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Good morning all-my update!

November 27th 2011 8:00 am
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Well, I wasn't safe, my catster friends.
I got picked up on Friday night and carted off to see Little Vet. I had a lovely meal a half hour before I left, and pooped quite well and smellily into my carrier, and then screamed at mommy and daddy to get me out of the smelly carrier! And then, when we got to the vet office, onto the exam table, I refused to come out! Better a smelly carrier with poop than a cold vet table!
Rachel the nice girl who loves me there got a soft blanket and I came out onto it.
I grumbled alot when examined, and of course Little Vet, who is a Little human mommy now made much of me, as well she should have. She told me what a great kitty I am, and how lovely!
That said, I did lose a pound, and she is concerned. I'm back on B12 injections, get azodyl in the morning, and get pepcid before my meals 2x a day. I get fluid every other day, in fact, daddy gave me some last night.
Bloods were taken, and one of my pancreas enzyimes was slightly elevated, but not by much. Little Vet says she's concerned about my condition, however, and is not sure if it's stress, or something else. She is suggesting another ultra sound, and wants to ultra sound my heart as well.
Mommy and Daddy are going to for now do the B12 shots weekly again. That really helped last time. The ultra sound will need to be saved up for, and I'm in no hurry for it.
I do eat well, but now seem to prefer canned friskies turkey and giblets and mixed grill. Mommy thinks it's becuase it has more liquid in it, and I seem to prefer that. I haven't vomited again.
Mommy does her best to keep that annoying kitten thing from me. However, he's a trial, and tests my patience. I give him the smacky paw, but he has no respect for his elders and smacks back!
Mommy said I seemed very comfortable and happy when I came home from the vet, and gobbled down another good size meal, for me. I am now eating pretty well...just in small portions at a time, and Mommy still worries...

Sending out purrs to Miss Kaci Sunshine-Kaci, our purrs are with you here and believe me, Miss Sunshine, I understand.

PS: Had fluids last night and am feeling well this morning, resting. I am getting a bit more fluids at a time now, too.



B12 shot last night, another present in the carrier, and I- haven't lost any weight.

December 3rd 2011 4:56 am
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Hi everyone!
I got carted back to the vet again. I got weighed. I'm the same weight. I got another B12 shot.
My appitite goes up and down. It's a little better. My coat, not as bad.
I pooped again in the carrier when I got there!
Daddy cleaned me up and Mommy told him it's cause I get nervous.
He said it's cause I want to get out of there and it's my way of doing it.
Mommy said she thinks I just want an excuse to get out.
Anyway, I'm home now and had my meal. When I get home I am always so hungry! It makes mommy happy.
Taking my morning nap now....

thinking of all of you.

Purrs for our friend Natasha and her family.

love always,


Yum Yum, that was good! I taste Raw chicken again and like- it this time!

December 26th 2011 2:03 pm
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Well, hey guys, mom is hoping she didn't do something wrong, but I have told her she didn't....!!!

Mom had taken out some chicken before, and was cutting it up, getting it ready to bread and fry.

Well, I was sitting, looking so eagar, and remembering that I ate some raw pork and enjoyed it with no ill effects, mom cut up some raw chicken for all of us...besides Natalie, who had thrown up the raw pork.

We all got some. Some of us enjoyed it more than others. I ate all mine. Ruffy ate some of his, so did Smokie, The BUB and CK didn't eat much of's thinking they prefer theirs cooked. But I ate all my pieces!

Mom was surprised and happy! She is hoping it was 'ok' for me to ahve it, but she makes sure I always have plenty of fresh water down, too, and I just get this as a 'treat' right now. I will get my supper, later. But she is happy because I ate it with such gusto!

YaY! It was good...nice and soft and chewy...and you tasted like chicken!


Way to go Mom! New Foods I love!

January 4th 2012 7:33 am
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Hi everyone!
Well, I am doing fairly well. Mommy last night got mad at Daddy because we were out of fluids for me, and Mommy and Daddy had to run to the vet and get more.
Then, they stopped off at the supermarket, because mommy was concerned that I had not wanted to eat any of the food mommy had got me. I had Natural Balance-blah! I had 9 lives-blah! I had Halo, which I used to like...well, I don't anymore! Phooey!

So Mommy was like, what can I try?
And Mommy picked up some Fancy Feast classic seafood. It had no wheat gluten in it.

Well, guess what? I liked it! I ate the whole can! Well, all the food in the can, not the can itself!

And Mommy also got me some 9 lives. She is worried about all the stuff going on with Purina and decided to give 9 lives a try. Daddy talked her into getting the tuna. Now, Mommy won't usually get me tuna, because in the past I haven't tolerated it. But Daddy said 'oh, come on! She hasn't had it in awhile, and she loves it!'
And so Mommy did.
She got me something else as well, but I havne't had that yet.

I ate almost the whole can. Mommy did give a bit to Smokieboo and Ruffy and Bub and CK-just tastes. And they liked it too.
Mommy was happy to see me eat so well. In fact, we all did, and then we all sacked out for a bit.
I am hoping Mommy will repeat this very good thing she did and get me more of this food! She was so happy and surprised I liked it!
And it tasted so good!


Half a pound down, parent panic, and they want to do a 2- cavity ultrasound! ugh!

January 7th 2012 5:26 am
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Well, I got carted to the vet last night.
They said i was half a pound lighter.
The vet wants to do a 2 cavity ultrasound.
Mommy was annoyed. Since it was just for my B12 shot she could not speak with the vet.
She said she wants to during the week. Our good friends Kaci Sunshine's Mom, and Colette's mom, (please stop by Colettes page, she has had her first chemo treatment and certainly could do with the purrs and support) both had some of the same questions mommy has...befcuase what will the ultrasound show? One thing it will is they want to look at my heart. I have a heart murmur. It will help show that-and they want to see it before they will let me have fluids daily because they said too much fluids for a cat with 'heart trouble' might not be good.
Little Vet said she feels a thickening of my intestines and is concerned it could be 'something'. Mommy doesn't think it is. Mommy thinks I have 'Old Cat Syndrome'. Mommy wants me to be happy and as healthy as I can be. But mommy doesn't think I have anything wrong with my tummy-I do probably have pancreatitis and digestive issues, but my poop is always a nice cigar shaped size and I poop regularly and only have diahrhea if I have to take antibiotics. Otherwise, I do pretty well. But I have become a wirey, skinny little lady. This worries Mommy!
Mommy said that she wants me to live a very long and comfortable Senior life. But she feels that $700.00 is alot of money that they don't really have. Mommy says that I sometimes eat fussily but when I'm given fish, which is rare, but when I am, I dig right in. I get fluids every other week, azodyl daily, and a b12 shot once a week. I also get Pepcid 2x a day. Mommy says that I just now look alot more content than I have in the past and don't seem in pain. I seem rather ok, aside from being plagued by CK!!!!

Mommy would love to know from other cats with CRF how their people manage it and if any of you lovely Furs have had a battle with keeping weight on and on occasion, keeping food down and what you do?

Thanks and love,
Bella and her Mommy, who is frustrated and worried.


My latest health news-and I probably go back to the vet- tonight-sigh

January 10th 2012 10:18 am
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Hi everyone,

Well, firstly, I want to express my condolances to Momma Ivey's family. It is always hard, dear peoples and Ivey's mom, and we wish we could lick you better. We do know that you are so are saintly and kind and so wonderful. Ivey knew who to pick-the best!:)
Many, many, many purrs.
We think of and always. And we know Momma Ivey is watching over you from above.

Now, I just wanted to mention that I am down a half a pound, as per the vet last week. The little vet wants to do a 2 cavity sonogram on me. I don't want to have it done, naturally. I don't like laying on my back and it stresses me. Mommy wants to avoid stress at all costs.

Now, Momma may let the do it, but she is sort of like 'so what is it going to show that will make a difference. Momma is not a vet, but has worked 'in the animal field' for many years, some at a vet clinic. She says I don't have the signs of a cat with a growth in the 'testines, which seems to be what the little vet thinks.. However....she is concerned that my Kidney disease does seem to be kicked up a notch. She may ok the sonogram only because she wants to give me fluids daily, she thinks I need it, and the vet is afraid that it might be too much fluid as I have a heart murmur...thus, the sonogram for that.

Mommy went down to a very special pet store in Manhattan and bought back some new 'special stuff' for me to take that came from the recommendation of the store owner. He is a very smart person-has been doing this many years. Mommy got me some stuff that she hopes will help with my CRF. I have been taking it for 2 days now and Mommy says I do seem a tiny bit better.

For whatever reason, I now love raw chicken liver. Mom is amazed and it's sort of funny, as it's just me and the kitten, CK, who like it. The others don't. Mommy was advised to get some beef liver....she may try that. I like raw beef, too, and always have. So I may get some of that. I'm still getting whatever canned food I'll eat at the moment.

The man Momma spoke with told her that cats with CRF have a form of anorexia, and part of the problem is that it is harder for our kidneys to break down the food enough for us, and thats part of the problem. So some of what mommy got is supposed to help with that.

And just when I figured the worst thing would be for me to maybe get a sonogram and take suppliments, last night mommy was giving me my once a week look over. Well, she examines me and gives me a little exam to make sure all is well. And she gave this little cry and called daddy over to me.

It appears I have this weird looking blister like sack on my lower belly, near one of my nipples. It's not a hard bump, it's a fluid filled sac. It's weird looking, and sort of hanging low, like it's on a long strand. Mommy has never seen anything like it and either it wasn't there last week, or she missed it. She's concerned, but is just hoping it's some weird cyst. But she's hever seen it before and is concerned. I'm drinking and eating.....well, not eating great, but am eating.

Ah, well, that probably means being hauled to the vet again. What's a girl to do?

Purrs and Power of the Paw for me, please?


Purrs and POTP needed-Bella is sick

January 13th 2012 7:06 am
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She has a vet appointment this afternoon.
She's not eaten but a few bites. She's had fluids.
She's uncomfortable. She may be running a fever.

I'm afraid I may lose my baby. I haven't seen her like this before. She is in pain or uncomfortable.

She got her fluids last night, and that seemed to help a little.
She just had a little merricks this morning and some baby food. She got pepcid, she wasn't given anything else.

Oh my heart, I don't want it to end this way!
Please don't let this be the end for my Mommas Baby Girl.


Thank you-home, under doctors care, and doing a little- better!

January 15th 2012 8:45 am
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Thank you so much everyone!

Well, Friday I was so ill and Mommy was worried about me. I got taken off to see Dr. P, my own vet. She took blood, examined me, prescribed an antibiiotic. I have an infection-it may be from an injury to one of my....(whisers sotto voice) teats. It's a back one, and it was swollen. I am spayed many years now, so it's not something that can be explained by nursing kittens or such. I'm past my kitten years.

I felt ill, let me tell you. But not too ill to cry and poop in the carrier, hopng they would just take me back home. The good thing-i was not running a fever. The bad, the bloods came back yesterday, and the infection is not a good one.

So this is what mommy is doing:

1)I get my pepcid as usual in the morning, then breakfast, then after breakfast, I get my antibiotic. An hour later I get my azodyl, and then an hour and a half later I get my Ren Avast and other suppliment. In between that i get my compresses. I don't mind them, really, it feels quite good.

Oh, and Mommy got them to put me on an appitite stimulant, and oh my gosh-it must come from Trout town or something!!! Because let me tell you I made Mommy and Daddy laugh and because it kicked in and I WAS HUNGRY LIKE I HAVEN'T BEEN IN YEARS!!!!

I ate a almost a whole can of small installments of course, because I know better than to eat it all up and have it come back again. But I ate with gusto, in between naps! And then, when I woke up and had to use the box I jumped down off my throne and ran around the coffee table. But Ruffy was blocking my path. And instead of growling and being disagreeable I put my little tail up in the air in an 'excuse me please, sir, don't mind me!' and leapt right over him gracefully! and did the same coming back.

Daddy said he wants some of whatever is in that stuff! And this morning I ate a WHOLE CAN of food and then about 1/2 can after that.

I got my fluids-I now get 50 per bag a night of lactated ringers. Oh, I was so happy and relaxed I continued to eat as I got fluids!

I would like very much to thank Ms. Kaci Sunshine and her mom for putting mommy onto this wonderful appitite stimulant. Though I'm to so sure it didn't originate in the land of Trout!

I am not out of the woods, but I appear more comfortable, and am getting lots of rest and attention and I am due to see the Doctor in 2 weeks. Mommy is amazed.

I want to thank all of you, my dearest Furs, for your wonderful purrs, prayers and POTP! I know it's working!

thank you from the bottom of my little white and grey heart!



and a note from my momma-THANK YOU!

January 15th 2012 9:26 am
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Bellas Mom Deb here,

I wanted to thank everyone who's been purring and praying for my girl. Bella is my 'heart' and it's good to see her appearing to feel better. This morning she ate, and though we know it's the appitite stimulant, it's good to see her going at her food with gusto. the medicine appears to relax her as well, and make her 'feel good'.

The vet who was on yesterday told me Bella had an infection, but I'm going to speak with her regular vet on Monday when she comes on to find out more. She gets her antibiotic two times a day. Shes on amoxi, as she got bad diaharhea from the clavimox.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive. Bella appears to be feeling a bit better, and thats a good thing.


Vet appointment tonight! I am going to get an antibiotic- shot!

January 20th 2012 1:59 pm
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I kept getting sick with the pills, so Big Vet is having me get a shot...I said, 'get a shot' not 'get shot' CK, stop snickering.
I have been cranky today, my teat is swollen and I am very irritable, and not at all happy. I am truly put out. I wouldn't tolerate the warm compress today at all. Mommy is glad I'm getting the shot, and said that she hopes that I start to get better. My appitite has been somewhat better.

I will keep everyone posted. I'm glad I'm getting the shot, to be honest, because I don't feel well.

Purrs to all,

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