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The Baboo Kitty Has Spoken

Blythe Spirts at Rainbow Bridge

September 21st 2012 4:51 pm
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It's been one of those weeks,
I reflect as I wait
I think fish is cooking, or maybe it's steak
I'm feeling hungry, and my stomach rules me
Meowing and 'rrrpting' thats where I be
As I think, yep I'm all for purrs..
I always say 'Trust Miracles Occur'.

Bella, farewell, in your honor we feast
A most brave little cat, or is it Beasel Weast?
A funny fey soul with a soft deep meow
Oh my pretty sister you are loved then and now

Bella, it's not often, I muse for my own
You, like Garbo, preferred being alone
But you weren't so much so for you welcomed me in
A scraggly cat coat did you see where you'd been?
Ah but we're cats-we're one of a kind
Feline blythe spirts and mysterious minds

I look up at your picture, regal cat Queen
Mommy's Familar and love , you were a team
Moving through life with a tiny curled lip
You loved your sunspot and toys with catnip
A Turkish Angora come in from the cold
You looked like a kitten but your soul was old

We rest and we play, we purr and we eat
We're Blythe Funny Spirits that land on our Feet
You had your times, a long full cat life
Full of adventures-you were all right
Now your spots empty on the loveseat
No more here will you wait for something good to eat

I'm sad for Mommy, I purr on Daddys lap
As he takes off his jacket and hangs up his cap
I remember gathering round you, that last cool old night
I met Alex at the window feeling delight,
But she spread her wings, hovered in the air
Whispered so sadly 'On a wing and a prayer..
I greet you my friend with immortality
When the time's right- you're coming with me
I will stay close, no matter what gives
I promise you Bella, theres more life to live
Across the stars, yet so very close
For your pawrents and family, for the heart always knows
That the barrier is made of the softest weave
They will see you again, they must only believe..'

I said 'But Alex, you know Mom needs her...
I've always assured that miracles occur
If Bella leaves, what will I say, I'll be a liar
You must find a way-to keep her here,
With renewed youth and health,
My Angel Alex, you know this yourself.'

And Alex sighed and softly set down
Said 'oh my poor Ruffy-haven't you found
That Miracles are made, every moment with faith
Dear Baboo Kitty, you've only to wait
But Bella is ready, by years here she's old
It's been a long timetime now in from the cold

I know it's hard-our humans will grieve
I know my mommy does though I know she believes
That we'll meet again, we'll be together
In a place thats so wonderful across Forever
Bella herself's a Miracle Fur
Rescued and loved, yes Miracles Occur
It won't be for long that she's gone you see
But for now little Bella deserves to fly free

And I saw my friend Gumpy grooming Bellas head
He saw me and said 'Ruffy, you know it's time for bed-
Bella will be fine, she's ready to fly
I wanted to come too Ruffy-and tell you why...

Bella completed a Mission-she was the first Rescue Cat
A miracle in Fur, yep, imagine that,
She loves your Mommy, your Daddy too,
She loves you all my friend and all that you do
A turkish Angora, who was lost and alone
She found the best people, a loving home
So many years filled with joy, love and tears
Oh, gosh Ruffy, there were so many years

And Bella leaned ovr with her soft gentle eyes
Said 'take care of our parents so the'll realize
That I made this choice, and I'll be fine
Give them love Ruffy-you can have all thats mine
My little bed, my favorite toys
All my treats-and share with the boys
Don't let Princess pick on you, hold out on your own
Be strong now Ruffy, for you aren't alone
I'll be close by, I'll purr and call
To you when you want me, there are no walls
I'll come to visit, with Gumpy and friends
This is just see you later, it's not the end...

And I fell alseep,
The next day we gathered,
All of the Clowder
For all the purrs mattered
And with a last little look
A last half cat smile
She got in her carrier
Still with her style
And she blinked slowly, and
Said 'Ruffy-it's fine
I'm not at all worried-it's just my time

and I sat up on my hinds
Smokie did too,
He said 'I salute you-as a Russian Blue
And then CK came up and he leaned against me
With large knowing eyes he said 'I'll be good-you'll see!'
And Princess crept up, flower face sad
'I will follow your magick, and I'll always be glad
For you're my inspiration, your the first of us all
Mommys kitty girl forever, your story we'll recall'

Now cats, you see, I didn't grieve
I purr strong for Mommy,
I always believe,
For Alex my angel, came to me last night
Said 'Bellas with us Ruff, and she's doing alright
I wanted you to understand, forever to know
We cats know the magick beyond the rainbow
Bella will rest and then she'll return
Eventually Ruffy, with all that she's learned
You sense this my friend, as you look in my eyes
We're born cats knowing, the wisdom of the wise
So, now Ruffy...I'll tell you this for you know
We all k now the way across Rainbow

Alex rose on hind paws, groomed a spot by my ear
I felt sad and happy, but there was no fear
I crossed the carpet, to beg at Daddys feet
and he said 'Hey Baboo, do you want to eat?'
Then Mommy picked up Princess, and kissed her brow
As the little minx squeaked a tiny meow
and Mommys laughed as I ran up to the Fridge
As I knew Bella purred....
From across Rainbow Bridge

My dear Sisfur.....I salute you as the First of the Magick!
I salute you with all Orangies, to honor and bow before...
a True Elderwise Soul..

We love you Bella. And we are a Part of you as Cat.
We are all a part of one another...

And I salute you...
with Power of the Paw
Now and Forever

We love you, and Love is Forever

Trust that Miracles Do Occur,

Love and light,
Ruffy and the Kew Gardens Cats


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Purred by: Blizzard AKA The Catfather (Catster Member)

September 21st 2012 at 5:51 pm

Wonderfully meowed, ruffy!! So touching a tribute to Bella
Purred by: ♥ Jezebel RIP ♥ (Catster Member)

September 22nd 2012 at 3:18 am

What a sweet tribute!
Purred by: Jasper, Angel Dreamboat #49a (Catster Member)

September 22nd 2012 at 8:14 am

Brings tears to an old cat's eyes, Ruff.
Purred by: Renee R

September 22nd 2012 at 11:20 am

Your words Ruffy - they always touch our heart. Mom could imagine all those little ones that she has had to let go, and it made it hurt just a little less. puurs to you my friend & to your family. We blow a kiss to sweet Bella looking down at us all. meow
Purred by: SKIDS KITTY gone, never forgot (Catster Member)

September 22nd 2012 at 7:40 pm

as always my friend your words of tribute to a gentle and loving and much loved soul bring tears to mom's eyes as she reads. I will be here with the many angel kitties to help her find her way until on that glorious day when we are all re-united with the ones we so loved on earth. She was an elderwise kitty like me and we find it hard to leave our moms cause we know they need us but when the time is right we just gotta fly.
love skids kitty and family

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