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I am 5 years old today!

April 15th 2014 11:29 am
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Today is my birthday, but Mom says we will have to wait for a couple of days to celebrate. She and Dad are driving to Baltimore today talk to some doctors about Dad's cancer tomorrow

He has had four months of chemotherapy here in New Jersey, but his doctor says Johns Hopkins Medical Center has special radiology equipment that isn't available here, and that can give Dad targeted radiation as part of the surgery.

We all want our Dad to get the best care, so I am putting aside my party hat until he and Mom get back.

They'd appreciate your purrs!


My diary got noticed!

October 18th 2013 7:39 am
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Wow, that was almost worth getting my claw caught in my toy. More treats for me, Mom!!!


Ow! Ow! Ow!

October 13th 2013 12:26 pm
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Today I was playing my favorite feather wand game with Mom, and somehow got my claw caught in the jingle bell attached to it. I could not retract it, Mom could not pull it out, and it was buried too deep in the jingle bell for her to just trim my claw.

I was starting to freak out. She had to get Dad in to hold me so she could get the kitchen shears to cut the wire holding the jingle bell to the wand, and then pry the jingle bell open with a screwdriver.


I have another wand with a jingle bell, and Mom cut that one off, too.

She thought I might not like my feather wand after that, but right after I got a treat for being a good girl while she and Dad rescued me, I wanted to play some more.


Severian is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E

May 27th 2013 4:02 pm
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The humans repainted the family room, and when it was time to move the furniture back in, she rearranged it a little. We were all shut in there while she and Dad moved some stuff out of the dining room and living room (they're next to be painted), and when she came back, there was a wet spot on one seat cushion of the family room couch.

We all looked completely innocent, of course, but she knew it was Severian, 'cause he does that. Mom sighed, zipped the slipcover off the cushion and tossed it in the washing machine and wrapped the cushion in new plastic. And she put Sev in his crate in case he was wanting his litter box and she didn't catch the hint.

When the slipcover was clean and dry, she put it back on the seat and put the throws back over the couch to keep the cat hair off. And then she let Sev out.

The next time she came into the family room, the throws were all messed up and... the same seat cushion had a wet spot.

So she had to do it all over again.

Sev has been very good lately, and Mom leaves him out of his crate almost all the time when she's home. But now he has to stay in unless she is in the same room with him. At least until the house is repainted and the routine is back to normal.

Ha ha. Sev is in trouble and I'm not!!


It's my fourth birthday!

April 15th 2013 6:17 am
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Today I am four years old, and I expect roast chicken for dinner. And Samhain and family provided dessert, in the form of birthday cake.!

Oh, and I want to play catch the feather wand extra long tonight, Mom! I mean, it's my birthday after all.


The house got a bath

April 13th 2013 10:00 am
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We had a big ol' rainstorm the other night, and it kept on most of the next day. We cats kind of like watching the rain come down and splash on the deck and outside window sills. But today, some guy came in a truck and made it rain straight into the windows and walls outside! It made a terrific racket, like hail or something, and Sev and Bear both headed for hiding places.

Jasper stayed because he can't hear anything, and I stayed because I'm the bravest cat in the house, even though I'm the only girl.

Mom said the house was getting a bath, and the guy was using a power washer. Wow, I hope she doesn't get any ideas about giving us a bath with one of those!


What I like best about spring

April 3rd 2013 6:35 am
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Splat Cat tagged my brother Bear, but he already played, so he passed the tag to me!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. More sounds to listen to, now that the windows are open.
2. The squirrels on the deck look a little more nervous, with only a screen separating me from them, instead of a glass door.
3. Lying on my back in the sun while a breeze riffles my belly fur.
4. Chicken from the backyard grill!
5. Knowing that spring is followed by summer.


TP'ing the peeps

March 15th 2013 6:35 am
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Mom woke up this morning to find the bed covered with toilet paper. I was lying on a little pile of it, and it trailed off the bed, out the bedroom door and down the hall. She followed the strand all the way back to the hall bathroom.

So much for that brand new roll, just installed last night.

Hee hee hee.


My brothers are big chickens

January 15th 2013 7:40 am
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Lots of activity at our house this morning! The drywall repair guy was here fixing the drywall around the skylights that leaked during the hurricane. He had a joint compound mixer that made a fearsome noise. And then the tree guys came to chop up all the trees that fell down during the hurricane. Four chainsaws and a chipper, all going at once!!

Jasper didn't care, 'cause he can't hear. He just slept through it in his little heated bed. But Severian and Bear made themselves scarce in a hurry. Mom found Bear under a futon upstairs, as far back in the corner as he could get. Sev made for the space between the fridge and the recycling bins, just big enough for a smallish cat to wedge into.

So I had Mom all to myself until she had to go to work. I watched the tree guys from the windows. Mom was surprised that I didn't freak out over the noise. Usually I'm not so brave.


The Game, Part 5. Humans cheat!

December 25th 2012 6:04 pm
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So there were all those boxes under the tree, with crinkly paper and ribbons and little cards. Bear thought it would be fun to take all the labels off and play with them, and Mom said no, no, no and taped them back on at both ends so we couldn't get them off.

And I pulled too hard on one of her ribbons and it got untied, and she said no, no, no and re-tied it and put it underneath another box so it was hard to get to.

And what happened today? Mom and Dad and a bunch of Dad's relatives came over and RIPPED ALL THE PAPER AND RIBBONS OFF THE BOXES!!! And not once did she say no, no, no to them!!

However, they did leave us most of the paper and ribbons and boxes to play with, and nobody said no, no, no to us when we did that. So maybe we won after all?

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