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January 25th 2012 9:25 am
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Hi everyone....

The good news: I'm eating well. I have a good appitite and am eating much better.
The bad news: My infection is hanging in there. I have been growling and carrying on when Mom and Dad try to compress it.
Last night Mommy bought me a catnip banana! I loved it and slept with it!
This morning...a bad morning. CK kept going after me. Mommy got mad and squirted him with the plant sprayer and put him in the bathroom so I could get some peace.
Mommy is worried about me.
Mommy is having daddy call the vet today because I got the antibiotic shot on Friday night and that infection appears to be hanging in there.
Mommy isn't happy and neither am I.
That CK tried to take my banana....



Doing a bit better-thank you Miss Sunshine!

January 29th 2012 7:08 am
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Hi everyone,
Firstly, please stop by and tell Kaci Sunshine and her angel sister Miss Mittens hello on their 'Gotcha' date!

Miss Sunshine, thank you! It's due to her mom telling my mom about a wonderful appititie booster that when I went to the vet yesterday, I had gained half a pound! Yay!

I have been feeling a bit better. It was too soon to give me another shot of antibiotic, but I'm sure that mommy will see that I get it next week.

I am eating better, and aside from being vexed by CK and sometimes stalked by Smokie (mommy says it's cause he doens't understand I'm not hurting CK and his duty as 'clowder leader' is to stop trouble-well, still doesn't matter !Stop it Smokie!

But i'm feeling so much better. I get my next shot of antibiotics next week.

For any fur struggling with a poor appitite, I do heartily recommend this appitite booster, which appears to have no ill side effects.

Thank you Kaci!


Attacked by Smokie!

February 1st 2012 8:05 am
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I was making my way back from the litter box. I got up on my little step stool to jump up onto the couch and he came from around the coffee table and attacked me!
He grabbed at me from underneath! Mommy yelled and squirted him with the plant sprayer. She looked at me and said I seemed alright.
I was fussy but wouldn't eat much this morning. She said that I'm getting my turkey blue buffalo food this evening and an appitite stimulant.
I had very very soft stool....
Mommy is wondering if the injected antibiotic from nearly two weeks ago could be doing it. The Blue Buffalo food is pretty healthy and solid, so she thought.
Mommy is upset with Smokie, because his 'behavior issues' are starting up again. She wants to get his mouth looked at because she thinks that could be bothering him.

I just want him to leave me alone. He goes after me and the BUB. Last night he tried to climb on Ruffy and mate with him. he's just too weird! Ruffy smacked him off and gave him a dirty look.


They want to remove my nipple!!! I have something that- starts with ST but Daddy can't remember what it is!

February 4th 2012 5:14 pm
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Not the worst of news, but not the best my friendS!
My swollen Nipple is not an infection. It's a collection of fluid and now it's happening with my other nipple. Daddy can't remember what the name is, and Mommy wants to know. It begins with ST.
Big Vet says it is not cancer. She took some fluid out today. I got a B12 shot. I didn't like when the fluid came out.
Big Vet thinks the nipples should come off. She said this is not unknown with older kitty girls, even when spayed.
Mommy is concerned, not just that the surgery will be expensive, but because of my age and putting me under with anesthesia. Mommy wants to speak with the vet herself. She's confused and nervous.
Today they took out fluid, and they will do it in two weeks, too. Our tech Rachel told Daddy human older people get this too.

Mommy's concerned it bothers me. She knelt down and hugged me tonight and told me I am 'Mommas Kitty Girl' and she will speak with the vet on Monday.

Sigh....what a week.


PS, I sure could do with the company of a nice gentleman cat to purr to me and tell me it will be all right....


Thank you Annoymous!

February 6th 2012 7:28 am
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It was so nice to recieve my little valentine presant! Wow!
It makes me feel a bit better! It's so pretty!
Mommy just gave me my azodyl, but I had already thrown up a bit of my food. Daddy forgot to give me my pepcid this morning, he was up so early and by the time he did i had already eaten. Mommy thinks thats what did it. She gave me my azodyl becaues not only does it help my kidneys, but it also has 'good bacteria' and seems to settle my tummy.
I'm going to have another snack in a moment.

Thank you everyone for caring about me. I know mommy is worried, but I see it this way...the sun is out today and I will be able to lay in a patch of it hopefully...and it's so healing, don't you think?



Mommy's talk with Big Vet

February 9th 2012 7:39 am
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Well, mommy was at the vet with Ruffy last night and she asked her about me. Big Vet told mommy I have CYSTS. She said that of itself is probably not comfortable for me, but might not worry her so much if it wasn't that she feels there 'could be something else' possibly going on. She said she thought she detected something 'hard' and this is a concern to her.
Mommy told her she is worried about me with surgery. She reminded Dr.P that I didn't do so well with the dental I had 2 years ago, and I'm now 2 years older.
Dr. P told Mommy she is going to review my chart from that. She said that she believes she could 'get this procedure done really quick in under an hour'. Mommy told Dr. P. she's worried with all my health issues how I'd rebound from surgery. Dr. P said she understood, and would see what they could do to make it as quick and easy on my as possible, but she, in this case, does recommend 'doing something' because she's concerned that there is 'sometihng more' going on-she and mommy talked about how Mommy loves me, and how 'this might be the difference between living from 15-16 or living from 15-18 or 19. She said she's going to review all my results, and then do a treatment plan, which would also give an idea of the cost. Mommy is sighing, but she said to Daddy that I am the world to her, and 'gosh, she's my life, my Kitty Girl' and Daddy agreed.
Mommy is worried about me undergoing surgery, though. She said that she does feel between a rock and a hard place, but wants to do whats best for me, whatever that may be.
Mommy is open to suggestions from any other Mommies and Daddies who have been through this with 'Senior' cats. Mommy is also open to 'holistic' things others might have used.

I was a good girl this morning and ate alot of my breakfast, but Mommy is worried because I did have very very soft stool.



The most Handsome Guy Cat on Earth is My Valentine!

February 12th 2012 12:17 pm
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Hi everyone,

Well, now I can take a deep breath, and know that I'm not alone! I have a Valentine! It's GUMP! He's so handsome! I am so honored to be his Valentine! I didn't know what he'd say-I mean, he's like every GQCat rolled into one! He's such a handsome fellow, and he's amazing! Just take a look...


Thank you Gump, for doing me this honor!

I can face anything with you as a Valentine!




February 28th 2012 11:08 am
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Well guys,
Mommy talked with Big Vet who said that the surgery is recommended. Mommy agrees, except that I have had the sniffles since I was at Big Vets. She said it had to clear up before she did surgery.
There is no discharge, just sniffles and sneezes.
It's been a week.
Mommy is going to probably do lysine to try and help me get rid of it.
Mommy said that Big Vet recommends taking off the small bumps, but they actually did look better this time...but they are there...and she thinks it's best they come off.

So...mommy called to find out what to do...and left a message.

I've been eating fairly well with the help of an appitite booster. And Mommy thinks that the KD might possibly make me throw up sometimes....and they gave her cerenia for me...but mommy gives a fraction of what is suggested becuase she believes they mis-prescribed it. I am very sleepy the day after I get it. And that worries Mommy.

I have a heating pad here to lay on if I want it, but for now, the sun is out slightly...and I'm drowsing in the sun by the window.



Purrs for my Daddy-he's not feeling well and is going to the- doctor

February 29th 2012 8:52 am
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He called mommy from work. He isn't feeling well and is going to the doctor. He told Mommy he had a migrane.
I hope he comes home so I can snuggle with him and make him feel better.
Migranes are not good...when Mommy gets them she does not want to do much.
I'm purring for my Daddy.


Daddy is a bit better, thank you!

March 1st 2012 12:27 pm
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The doctor is referring him to a neurologist-same one mommy goes to. He said he believes that Daddy has a pinched nerve in his shoulder.
Daddy sat with me for a bit when I ate my dinner. He then went into the bedroom and went to sleep wiht CK and Natalie. He feels better today-his neck is still hurting, but the migrane is gone.

Thank you everyone for the purrs.

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