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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Oh my Secret fur, I only want to hear you purr! AND Daddy- plays with me!

April 1st 2011 5:44 pm
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Hey pretty girl cats,
My daddy was playing with me! He put up a video. Go check it out. Do you think I could be on American Idol?

Who are you that leaves these little remarks?

Well, today something funny happened...mommy was in the bedroom, getting dressed for work. She heard something in the pantry closet. She presumed it was me...I get the blame for anything kitchen related, and she knows I know how to open the closet in there. She kept saying through the door in her mean voice 'Ruffy!!! Get out of there Ruffy!" 'Ruffy, I mean it!!! Don't make me come out there Ruffy!!!"

And she was still hearing the 'rustle, rustle rustle...crackle, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch!'

She comes out and comes into the living room and see's me there on the back of the sofa, one of my favorite spots....and she goes into the kitchen area and sees the pantry door open and Smokie balanced on the shelf, his paw in the bag of Friskes, chomping away with a long of alarm when he see's her! hehehe!!!!

But she didn't yell at him. She just said 'Smokie!! Come on now! You had breakfast, you know better!" and he jumps down and she closes the pantry door and thats it.

It figures.


No chicken, and that Dustmop won't leave my tail alone.

March 30th 2011 6:13 pm
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I was sitting on the cat tower, lookin out at the peace, watching and enjoying the zen quiet of the morning...and then, all of a sudden....
I turned around, and almost fell off. What do I see? Smokie is laying on the floor. But he looks at me like 'what, are you nuts?'
He didn't do it. I turned and I saw her!!! That...that....that DUSTMOP....if cats could laugh she would have been laughing as, tail held high, she ran away.

Then, before, as I was sitting on the box that needs to be mailed, and measuring it with my length....


She did it again! And she was running to the cat tree and then turned around and looked at me!


Sheesh. She never stops except when she's sleeping. Shes the most annoying creature, ever.

And we didn't get chicken tonight, either..I thought maybe. But no. No.

Sigh. Daddy said we're doing 'ok' and we had 2 suppers. But neither one of them was chicken from the restaurant, and that's not fair, daddy.

Oh well...

Where are you my secret admirer? My lovely one? Who are you?

Back to snooze...


My love, where are you? Will you bring the Chicken?

March 29th 2011 4:10 pm
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Mommy tried to take dictation, but her stupid work wouldn't let her get on Catster. Whats wrong with them?
So, I was wondering, where is my Secret Admirer?

I was wondering if it was Tink. But then I saw...Tink has Finney. Great party by the way, Finney.

I'm wondering if it's oen of the little girlcats I don't know so well, but would like to!
Whoever you are, bring some chicken, would you? It seems a long time since we had any, like Friday or something. Even when I meow up at Daddy, he just says 'Ruffy, you ate 3 times today already!" But daddy, it wasn't chicken!
So, please, secret admirer, could you bring me some chicken?

I sure could do with some.

So, I wrote this:

To my unknown little delicat fur
All day long I sit and purr
Wondering who you might be?
Are you black or calico or orange like me?
It's a riddle and it makes me wonder
and makes my heart pound like thunder
Oh, and it makes my heart quicken
Just like when I think of chicken.

Ah sweet girlcats!

And I toast the Queen of them All...

The Immortal Hazel Lucy. Sigh.



I have a secret admirer! I stole someone's heart! But who?

March 27th 2011 6:40 pm
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I got a heart from Annoymous. I wanted mommy to look them up, but she explained they are someone who doesn't want to say who they are!
It's exciting! It's sorta interesting! I mean, me, a sorta chicken obsessed (ok, I love fish too) cat guy has the heart of some beautiful girl cat! Wow!

I wonder who it is?

Ah, Spring is in the air...come to me beloved!!!

And don't forget to bring the chicken.


Groovin on a Sunday morning!

March 27th 2011 5:53 am
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Daddy took my pic this morning. He admires my lovely dark orange coat when I'm nappin on the couch back, dreaming of pretty girl cats and chicken.
So I'm a handsome guy. I love chicken. I am easy going, and playful. I use my box. I'm neutered and loving and good natured.
So I don't have a girlcat friend.
I think Hazel Lucy is the most lovely cat I've every seen, girl cat wise. But she's at RB and married.
And it's a honorable sorta love, you know? No offense meant to Bud, or nothing.
I am anywhere from 5-8 years old. I'm in relative good health. I am FIV+, but hey, so what? I am neutered and I am a Gentleman cat.
I do not hold my sisters as the pearls of feminine cat examples. One hates me, (she hates anything cat now, though I used to curl up beside her and she never minded. The other one bullys me, though she's really small and spooky. The other, Bella, well, she's Queen here, and older, and cranky. she's never much liked me, she used to chase me out of her room when we lived at the house.
But it's Sunday and sunny outside the window, and Daddy is getting our second breakfast ready, so shaking off beautiful dreams of lovely girl cats...and thinkin of....chicken!


No chicken this weekend

March 26th 2011 5:32 pm
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But daddy did give me some cheese tonight as a treat. He gave it to all of us but Smokie and Princess don't like it.

I am relaxing today, enjoying the warm and just laying around.

I know mommy is talking about 'cleaning' and daddy has been cake baking all day today! So the over was chickenless.

Do any guy cats want to find some nice girlcats? We have so many pretty and very talented and wonderful girlcats here...I was thinking it might be nice to have another party, maybe a get together? Ok, who is gonna do the honors?

Any girlcats wanna meet a nice Marmalade guy like me?

Girls, got any chicken?

Lots of low purrs,
Orange Ruffy


Uh oh! Daddy ran out of here with Natalie! He's late!

March 22nd 2011 4:01 am
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The alarm did not go off in Mommy and Daddy's room. Nope. Instead I heard Natalie crying this morning-she was hungry....she jumped up on Mommy and then Daddy who I heard go 'the alarm never went off! Gosh, it's 5:30!'
So Daddy had to wash and dress real quick and mommy gave us all our breakfast, but I was so startled and then she put me down the ucky turkey when she knows I really like the CHICKEN!!!!
So I would not eat it. I was also worried. It might mean they were going to put me in the carrier they were getting ready. I could see that Smokie was nervous, too.
But Daddy got ready, and went and warmed up the car. And then he came back and mommy had given Natalie food, too which she ate. And then she wrapped up a can of the icky turkey and put it in a little bag on her carrier. Mommy put the soft blue blanket in it and then Daddy put Natalie in. She was yelling the whole time.
Smokie and me, we made ourselves scarce. Bella was interested but didn't move. She didn't care...she knew it wasn't for her. And then Daddy ran out of here with Natalie!
So, now that little wicked dustmop scary cat is running around in mommy and daddy's room. Mommy lifted me up and bought me in in case I wanted to use the litterbox in there, but I didn't. The dustmop wicked thing chased Smokie out. I don't know why-Smoike just went and is now laying in the chair.
So Natalie got to be a diary pick of the day, but she's at the vet getting her medicine.
I know Mommy is worried about her because today they do the other kind of medicine where she is on an IV.
Daddy says she'll be fine, but Mommy hates that Natalie has to be dropped off for so long. She thinks that Natalie thinks she's being abandoned. But Daddy said that it's what they have to do and she'll be fine.
Me, I'm going to hope for more chicken, but I think they took all my chicken out last night to give to the 'poor kitties at the Cat House.' Well, I'm a poor kitty at this cat house. What about me? And Daddy says 'Ruffy, believe me, you have it really good.'
I guess I do, I don't have to go to the vet for medicine.

Orange Ruffy


A chicken morning!

March 20th 2011 6:19 am
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Daddy went out to close down the Bronx place he works at. He is home this morning and you know what? He gave us Chicken!
I love Chicken!
I would even share my chicken with Hazel Lucy if she was here!
Stop smirking, Smokie! I happen to know that Hazel Lucy read my song to her and loved it!!! nah nah nah nah nah!
I wish she could have heard me sing it to her! Sigh, oh Hazel Lucy of my heart!
I am stretched out here, relaxing on the back of the couch! I am apprecating all the nice stuff going on! I am thinking of all the pretty girl cats out there! I am hoping Kaci and all my Sunshine girlcats feel well.
And I'm sending alot of love to the mommies and daddies of all the kitties who have gone to Rainbow Bridge.
Please, please know that there are many of us out there, seeking furever homes, and many who would love to come live with you. I was taken in, and know the relief it feels to finally find someone to love you.
So I want to thank you all parents, especially those of you who have adopted an elderwise kitty, or one of us, as a kitty who isn't a kitten on the outside-just remember, we are always kittens on the inside!

I ate all my chicken, and am dreaming of girlcats and more chicken later!

Ah, Spring has sprung!


A song for Hazel Lucy

March 19th 2011 5:23 am
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Today as I sit on the sofa back
I smile as I sip and think of good craic
And dream of a girl cat that I used to know
Who lived in Pa. by way of Mayo

And she was a fancy one she was a Queen
She was the prettiest thing we've ever seen
Humble beginnings were her stepping stone
She had her Julie and was never alone

But you know she was such a pretty girl cat
There was never really any question of that
She had her admirers, I'm just one
And this little girl cat well she was second to none

And her name's Hazel Lucy she would say to the crowd
As she waltzed in the room as light as a cloud
My heart took to thumpin, you know what I mean
For this little lass's the lovelist I've seen

She once roamed the woods, I met her once there
Between here and there we hadn't a prayer
Wild free spirits, ah it never could last
But she stole my heart and she sure stole it fast

And her name's Hazel Lucy
Yes, Buddies her man
But sure I can dream, ah all guy cats can
She is star, yep she's sure one,
Our Hazel Lucy just loves to have fun

So I heard that she decided
To go travel on, across Rainbow bridge
To find leprechans
And frisking and laughing and purring and all
Do you know Hazel Lucy is having a ball
But I'm left behind and my heart misses her
For she was much more than her whiskers and fur

And so I court the girl cats
Of so many hues
With all so much beauty it overcomes, too
In honor of a lass who could wear the green
And a Goddess cats image, you know what I mean

So ladies I bid you a good morning now
I purr and I caper I offer meow
Because you're such breath-taking beauties
You bring me such joy
With your sweet loving natures
You undo this boy

So lets raise a glass, lets raise a paw
To the beauty of all girl cats that we've ever saw!
And I look at the moon tonight tinged with the green
Seeing our Hazel Lucy still being a Queen!

By Orange Ruffy-a tribute to our lovely Hazel Lucy.

Beauty never dies.


Good morning all and a hug for Hazel Lucy, Marrikesh,- Taffy, Hermies, and all the kitty parents

March 18th 2011 5:45 am
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My head.
Finnies party was amazing.

I want to say to all the kitty parents that you aren't alone. In old Celtic times, the Green Man Held the Flaming Branch aloft in the Samhain (Halloween) Ritual to mark where the old year passes by. Afterward, a feast would be laid on the ground, a picnic for those of this world, and those who had 'crossed'. It was a memorial feast, and a declaration of unity that all the worlds were connected.

As a Cat, I know these things, and accept them. As a Human, I know for many it may be difficult. But on an earthly level, know you aren't alone. There are so many here to comfort and cheer you, or simply sit with you, purr with you, and in my case, well, drink and eat with you. (Got any chicken?)

My mommy and daddy held aloft a few glasses last night and toasted those who had made that crossing. My mom's eyes still leak, but she smiles for all the wonderful memories she has, and all the good friends we have made here. I am thankful for the ravishing beauty of Marrikesh, the celtic loviliness of Hazel Lucy, the Sweetness of Taffy, and the Guidance and fellow feeling of Hermie. I know that as my parents do, their parents have been so much a part of them. I salute them. I purrrrt to them and tell are our partners, our parents, our friends and we show you the way...and you are always, always appreciated and loved.

"Since it fell into my lot
that I should rise,and you should not
I'll gently rise and softly call
Goodnight and joy be to you all!"

Love and light to you,

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