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I am little sick

December 14th 2009 3:55 am
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I was feeling really great. I was high off of my Diary pick and everything. You know basking in the recognition. I kinda didn't realize that I wasn't feeling so hot.
Mommy is taking me the doctor. I hope it is nothing too big. I can handle it but Mommy loves me so much that I think it would be hard for her.
I have been hiding in weird places because I don't feel so good and that makes me feel unsafe so I like to go somewhere private. Somewhere that Amelie, the-mouth-that never-quits, can't find me.

Please keep me in your thoughts.


Who knew? A Pulitzer is in my grasp.

December 5th 2009 6:28 am
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I am so honored to be chosen as a diary pick.
I could 'hear' Mommy smiling when she held me and told me all about it.

My KatDad was famous too. He was the neighborhood Tom cat and was quite well known. He would break into people's houses all of the time. During the summer he would shimmy through cracked windows and was known to help himself to snacks, water or an occasional nap. The neighbors would put him back out but he always came back. Mommy used to put food out for him every night hoping to catch him but he was so strong he broke out of her traps. She even put him inside of the locked garage in a trap, with a blanket over it and he managed to escape while she was trying to call the vet. Most cats would move on to a new neighborhood but not my Dad.
He loved to peep in the house and sometimes Mommy would be reading a book and would look up and there he would be peeping in the window. Sometimes he startled her. He even peeped in her bathroom window a few times and it's on the second floor.
Mary was not happy with the peeping Tom at all. (Get it peeping Tom)mol.
Mary was MAD!
As far as she was concerned nobody was peeking in her house and getting away with it.
He would come up to the glass door to peep and she would go all wild and berserk. Seriously scary behavior. Scary Mary behavior.
It was legendary.
Even the neighbors heard her screaming one night at him.

So you see fame and infamy is in my blood. One day I have to tell the story about my Dad and the lemon bars.



The Tunnel

November 29th 2009 2:20 am
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Guilt toys.
Mommy must be feeling really guilty because when she walked in the door I heard the distinct crinkle of a shopping bag. Then I took a whiff and smelled pet store. I knew what was coming.
Treats and toys.
She even broke down and got us some Greenies.
She got a tunnel thing and I am claiming all for me. No one else can come in.
Except for Mary of course. But she just looks at it from her throne and dismisses it like its dumb. I am glad because then she won't try to claim it.
Ever try to wrestle Mary? I do not recommend it at all. She is small but wild! I feel like she is channeling her Bengal ancestors or something. CRA-ZY!
Ooops I gotta go Mary is coming.



The way I "see" things and Amelie

November 18th 2009 9:00 am
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I am blind but I see some blurry shapes. I can hear really good and I can smell even better. I know before my sisfurs and brofurs that food is on the way. They used to just sit there and boy did I get the last laugh. I got to sample from all of the bowls. MOL. Now when I take off a'runnin they take off a'runnin' after me.
Sometimes I wish I didn't hear so good because Amelie talks all of the time. I mean ALL THE TIME. She always has to say something about everything. It is no wonder that sweet Delphine is quiet. She was born at the same time and they tell me she has always been a blabber mouth.
Can you imagine that? When I do I have bad dreams at night.
She shouts too. Last night while I was really trying to sleep she was talking Mommy's ear off and when Mommy started to fall asleep she just talked louder and louder until Mommy woke up.
She gets away with it too. She is a spoiled brat sometimes. I can say this because I was born 6 weeks before her. Which makes me her OLDER brother.
And she is a butt-in-ski. And she is a bossy boots.
I love her and all but geesh.

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