (I did not like sleepin over). Mom came and got me Tuesday and they showed her the mass that was removed she didnt say much but I knew she was scared. They had to send it off to the lab which they said would take 4 wks Mom cried.

Mom told me that her and God loved me and she prayed for me The doctor called 2 wks later and told mom it was cancer malignant they also said there was good news it wasnt attached to the muscle and it wasnt spreadable and that it rarely came back. And if it did come back we would just remove it again.

Mom tells me everyday that her and God love me and that any time you spend with someone you love is a gift.

Now were waitin for my cloths (fur) to grow back

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