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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

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Punk kitten better watch it!

September 2nd 2011 7:44 am
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Daddy took my hood off for awihle last night and this morning!
I was sitting on my little tower by the window and that bratty little punk cat came and wanted to sit there. He went to swat me but this time I didn't have my hood on. I swatted back, he swatted, I swatted. He swatted, I swatted. And then he started to lose ground and slide backward! And then, and then....and then...RIGHT OFF THE SIDE!!!


I WIN!!!!!

Watch it CK!

You're toast!


Daddy was at the Human Vet ER last night

August 31st 2011 6:34 pm
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He's home-I'm so glad. I missed him. Mommy came home and took care of us and fed us and loved on us then went to work for a couple hours before her Supervisor and co worker took her back to the hospital. they released Daddy at 2:30pm. He had chest pain and trouble breathing.
They think daddy's 'hiatal hernia' might be the problem, gave him a medicine called 'nexium' and told him that he needs to follow up with his doctor.

He still might have to have an angiogram, he has to follow up with the cardilogist. But so far his heart stuff has checked out well. We know he has a good heart, I could have told them that. So despite my cone of shame, I'm sitting close to daddy and making him happy.


Remembering: Katrina August 29, 2005

August 30th 2011 1:58 pm
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Just wanted to bring this up, as many furs were effected. The New Orleans kitties here were effected and some of them reside at Rainbow Bridge.
The day Katrina happened mommy was watching TV with Bella and Bella said that it was so sad, because some of the people wouldn't leave their furs...and in one case that mommy heard from her friend that went down to help from here...people were found with their furs, some were rescued with their furs...and for some, it was too late for rescue.
I love the Gulf Coast. I traveled down there with Daddy. Daddy told me when we passed through New Orleans that someday he would be taking us there...because he wanted us to be Southern kitties. I loved the catfish that I got to eat when daddy worked at a restaurant down there. It was real good.
But on today, I wanted to let everyone from NOLA who survived Katrina, that we are thinking of you this week...and sending you many purrs.


Why do people let their cats out to roam?

August 29th 2011 10:09 am
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I wrote an entry about this, and the Catster fleas did something to it.
Folks, I don't like worrying about lost Furs.
When you non furred 2 legged beings took on our care, you made a promise to our Spirit.
Cats need to remain cared for, cherished and we need to be companions and in many ways, soul children and guardian spirits. We need to remain indoors, unless on a harness and leash, or otherwise protected.
When I hear of Furs that are lost, and could have had something happen to them, it makes me sad. a cat, I can tell you...being an 'Indoor' cat is not a bad thing.
When you bought yourself into our lives, you changed a part of who we were. When you changed our environment you did so forever. We can't compete with fast cars, fierce dogs or other animals, people who don't like us, and just so many unknowns. When you let us out to roam, you do us a grave dis-service, and it doesn't matter if you live here in the US or somewhere else if there are dangers there that you can't keep from us.

I lose sleep and my appitite for worrying about this.

Mommy saw 2 dead kitties on the side of the road on her way from vacation. One had a little pink collar, but no tags. It made mommy sad the rest of the day.

If you are a Non Fur, and you allow your Fur to roam freely-without supervision...well, what would happen if you allowed one of your human kits that are small to do this....?

Do Furs not matter?


Sorry, I don't mean to hurt feelings-but non furs need to learn that its a DANGEROUS world for us outh there 'in the cold' (or hot, or whatever)

Love and Purrs...


I feel like going surfing in a hurricane.....

August 26th 2011 12:17 pm
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Daddy was laughing at mommy this morning, who is reved up about this hurricane.
I have not seen a hurricane, but this could be good practice if we move to LA (lower Alabama) in a couple years. Mommy and Daddy may have to help them evacuate the cats in the Freeport shelter to the Cat House though...though the Cat House has had a problem with leaks.
Daddy has to pick mom up tonight, and they have to take Bella over for her B12 shot. So not sure when they are going to do their 'hurricane shopping'. Daddy said that it would be fun to have a hurricane party. Mommy said that the house needs cleaning, so thats what they would probably be doing during the hurricane....
I'm not liking the little nipper they bought back from the Carolinas with them. Bad enough they had to go and this hood is still on my head, but now to have this little black and white thing that comes and bats my tail and then comes and bats my hood and all I can do is I rose up on my back legs and stared down at him! Merifully he's not with us all day-he's wormy....hehehe...and too he only gets exercise breaks. The BUB dones't like him. She hisses in her snakelike hiss...and he can't figure out what she is.

But anyone with me for wanting to put on the Jimmy Buffett songs and have a hurricane party? Tabbies of Troutown, what say you? What about the rest of you guys?


Just Call Me Conehead!

August 22nd 2011 6:02 pm
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Well, Dr. Paloni says my eye is doing better.
She asked the parwents if she should send Rachel over or me home with Rachel. In other words, I can't 'get over' with Rachel.
So the cone is on still. Yep.
And the looking sorry isn't cutting it.
I have to get rechecked next week. But I still have to wear the cone of shame.
Oh well. At least I'm home now. No chicken though. I want my chicken.


Mom and Dad are Back! I go back to the vet tonight for a- recheck! And...Trust that Miracles Occur

August 22nd 2011 7:32 am
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Hi everyone,

Firstly, I would like to start out this diary with a wish for Boxie Brown's mom-his human one-to know that we're all purring for her here, and hope she's feeling well.

As everyone who is anyone knows, CeeCee lost her battle with Fattly Liver Disease last Sunday-not yesterday-last week.

Mommy and Daddy had gone on 'vacation' so we weren't told...but we don't need to be. When a cat who has lived with us sheds their mortality and leaps up the Rainbow, well, we know.

I didn't like that Mommy and Daddy left-but Auntie Rachel came to take care of us. As a result...well, my collar didn't come off except for meals, and mommy thinks already my eye is looking better.

However, we are now despreate for more food-Auntie Rachel fed us, sure, but we let mom and dad know how dastardly they were to leave us here and I'm just now working on mom for my third feedling. So far she hasn't given in...but trust me...she will.

But something else came back from vacation with mom and dad. It's small, and it ANOTHER FUR!

I know it's in that bedroom in a cage. I saw it briefly last night. I would really prefer there not be another here...but it's small.

In brief-when Mommy and Daddy were away, they went to see a very large tree called 'Angel Oak'. (the tree is very big and very old, but as we weren't there, we couldn't play on it). Anyway, when they were there, they saw a family looking under a car. A little boy said 'Hey, it just ate a piece of my cracker!'

Then the family drove away.

There was a small black and white kitten that was very very skinny. Mommy and Daddy keep cat food in the car for emergencies for kitties outside. Mommy crcaked the can. It took her awhile but she managed to coax the small guy fairly close, grabbed him, wrapped him in a blanket and got him into the car. They also looked for the mommy cat and the other kitten the ladies at the shop there said were 'hanging around the back'. They looked for about 20 minutes, but couldn't find them. So mommy figured he would starve there...and she remembered what I beleive 'trust that miracles occur'.

Cee Cee Ryder Knowles sent Mommy and Daddy CK Angel Ryder Knowles to Mommy and Daddy to help-so of course he had to come here, right? (sigh).

To give them their due, they did try to get him into a small local animal rescue, but was told they were 'filled to the brim'. The rescue did test him, give him his first shot, treat him with flea/tick stuff you put on the neck cause he had both fleas and ticks...and gave mommy and daddy medicine for him cause he has a little cold.

He's in a small cage in the bedroom. I heard Natalie hissing and growling this morning, she hates him, nothing unusual there.

I go back for a recheck tonight. Maybe I'll finally get this blasted cone off? I hope so.

With much love to all....and so glad mommy and daddy are home...


From Ruffy's Mom:

When we were on vacation, our beloved CeeCee, who was hospitalized, passed to Rainbow Bridge. We had debated not going on vacation as she was hospitalized and very ill, but our vet advised us that there was nothing to be gained by remaining in NY as CeeCee was in ICU and we weren't able to visit her til she stablized.
Early Sunday when she was checked at about 3 in the morning, she was 'rallying' and doing slightly better. However, when at 5:30 our tech went to check on her, she had slipped away.

We were extremely devestated, and felt so angry and upset at ourselves even. We should have been there. I asked CeeCee to give me a sign she was ok.

On the Friday past, we went to visit a very large oak tree that is so ancient that it's limbs rest on the ground, in a welcoming pose to all.

In the parking lot of the place is where we met, and rescued CK Angel Ryder Knowles. The CK stands for Carolina Kitty. The Angel-well, he was found at Angel Oak, and we beleive our Angel CeeCee sent him to us.

He is currently caged in our bedroom. Natalie is registering her disappaproval, and is growling and hissing up a storm. He has a slight cold and we're treating him so he's as far away from her as we can make it. The vet that saw him in SC said that sadly, cats being dumped at tourtist spots is not uncommon. We'd like to ask the assistance of any Catster Humans in the Charleston area with finding, catching and rescuing CK's mom and sib. We searched long and hard, but we didn't see them.

We will see if the rest of the Clowder outside in the front room will aceept him or if he'll need to go for adoption. But we hope we'll be able to work it out...we really feel, in the words of Ruffy 'Trust that Miracles Occur'.

I beleive that CeeCee sent us to this little emmisary from heaven to us...for he's saved us as much as we him. A profile will follow as soon as I can post some pictures of him.


Oh Drat-back to the Vet!

August 11th 2011 10:09 am
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Well, mommy looked at my eye last night and told Daddy she wasn't sure it is healing as it should be, so I'm getting hauled back to the vet tonight.
I have been getting really frustrated with this collar. The pawrents take it off for me to eat, but Mommy, when I'm done, puts it back on.
Yesterday she came in and got really worried-I had caught the corner of the cone near my neck on a metal end of the small table in the kitchen and couldn't get loose! I was so glad she came and loosed me because I could have choked!
Mommy said that it's all because I get annoyed at the collar, but she said that she thinks I might have been rubbing my eye against the inside of the cone.
I think I'm in trouble.

Gonna try to hide before daddy comes home to get me. Gulp.

Pssst...daddy has to pick up a kitty from the cat house who is very very sick and the kitty will go too, so maybe they will forget me in the rush of it all....

I've been eating and sleeping and going to the box just like usual.


A little update...

August 9th 2011 5:16 pm
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Hey everyone !Good to be back!
I'm feeling good these days-the cone of shame is still on, but I get breaks from it when I eat. Tonight daddy fed me and went to pickup mommy and forgot to put it back on me. Mommy was not pleased, let me tell you.

Mommy brushed me out good yesterday and I enjoyed it. And this morning I was feeling very playful chasing toys.

I hope everyone is doing good out there...thinking of all of you! Hoping your summer is's been nice snoozing in the sun with the air on here.

Hey-tossing a challenge out there to all you guy furs...write a poem about your favorite thing...your favorite girlfur, or whatever!

Lets see your creative sides!

chill cool cats!


Welcome to the Room....

August 9th 2011 1:57 pm
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A rainy sleepy NY day
A day to rest a day to play
A day to stretch with paws extended
Dreaming of the furs that we've befriended
Thinking of all with a deep purr
For it's good to be a fur!

And if you are a little scared
It's ok, really, we're prepared
A little sniff, a little hiss
Maybe even a little kiss
As you come in from the gloom
I meow to say welcome to the room

Felines know, we understand,
We never know just where we'll land
A scary place, forget it now
You are home and thats a vow
That we'll protect you from all that doom
As I whisper welcome to the room

Welcome to the room, oh little fur
Wondering just why this occurs
As you see, we're all here
We'll guard you through the night my dear
Never worry, settle down
I'll watch you here without a sound

A dance across the wooden floor
As can's open by the door
Our people getting out our food
Always puts me in a good mood
So you'll soon be able to eat
From your own bowl at your own seat
A place that might be small, I know
But it always has a glow
In the morning as the sun soon touches
My orange coat that mommy brushes

So welcome to the room at last
Forever honored and blessed by Bast
A speckled coat with big green eyes
That look too large for your small size
For little fur you've come so far
Watched over by a guardian star
Smile to myself, yes little fur
Alex whispers 'miracles occur'
As we welcome you to the room
Under the first light of full moon

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