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Life of Sweet Brandy Girl!

I Am at The Rainbow Bridge.

March 12th 2012 9:38 am
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Hello my friends. As you probably all know by now, Mazey, Daisy and I are all at the Rainbow Bridge. We all went missing when we were living in Gulf Shores, AL. Daisy- Dac. 2010, Mazey April 2011, Myself in May of 2011. Mama has not found Saphire yet, but still has hope she may still be alive.

Even tho, Mama moved away from here, she still kept coming back looking for us from time to time, but never did find us. Her last trip a few weeks ago, when she was looking for all of us, she asked a neighbor who had lived behind us who loved cats if he had seen us. He said he hadn't. However, he has a neighbor across the street who would set out cat traps and take them to the shelter and have them put down, or he would poison them. Mama beleives this is what happened to all of us, for we would never be gone overnight. She knew something had gone wrong. He also said, he lost one of his cats due to his neighbor.

Please say prayers for our Mama, for she is just so overwhelmed, with all of her losses with us, including Ralph.

We love you Mama!


Your Angel Brandy


I Am Missing.

May 5th 2011 10:37 am
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Hello My Friends. I went missing 3 days ago on 5/2/2011. Mama has called and called me with no luck every day. I am always around, so Mama knows something had to have happened to me. And also my sister Mazey, she is still missing. Mama has a feeling a neighbor may have shot us. But she can't prove it. So she keeps praying and hoping we are safe. Please pray for us.




Feeling Much Better!

July 14th 2010 5:11 pm
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Am I ever glad To have my surgery over and now I can romp and play with everyone like I use too! Thank you everyone for your support, and prezzies. Felt so good to know I was not alone.

I did get my Mama's cell phone and called the Vet, and gave them a piece of my mind! I demanded to have my fur back! She said, sorry we already threw it away. I couldn't beleive it! You through it away???? That was my fur, it belonged to me! She said I am sorry Brandy, there is nothing I can do about it. I hung up on the VET! I was so upset! Mama found me, and took the cell phone out of my paws. Now Brandy, don't you worry sweety, your Beautiful For will grow back. I guess so Mama.

Thank you friends for understanding. Off to catch a bug......




Home From the Vets!

July 8th 2010 9:00 pm
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Well what an ordeal I had yesterday! Let me tell you all about it my friends! Mama did come to get me about 9:30 in the morning. The Vet did say, when I got home, if there were other kitties that made me run a muck, that I needed to be in a large crate for 5 - 7 days, to keep me calm.

First I had to go in that weird thing they call a vehicle again. Not sure I like those things. Once I got home, they put me in a Large Dog crate that has, what looked to me like BARS!

There was a blanket, food, water, litter box and a little toy. I looked at them as if they all had lost there mind! LET me out of JAIL! I have been locked up at a strange place, now your locking me up at HOME! OH NO YOU DON'T! I started throwing a fit, yelling and screaming, non stop, trying to dig my way out of JAIL! There was a bookcase next to this Jail, and I pulled 4 books off the shelf, but they didn't bust me out! I just wouldn't stop. Mama's roommate, called Mama at work, and said what was happening, and Mama said to go ahead and let me out, and lets just keep and eye on me. When they got they key and unlocked my Jail door, I ran like the wind! Later I did drink some. But I hid most of the day.

When Mama came home from work I was laying on the couch, and Mz Murphey, my buddy was watching over me. I still can't beleive they took my Beautiful FUR! When Mama is not looking I am going to borrow her cell phone, and give the Vet a Piece of my mind!

Later that evening, Mama made sure I ate and drank. When she went to bed, I beat her to her bedroom, and slept with her all night long! It is so good to be home!




OH NO! I Am at the Vet's, HELP!

July 6th 2010 9:39 pm
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Last night Mama was MEAN to all of us kitties! She took up all Food and water! I was in shock, and yelled at Mama. What are you doing? Then this morning, I got put in this cage! I screamed and tried to dig my way out, but no luck! Then I am carried to a weird thing they call a vehicle. It made a weird noise and moved! I didn't know what was happening! Then we arrived at this strange building, with people I did not know! They talked about me, I know they did! Then I was left there, without Mama! What is going on?

The next thing I know I start feeling sleepy. I wake up to find out that part of my beautiful fur on my Tummy is gone! They took my Fur! I want it back! I also noticed there were some weird lines on me. One of the other cats in the pen next to me, explained I was spayed. I said what does that mean? That means you won't have any babies, they did surgery on you. SURGERY, SURGERY!!!!!!! OMC! NEVER go to the vet!!!!!

Mama come rescue me, I want out of this place!




Mama changed my Name. MOL!

November 22nd 2009 12:54 am
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Hi my Friends,

For some reason, Pumkin just didn't seem the right name for me. Mama has been just tossing out names, looking at my personality, etc. Tonight she looked into my eyes, and then said Brandy! I looked at her in excitement! So, that is my name!!!!!!!!!!!! MOL!




My First week in my Forever Home!

November 8th 2009 11:28 am
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My Mama thinks when she found me on Oct. 30th, 2009 I was only about 4 weeks old. When she brought me in the house I ate and ate and ate! I sure was hungry. I wasn't sure how to drink, but I figured it out! I was treated for earmites, and Mama had some stuff she used on my eyes, and I am all better!

I feel like I am in heaven! Have so many play mates! Have two doggies who want to claim me as their Mama! MOL! Rosie and Roxie!

Thank you Shadow for protecting me until Mama found me! You were right, I do LOVE it here! I think I am the luckeist kitty ever!



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