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Just the Facts by Kovo

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I Wanna Be In Charge

August 25th 2014 7:23 pm
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I've been trying to claim head cat status here but it's not going well at all. I guess I need more practice or something.

Mom says I just don't have the temperament to be the head cat. She says I don't have that little feral streak that Pansy could conjure up as needed to keep Sully and me in line. She says I'm wasting my time. I'm too nice. One day I'm gonna prove her wrong!

Just to rub it in, mom says she's noticed I've started growling at Sully sometimes when he comes close to me, just like Pansy used to do to us. She also notices that he completely ignores me and keeps on doing what he's doing. Mom says I've become quite the momma's boy lately too 'cause I follow her around all the time. I used to like to follow Pansy around, from a safe distance of course. DANG! A head cat can't be a momma's boy!

I wonder if there's a head cat training school somewhere...


Ah... Man....!!!!

December 3rd 2013 1:56 pm
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I should have known something was afoot when mom got up extra early this morning. I didn't see it coming when she lured me and the others into the kitchen with promises of breakfast. Instead of feeding me she grabbed me and stuffed me in the carrier. DANG!!!

I was taken to the vets. Hey, I was just there a little while ago. Not fair!
The people at the vets LIED to me. They said I was gonna get a lion "trim". While I was out they were also gonna give me a "light" teeth cleaning. Well the teeth cleaning part was true but when I woke up I sure wasn't "trimmed"! Holy Catnip! That was a full blown lion CUT people. I was downright nekkid!!! DANG!!!

Pansy said I looked like a plucked turkey. Mom told her not to be mean so Pansy changed her tune and now says I look like a poodle, just like the last time I got lionized. Great.

At least I'm home now and mom promises me that I will get dinner in a little while. That better be true 'cause I'M STARVING!!!


DDP Today!

November 22nd 2013 3:50 pm
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Woo Hoo! I'm a DDP today. Thanks so much HQ! I love anything that makes Pansy jealous and this DDP honour does the trick.

Thanks to Buddie & the Gang and Smiley Cassanova for the concatulatory pmails!


I Did It!

November 19th 2013 3:51 pm
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Ooooooo, I wish *MISS ZOEY* was around to read this. I did it! I reached genuine, official hunksterdom. Holy Catnip!

I had to go to the vet today for my checkup and shots. Last year the doc said I was a bit chunky at 12.5 pounds and he wanted me to get down to 11 pounds. Well, guess what I weighed today? I weighed 11.1 pounds! Woo Hoo! I did it! Of course, that makes my actual weight 10.6 pounds 'cause, based on last year's lion cut, my fur weighs in at 0.5 pounds. Woo Hoo! I'm a hunkster!

Wow, I'm sure glad I don't have to have another lion cut this year... Or do I?... Why has Pansy been grinning her evil grin at me all afternoon?...Hmmmm....


Miss Zoey Spoils Me So!

December 17th 2012 1:24 pm
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Holy Catnip!!! A big box was delivered to our house today and it was for ME! All for ME!!!!

Inside the box was a Beautiful Basics Bucket Bed from Moderncat. It's gorgeous and so comfy looking. As I told Miss Zoey, I've been so excited I can't settle down yet and fully enjoy it. BUT I will! You can see my pawsome prezzie here:

My New Bed From Miss Zoey!

Pansy's a little miffed 'cause mom wouldn't let her have the box my bed came in. Mom said it was too big to keep around so out it went into the recycling bin. Hee hee hee!






December 14th 2012 2:52 pm
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Holy Catnip! Me and my sibs got mail today from the lovely *MISS ZOEY* and her handsome bro, *MASTER ZACK*. It was a box containing Christmas prezzies for us!!!

Our pawsome friends sent us three Lollycadoodle wool toys - 2 reindeer and a ray (fishie). Here they are:

Lollycadoodle Toys

Aren't they gorgeous?




December 3rd 2012 4:16 pm
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Grrrrrr! I'm not gonna let Pansy win!

OK. So I went to the vet today for a grooming session and ended up with a lion cut. Mom told them when she dropped me off this morning that she didn't want a lion cut. So much for that... When she picked me up this aft she was surprised but she wasn't mad or anything. She said I looked cute!

So Pansy sees me when I get home and starts spreading all these lies about me. She even posted a pic of me with my new "do". Grrrrrrr!!! She's blabbing to anyone who will listen that I have a poodle cut.

So there!

I think I look particularly handsome. The short fur feels like suede. AND I lost a half a pound today. Losing another pound, which I'm supposed to do so that I will reach my target weight of 11 lbs, will be a piece of cake!




November 27th 2012 1:27 pm
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OMC!! I have to go on a diet. Mom took me to the vet today and he said I was getting FAT!!! OMC!! This is all Pansy's fault. I caught her fatness. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! The lovely *MISS ZOEY* isn't gonna like me anymore. I've gone from hunky to chunky. Waaaaaaaaa!!!!

I had to go for my annual checkup today and get my rabies shot. I don't know why the vet had to weigh me too. I've gained a pound since last year. Just like Pansy did. I'm 12.5 pounds. The doc wants me down to 11 pounds. RATS!

I have a lot of trouble eating wet food 'cause of my smushy face so I mostly get dry food which isn't the best for keeping a boy slim. Mom got some special dry diet food for me but she hasn't given me any yet. She's gonna mix some in with my regular food for dinner tonight. I hope it's yummy...

Mom made me cat dance this aft too. OMC!! I'm so embarrassed...but it was fun!

AND on top of all this I have to go back to the vet's next week for a grooming session. Hmmmm... I guess that's gonna help make me look handsome. Plump and handsome. I can go with that! I hope Miss Zoey can, too. Paws crossed!



August 1st 2012 1:34 pm
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Golly gee darn! I went to send a heart rosie to a certain some-cat and I couldn't! The heart in the gift shop is in the middle of a line of text and isn't selectable in my Firefox browser. Dang!

I sent a trouble report off to support. I hope they can get that fixed soon 'cause I don't like waiting and I don't like using other browsers. I want my heart!!!


Party Pooper!

July 29th 2012 7:32 am
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That's right. Mom is a real party pooper. She wouldn't even let me come here on my birthday last Sunday. She said she was too busy. Sheesh! First Sully and now me. Anyway, I had a good BD and now I'm a really, really big boy 'cause I'm 3 whole years old!

I want to thank my American Beauty, the lovely *MISS ZOEY*, for all the wonderful prezzies, rosies, gifties and messages she sent me leading up to and on my birthday. Drinks, duckies and crowns galore! Sending you lots of smoochies, sweetie!

I also want to thank all my pawsome pals for their gifties and messages too. BIG THANK YOUs to:
Samoa, for the yummy ice cream
Big Harry & family, for the tasty shrimpie
Keisha & family, for the tasty grape drink
Milo & family, for the yummy ice cream
Unkies Nikko & Scooter, for the jaunty pawty hat
Beepers & Ashlynne, for the yummy cuppycake
Sawyer & family, for the sizzlin' grill
Unkie Boogie, for the jaunty pawty hat {{{{{HUGS}}}} Unkie!
Pearl, for the yummy cuppycake
Teebo, Callie & Rose, for the yummy ice cream

I was also a DDP on my birthday too. How pawsome was that?! I want to thank:
HQ, for the honour
Buddie & the Gang, for the pmail
Smiley Cassanova, for the pmail
Miss Zoey, for the cuppycake
Tate, for the bouncy beach ball

I wanna send a special shout-out to my pawsome Unkie Boogie:

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