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Cat of the Day-a tribute to my Catster friends!

August 4th 2011 4:58 am
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There was once a sweet boycat with orange stripped fur
He loved to play and to eat and to sleep and to purr
He liked the girlcats of every hue,
Those spotted and striped and those white black and blue
He liked sweet calicos, he liked siamese
He liked them all and he liked to tease

Orange Ruffy's my name I was named for a fish
From Daddy's Gulf Coast where it's served in a dish
I once was so skinny I had a big head
But now I'm a big cat who always gets fed
And I have the nicest disposition I'm told
I'm a dark mango color and so soft to hold

Ah but those girlcats, who get me right here
With their little whiskers and sweet eyes so clear
There's my Kaci Sunshine who makes my heart sing,
There's my little Ingen who makes my heart zing!
There's a little girl cat who's pure royalty,
Theres some innocent little furs who are so cute and so free!

And you know that I'm honored, by your attention its true
I never knew I was special til I met you
For a ginger ruffy cat that I am
Mommy said once I was just a ham
But I don't know about that, I like adventere it's true
and for my friends I'd do anything for you

So as I sit here, cat of the day
I'm moved by this honor, thats all I can say
And share it with every kit in from the cold
Because we just get better
We never get old.

So wistfully I gaze out into what must be Catster Haze
To celebrate with all of you cool nights and warm days
To welcome new additions, watch wings over Rainbow Bridge
As I wave to Boxie Brown, Hazel Lucy on that Ridge
And be just in the moment, welcoming you all

Here come the Trouttown tabbies to join me in Last Call!

So thanks for all the honor, thanks for all the love
Thanks for being the best of friends
Right here and up above
As I look back at the shadow of a skinny orange cat
Who meows to me in memory
Saying How bout that!
Cause in us all is greatness, in every shabby stray
All we ever needed was love
To be Cat of the Day


COTD! WOW! Thank you from Orange Ruffy to everyone.

August 4th 2011 4:21 am
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Hi everyone,
I want to say wow, thank you! It's wonderful to be COTD today!
I mean, who would have ever thought a little...ok, maybe not so cat like me could achieve such an honor!

I had my hood off for a bit this morning to have breakfast. I hate it when Mommy sticks it back on my head! But I don't have much choice! Though yesterday mommy and daddy came in and found my cone of shame on the floor. I had managed to pull it off! Mommy worries when I do that, because she thinks that I could hurt myself. She's a worrier is mommy! But for a few hours it was bliss!

I have to go back for my check up tomorrow. I won't be alone. Bella is going for her B12 shot, and to be weighed. She threw up a little yesterday. And a cat house cat is going too! I hear she's she's a white little cat with gold eyes, but has an irritation under her neck.

Mommy said that this is the house of cats and the other place is the Cat house but it's becoming more like the cat house day by day, because as soon as one thing settles another rises. Smokie is itching again. Mommy said he and I may have to do a rabbit diet. She spoke to the vet about raw for us, and Big Vet was interested, but said she'd be cautious in our case, becuase we're FIV+ and our bodies can't fight off bad bacteria the way they should. She said she doesn't think it's a bad idea, but she doens't know enough about raw, and balancing the diet is the trick. Her partner is very into natural stuff, so she is open to new ideas. But she said she wasn't sure with us. Mommy isn't sure either, as she doesn't have alot of time, or a grinder and she is nervous about us getting sick. She likes the idea, but the one time she tried to give me raw chicken....ewwww...though I do like raw chop meat once in awhile. Smokie doesn't though.

I still am not perfect with my eye, and mommy is still worried about me. But like I said, she is a worrier. But she said that me having that cone on my head is a good thng,and she gets annoyed with daddy when he left it off the other day and came to pick her up at work because she said I'm wearing it for a reason and if she can't see me, she wants it on, because she doesn't know what I can get up to. She always ties it on good, too. Sigh.

You know little girl cat Furs, I'll be up for an outing soon...anyone game?

After all, you'll be with a Cat of the Day! yeee!!!

I can hardly wait to stop being a Cone Head!



What am I, a Satalite Dish?

July 30th 2011 3:15 pm
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There I was, minding my own business, then I got carted up and taken to THAT PLACE! Now, I love my vet, but I've seen too much of her these past few weeks.
So I had to stay overnight, and then next day, they drag me downstairs (ok, they carried me) to the surgery room, give me something that makes me feel drugged and puts me out cold, and then I wake up with a sore eye and this thing on my neck.
Oh, they stuck it on me pre surgery too. It bites. Well, not literally. That would be scary.
Heheheheheh. I had Smokieboo pull it off me last night so I could get some good shut eye. I don't like this thing, it's not catly. Its the 'Cone of Shame'. All the others watch me and that BUB is still doing sneak attacks. And Mommy scold her but then that fuzzball just gets picked up and cuddled by mommy cause mommy thinks SHE IS CUTE! UGH!
Some folks have bad taste.
But I'm back on the chow. Hey Tabbies of Trouttown, thanks for the Chicken!!!! Man, that was right kind of you! Almost made me feel normal, but hey, chicken with a collar is still better than a collar and no chicken! Got the fish too, dudes, you guys rock!
Er, there is another problem. Mommy had to take the lid off the box for me to go in and use it, but somehow, between the vet and here, my hygene was the BUB is calling me PEE HEAD!
Mommy said she's getting some kitty towelettes later to wash me and make me feel better. I'm a clean cat, and don't like to be called names by that little Swifter sweeper with paws.

Ladies, listen, forgive me seeming a bit out of it yet. I still gotta hide a little though I was on the windowsill today and back on my own spot on the couch this afternoon...but I gotta watch for Daddy...he's after me with that eye medicine.

Back to the chicken....some of you little girl cat furs can cook right well, I hear!

I like catfish too....

er...whats it made outta?


with a lazy yawn,


Update on Ruffy

July 29th 2011 6:55 pm
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Ruffy's mom here.
I am sure he will be posting tomorrow. He's just home now and not up to posting. He's too busy trying to escape the E Collar he has on that must be on for 2 weeks. He is not happy.
His procedure went well. He is on pain meds for the next 3 days. He also has to get ointment in his eye 4 times a day.
Dr. P put the e collar on him last night and said by the next day his eye was doing better. She thinks he's 'been at' his eye and this made matters worse. He has been running around, banging it into things to try and get it off. She said that she doesn't think a soft collar would be good, as he's a very strong and pulled off the one that Auntie Rachel tried on him.
Ruffy didn't eat too much, but then she said he might not. He is still medicated and under the anesthesia a bit so she said til it wears off he may not be too hungry...which for him is really unusual.
He's just laid down after trying to bang it off against something. We're hoping he'll rest. We have a small cage if we need to confine him, and are hoping we won't have to.
But he is home! Thank you all for your purrs, presents and wonderful kind thoughts.

Hugs to all of you from us,
Ruffy's mom


Ruffy is in the hospital tonight

July 28th 2011 5:38 pm
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Hi everyone, Orange Ruffy's mom here.
Tonight they kept him in the hospital. His eye was very bad. Tomorrow the vet will put him under, then clean under his 3rd eyelid which might be causing the problem. She will then remove the old scarring on the cornea, which she said isn't healing properly.
He should, everything going well, lets hope, be home tomorrow night.
We miss our Boog so much. The apartment doesn't feel the same without his comforting orange bulk by the door, waiting to be fed in his 'spot'.


No peace-I heard daddy say 'Ruffy goes to the vet tomorrow!'

July 27th 2011 7:02 pm
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I shoulda hid, but I wanted dinner.
I came out. Daddy says my eye looks worse.
He is going to make an appointment for me at the Vet tomorrow.
I hate going to the vet!
Please everyone purr purr purr that I don't need surgery!
I'm scared.
Daddy tried to pet me, but I was afraid he'd put medicine in my eye and I am hiding under the end table.

Can someone bring me some chicken here, please?


PS-don't tell daddy where I am!


The Kitties Under The Stairs-an ode to Rescue kitties- everywhere by Orange Ruffy

July 22nd 2011 8:50 am
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A blistering NY day here
The air conditionings on
I stretch out on the floor
The pawrents are gone
And I'm thinking deep thoughts
As an Orange cat can
For we're deep and special
In Mango Cat land

And the Cat House cats wake in their place
Are they less worthy,
Do they have less grace?
I know if mom and dad could bring them all here
they would never know uncertainty, longing or fear

As a little stray, I had a big head
A small skinny body, I was rarely fed
Then I found my mom, and I found my Dad
And in a matter of moments my life turned glad

But why are those felines that get rescued and saved
By shelters and people who are caring and brave
Why are they treated as though they did wrong
As poor step cat children who just don't belong?

I have always been cared for with the best by my vet
I didn't like being there, but They are the best yet!
I know that they see me as more than a cat
I'm a spirit in fur and you can't beat that!

And my rescue friends, in the LIC heat,
You are my Kind, you're in from the street
You all so matter, you're my brothers in Fur
and this orange cat believe miracles occur.

We'll find a new Vet who will see you as you are,
Cats with survival skills, cats that go far
Cats who can do things, Cats they honor with time
Because Elderwise cats, they age like rare wine.

So little kitties, sit by my spot
A story I'm telling to keep you out of the hot
A tale of courage and cunning and fame and renoun
Of formerly ferals who once roamed the town
And found a home of their own, thats special and true
You see little kitties they're a part of you

For we're all furry legends,
we're royalty in fur
We're mircales of nature
With whiskers and purrs.
As Cats we're mysterious, as cats we once roamed
Through Egypt, Atlantis,
The Stars are our true home

Yes, whiskered wee ones,
I watch your eyes close,
In the cool of this room it's safe to doze
Send out your best purrs, send out your prayers
Send out good energy
For the Kitties Under The Stairs


With gratefulness, and tenderness, because there are so many- to love

July 18th 2011 8:45 am
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Dear little Furs,

I am humbled before your wonderous generous little spirts.
I love all of you. All you sweet and lovely little feline furgirls with bright eyes and soft purrs.

There is a catch in my throat. I am touched and very honored so many of the most lovely and bright and just wonderuos kitties here find me a nice guycat to know!

I am your humble servant, your Resident Catster poet, your wild Irish Rambler, and mostly, well, your most humble admirier.

And to my secret one...ah, what does one say? My heart beats faster...

looking so forward to getting to know you all..

Deep orange purrs and rolling over onto my back with paws in the air....

I can almost forget the medicine daddy stuck in my eye this morning.


Single Handsome FIV+ Orange Mellow Guy in search of a nice- Girlcat!

July 17th 2011 7:44 am
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Hey everyone,
I'm a nice guy. I really am. I'm talented. I can compose a nice song with the best of 'em. I'm pleasant, I have good manners, don't talk about what goes on in the 'box', and I love good food. (got any chicken?)

That said, my secret admirer has given up on me.

I am sad.

The only attention I get is from Smokie-and I don't 'go' that way.

(Smokie is gay for those that don't know. While a handsome dude, I just like the girls, you know?)

Listen, ladycats..I got alot to offer. I'm a funny dude, very laid back. I like adventure. I am handsome, you can't deny that. I never got names as a dreamboat, but I'm a handsome irish dude.

I'm not a tom cat either, Ingen. I'm a Ruffy.

I survived on the streets, and now I enjoy the goodlife. Anyone game for getting to know me?

I'm worth knowing!

Yours truly,
Orange Ruffy


Lets help our fellow felines-these kitties need homes as- their owner is passing away.

July 8th 2011 6:30 am
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Guys, just wanted to share Alex's find-these kitties need homes as their owner is passing.

I would be frightened if this were me, and my mom or dad weren't around. Would any of you who are considering cats consider these kitties?

I know many of you already have 'enough' kitties, and can't, but would you spread the word?

I always feel sad when I see that cats are in need of new homes. However, I have seen the magick of this place, and wanted to let everyone know that I believe in magick-and would love to see it happen for these guys.

Today...for whatever reason....I was t thinking of my pal, Boxie Brown. I wish we could go out carousing again. Headbonks, Boxie...and memories of fish and chicken and warm places in the sun.

love to ya all,
Orange Ruffy

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