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Half a pound down, parent panic, and they want to do a 2- cavity ultrasound! ugh!

January 7th 2012 5:26 am
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Well, I got carted to the vet last night.
They said i was half a pound lighter.
The vet wants to do a 2 cavity ultrasound.
Mommy was annoyed. Since it was just for my B12 shot she could not speak with the vet.
She said she wants to during the week. Our good friends Kaci Sunshine's Mom, and Colette's mom, (please stop by Colettes page, she has had her first chemo treatment and certainly could do with the purrs and support) both had some of the same questions mommy has...befcuase what will the ultrasound show? One thing it will is they want to look at my heart. I have a heart murmur. It will help show that-and they want to see it before they will let me have fluids daily because they said too much fluids for a cat with 'heart trouble' might not be good.
Little Vet said she feels a thickening of my intestines and is concerned it could be 'something'. Mommy doesn't think it is. Mommy thinks I have 'Old Cat Syndrome'. Mommy wants me to be happy and as healthy as I can be. But mommy doesn't think I have anything wrong with my tummy-I do probably have pancreatitis and digestive issues, but my poop is always a nice cigar shaped size and I poop regularly and only have diahrhea if I have to take antibiotics. Otherwise, I do pretty well. But I have become a wirey, skinny little lady. This worries Mommy!
Mommy said that she wants me to live a very long and comfortable Senior life. But she feels that $700.00 is alot of money that they don't really have. Mommy says that I sometimes eat fussily but when I'm given fish, which is rare, but when I am, I dig right in. I get fluids every other week, azodyl daily, and a b12 shot once a week. I also get Pepcid 2x a day. Mommy says that I just now look alot more content than I have in the past and don't seem in pain. I seem rather ok, aside from being plagued by CK!!!!

Mommy would love to know from other cats with CRF how their people manage it and if any of you lovely Furs have had a battle with keeping weight on and on occasion, keeping food down and what you do?

Thanks and love,
Bella and her Mommy, who is frustrated and worried.


Way to go Mom! New Foods I love!

January 4th 2012 7:33 am
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Hi everyone!
Well, I am doing fairly well. Mommy last night got mad at Daddy because we were out of fluids for me, and Mommy and Daddy had to run to the vet and get more.
Then, they stopped off at the supermarket, because mommy was concerned that I had not wanted to eat any of the food mommy had got me. I had Natural Balance-blah! I had 9 lives-blah! I had Halo, which I used to like...well, I don't anymore! Phooey!

So Mommy was like, what can I try?
And Mommy picked up some Fancy Feast classic seafood. It had no wheat gluten in it.

Well, guess what? I liked it! I ate the whole can! Well, all the food in the can, not the can itself!

And Mommy also got me some 9 lives. She is worried about all the stuff going on with Purina and decided to give 9 lives a try. Daddy talked her into getting the tuna. Now, Mommy won't usually get me tuna, because in the past I haven't tolerated it. But Daddy said 'oh, come on! She hasn't had it in awhile, and she loves it!'
And so Mommy did.
She got me something else as well, but I havne't had that yet.

I ate almost the whole can. Mommy did give a bit to Smokieboo and Ruffy and Bub and CK-just tastes. And they liked it too.
Mommy was happy to see me eat so well. In fact, we all did, and then we all sacked out for a bit.
I am hoping Mommy will repeat this very good thing she did and get me more of this food! She was so happy and surprised I liked it!
And it tasted so good!


Yum Yum, that was good! I taste Raw chicken again and like- it this time!

December 26th 2011 2:03 pm
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Well, hey guys, mom is hoping she didn't do something wrong, but I have told her she didn't....!!!

Mom had taken out some chicken before, and was cutting it up, getting it ready to bread and fry.

Well, I was sitting, looking so eagar, and remembering that I ate some raw pork and enjoyed it with no ill effects, mom cut up some raw chicken for all of us...besides Natalie, who had thrown up the raw pork.

We all got some. Some of us enjoyed it more than others. I ate all mine. Ruffy ate some of his, so did Smokie, The BUB and CK didn't eat much of's thinking they prefer theirs cooked. But I ate all my pieces!

Mom was surprised and happy! She is hoping it was 'ok' for me to ahve it, but she makes sure I always have plenty of fresh water down, too, and I just get this as a 'treat' right now. I will get my supper, later. But she is happy because I ate it with such gusto!

YaY! It was good...nice and soft and chewy...and you tasted like chicken!


B12 shot last night, another present in the carrier, and I- haven't lost any weight.

December 3rd 2011 4:56 am
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Hi everyone!
I got carted back to the vet again. I got weighed. I'm the same weight. I got another B12 shot.
My appitite goes up and down. It's a little better. My coat, not as bad.
I pooped again in the carrier when I got there!
Daddy cleaned me up and Mommy told him it's cause I get nervous.
He said it's cause I want to get out of there and it's my way of doing it.
Mommy said she thinks I just want an excuse to get out.
Anyway, I'm home now and had my meal. When I get home I am always so hungry! It makes mommy happy.
Taking my morning nap now....

thinking of all of you.

Purrs for our friend Natasha and her family.

love always,


Good morning all-my update!

November 27th 2011 8:00 am
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Well, I wasn't safe, my catster friends.
I got picked up on Friday night and carted off to see Little Vet. I had a lovely meal a half hour before I left, and pooped quite well and smellily into my carrier, and then screamed at mommy and daddy to get me out of the smelly carrier! And then, when we got to the vet office, onto the exam table, I refused to come out! Better a smelly carrier with poop than a cold vet table!
Rachel the nice girl who loves me there got a soft blanket and I came out onto it.
I grumbled alot when examined, and of course Little Vet, who is a Little human mommy now made much of me, as well she should have. She told me what a great kitty I am, and how lovely!
That said, I did lose a pound, and she is concerned. I'm back on B12 injections, get azodyl in the morning, and get pepcid before my meals 2x a day. I get fluid every other day, in fact, daddy gave me some last night.
Bloods were taken, and one of my pancreas enzyimes was slightly elevated, but not by much. Little Vet says she's concerned about my condition, however, and is not sure if it's stress, or something else. She is suggesting another ultra sound, and wants to ultra sound my heart as well.
Mommy and Daddy are going to for now do the B12 shots weekly again. That really helped last time. The ultra sound will need to be saved up for, and I'm in no hurry for it.
I do eat well, but now seem to prefer canned friskies turkey and giblets and mixed grill. Mommy thinks it's becuase it has more liquid in it, and I seem to prefer that. I haven't vomited again.
Mommy does her best to keep that annoying kitten thing from me. However, he's a trial, and tests my patience. I give him the smacky paw, but he has no respect for his elders and smacks back!
Mommy said I seemed very comfortable and happy when I came home from the vet, and gobbled down another good size meal, for me. I am now eating pretty well...just in small portions at a time, and Mommy still worries...

Sending out purrs to Miss Kaci Sunshine-Kaci, our purrs are with you here and believe me, Miss Sunshine, I understand.

PS: Had fluids last night and am feeling well this morning, resting. I am getting a bit more fluids at a time now, too.



Not too well today-might I have a few purrs?

November 24th 2011 9:27 am
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Hi everyone,
I've not been too well this week. I got my fluids yesterday, but still drank alot and vomited. Mommy took up all the dry food in the house, in case I've been getting into it. Apparently some was bought as a treat for come cats mommy feeds and I might have gotten some.

That said, I haven't been my best the past couple weeks. I'm eating, but went off the food I had been eating for quite awhile...I eat it sporadically now...and Mommy had to hunt around for what I'd eat. She came up with Friskies Turkey and Giblets. I seem to tolerate this pretty well, and like it. It might be it has alot of moisture in it. But my coat isn't good, and I am cranky alot. I will probably get hauled off to the vet soon.
Mommy is worried and I'm wondering if others would purr for me? I'm purring for my friend Kaci Sunshine, too. She's also not feeling so well, and Kaci and I seem to have similar things at similar times.
Mommy is worried....she always worries much about me.


Happy thanksgiving, all!

Mommy says since she's going 'out' for dinner, that she will cook us all turkey tomorrow that she and daddy will share with us!
Looking foward to it!


I don't like the cold..

November 1st 2011 10:58 am
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Ah I can so relate to Sweets...
When it's cold, Mommy closes the window next to my spot. When she's gone during the day, it gets warm in here, and I am able to relax. Lately, I have even let Smokie come up beside me on the other side of the loveseat to sleep. He doesn't trouble me, just sleeps.
There is a blanket on the cusions, so I can be warm and comfortable. Sometimes I even get a heating pad to keep me more warm.
Yesterday was nice. Daddy and Mommy were both off from work. They went out and came back and we all had a nap together in the front room, mommy on the cushion beside me, and she bought out a lovely warm blanket and put it over us. I didn't like it over me after awhile, and climbed up to nest on it.
Mommy noticed I'm not so steady always on my back leg and it worries her. It means I will have to take cosaquin again. I am due for another bottle of azodyl too.

Mommy is wondering, because a small bag of fluids from our vet is so expensive (with the line and needles-$38.00) if there is a less expensive way of getting it-does anyone know? Mommy and Daddy have to watch their money and want me to get my fluids but the Vets prices have 'gone up' and its a worry to them.

I have been doing ok...this morning I sat in the little patch of sun on the towel and blanket next to the window for a bit, the window was cracked open a bit and I got a little fresh air. Then I went back to my blankie to nap.

Ah, being Elderwise as the world turns and the sun takes it's vacation is not always easy on us, is it fellow Furts?

lets all find a warm place to cuddle.



memories of 9/11 from a small white and grey cat

September 12th 2011 8:55 am
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It was a morning like any other. I had my breakfast and had jumped back on the bed that just mommy and I shared. Mommy was getting ready for work. Mommy's sister, my Aunt Kat, had left earlier, for her work downtown Manhattan.

Mommy made sure I had fresh water. She had put a little more food on my plate and I wandered over to eat it, then jumped back on the bed in my patch of sun.

Mommy heard her step dad call from downstairs and she went down, ready to leave....but her step dad and mom were sitting in front of the TV and there was alot of smoke coming from the World Trade Center. Mommy's brother used to work there. He didn't any more-he worked for the Port Aurthority at the airport. But when he had worked at the World Trade Center Mommy used to get to go up to the top and sit with him and eat hot pretzels and look out over the sky and buildings.

And now it was in smoke. Mommy asked what happened and her step dad told her a plane flew into it. Mommy couldn't believe it. She was stunned.
She went back upstairs and then got her bag and was leaving when the second plane hit.
Mommy asked her stepdad what was happening. Neither he nor her mom knew. Mommy was worried. She left for work, which was only 6 blocks away. When she got there the few people there were gathered around a TV. The Pentegon had been hit.
Mommy's Supervisor and some of the people mommy worked with came in and everyone hugged. Her supervisor led prayer. In the group were many peoples. Some were christian, some were jewish, some were hindu, some were muslim. Everyone was crying and scared or sad.
Mommy tried to call her sister. There was no answer. Mommy's sister worked at the Muni building.
Mommy was at her work for a couple hours, then everyone got to go home. Mommy went home. Everyone in Richmond Hill was outside-all the peoples were sitting outside. People mommy only knew by site came up and they hugges and cried. Mommy was scared cause she didn't know where her sister was. The Muni Buidling is not far from the Trade Towers.
Mommy got to the house. Her mom and her stepdad were watching the TV. Mommy asked if anyone had heard from Aunt Kat and her mom said 'no'.
Mommy went upstairs and hugged me. I wasn't watching the tv. I was being a cat at leisure. I was sleeping in a patch of sun. It was a lovely warm day. I purred in mommys ear and kept purring. Our job at times like this as cats is to make our peoples feel better.
Mommy went back downstairs. At 4 oclock her sister, Aunt Kathy called. She said all the phone lines were tied up. She said she was ok. She said she was going to be having to walk home and it was a long ways. But her friend had pulled her out of the office and they had got a bus who got them to Midtown, but they had to get off there. She had to walk home she says. Nothing running. She was ok, though. She walks to 59th Bridge, walks across Bridge with hundreds of other peoples. She gets to Woodside in Queens. she is so tired. She went to her uncles. Uncles owns a bar, she stayed there for awhile. Uncle finally drove her home. Roads a mess, everyone scared. Uncle got her home at night. Uncle came in, says hello to Aunt Kats mom and hugs mommy and everyone. Aunt Kat's other aunt there. Everyone sad and then Uncle says hello to Aunt Kat's cat, Blackie who jumps on his lap.
Mommy comes upstairs, finally and feeds me again. Blackie comes up and I chase him down the hall. He's in MY SPACE! Mommy watches uncle back up into bathroom and he is laughing because of me. Cats jobs at times like this are to make people laugh. Aunt Kat smiles and picks up Blackie. She hugs him. Uncle pets me. Says 'Bella is fast!' I say 'Yep, I'm fast. And he's in my space.' I go back and eat some dry food. I jump up on the bed.
Mommy's uncle leaves.
Mommy and everyone watch TV and everyone is sad. Mommy comes back upstairs. I curl up on her. I purr. Mommy puts her hand on my head and we go to sleep.

Everyone in mommy's family ok. Mommy's friend she used to work with had just gotten her first full time job at Goldman Sachs. She had gone to her first day to get her work ID.
She was never found.
Sometimes, Mommy still so sad.
But I keep purring. A cat's job at times like this is to purr.


Karen, Harley's mom needs help!

September 8th 2011 7:37 am
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Dear everyone non furred and furred.

Please read Angel Harley's posts.
We need to all help him and his mom, Karen!

Karen is feeding strays, really needs some help. She lives in Wisconsin, and there aren't many shelters there near her.

Can we all reach out to her to give a paw?

Many of us...we started out as 'strays' and we came in from the cold. Our newest (ugh) was found under a car eating half a cracker. He was small, scroungy and scared.

I myself, now Queen of the Loveseat and Head Female of the House, was once a frightened mom cat being sprayed by a hose because I was defending kits.

Karen is feeding a lovely scottish fold cat who's somehow feral, and a kitten.

Her terrible neighbor has gotten a trap. The last cat trapped there was brutally killed.

Can we all reach out and help?

Sometimes its those of us who make the least noise...a quiet 'mew' or a little 'rrt?' in a tiny voice....who need the most help.


Thank you so much for remembering my birthday even if- Catster had fleas! And an update on CeeCee

August 9th 2011 8:23 am
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Dear Furs,
Thank you all for remembering my birthday! Wasn't it weird, with no diaries and our post entries vanishing?

I had a lovely birthday basking in the sun and enjoying being pretty!

I wanted to thank eveyrone for thinking of me! It was so kind of you despite all the chaos!

Speaking of-mommy has made CeeCee her own page. She finally got the pictures to cooperate.

Cee Cee was transferred to our Vet on Friday. The Vet Cee Cee had been 'treated' was very negligent of her. Mommy and Daddy said that last night Big Vet told them 'pray and hope for the best, but we have to consider that it might not be good with the biopsy'. Mommy told Big Vet "I know, but don't tell us the odds, lets just do what we can!"

The problem is that CeeCee is very 'fragile'. They apparently weren't doing what they should have been at the other vet. Mommy and Daddy were shocked, because they had never had a bad vet before. They are angry and upset, but are being positive for CeeCee.

As for us, well, we are crowded here, but we were all strays at one time-we all 'came in from the cold'. It was so unfair that this little fur should have had to go through so much.

When she was here-for just a day-we didn't really notice her she was so quiet, though apparently she has a deep meow like Natalie.

So Cee Cee....though we have never really met...welcome to our home CeeCee...welcome to the room..welcome to Catster....welcome to our family. We will purr for you...because that is what we do...celebrate all furs, because we are, as always, the Goodness of Cat.

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