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Nine lives to live!

From wild to child

January 14th 2005 9:42 am
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Looking back I must admit that I was afraid of people. Hunger brought me to moms door. There was always a plate full of dry cat food just for me. I thought I was sly sneeking up the driveway to the front stoop to steal some viddles. I thought she never knew I nibbled there each morning noon and night until she grabbed me when I was not paying attention. I gave her a good fight, I scratched at her and tried to bite her. I even drew some blood. She still held me and talked nice to me and rubbed my chin. I was frightened until I realized she was not going to hurt me. The next time she grabbed me I was not as afraid I realized that she would hold me for awhile and then let me go.
I noticed the other cats rubbing on her and purring. She was feeding them some delicious canned food. So I turned around and went back for a taste. I stayed and watched as they all followed her and surrounded her. I noticed that they went inside. So when they went in I followed, I was very cautious and curious. It was warm in the house. I thought I would stay awhile and take a nap in the cozy chair. Wow this is nice. I was really happy until someone came and took me away. I was afraid again and scratched her daughter because she had too much love to give. The next thing I knew I was home. Once again I was afraid of mom. I forgave her once the canned food came out to me and she stroked me. I have bben here with my friends ever since and I can tell you that it is a wonderful life! I love being here with my mom and cat friends. I have gone from being wild to being someones child.

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