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The life and times and bequests of a very beloved Momma's- Kitty Girl

October 17th 2012 10:24 am
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Dear Mommy, Daddy, Furs, and their Folks,

I wanted to send this to my Mom and Dad, but also to all of you, folks, who's furrs purr in their hearts. There are some of us up here at the Bridge, who have been awhile, and some who are newly come. Some of you reside in lovely form with your pawrents, and gaze up in wonder at Antares, the Brightest star in the Night sky, and purrr and wrrrrt? in wonder, telling your pawrents that all is well, no matter how recent the loss of a feline sibling...for such are we, magikal cats who have flown far and wide to bequest our love and light to those still in need.

Dear Pawrents,

I love you. I am now at the Bridge 3 weeks. It does not seem so very long, and time here is different, but then, as cats, time has always run differently. I do miss you, but I know you are strong, and in my legacy I have left a certain magick...

I watch as you reach out to others, cats who are in need, and others who are struggling with helping furs. I know your heartbreak as you wish you could save more, and spread the word about Spaying and Neutering, Fostering, and Adopting. I know your love of those in the Clowder, and your worrry for them. But don't worry Mommy and Daddy....

In the words of Ruffy: Trust that Miracles Do Occur...

As I trot over to the meadow, I touch noses to a kitten newly arrived from the same palce. "I miss my momma' this kitten mews to me. And I purr and curl around the mite. "All is well young one. For you won't be gone will find heart and home again, I promise you that."

And the little mite gazes up at me with wide eyes. "How do you know? Are you a Momma Cat? Don't you miss your people?"

"Oh little snugglefur, so much so. I miss them, but you see, I know they are fine...they are on a am I. And I can tell you that I know you will return as I have done so before...this is not the end of the Rainbow little one, but simply the beginning. You gain wisdom and rest, and more magick each time you make that journey. As do they."

The little one was kneading now. "Can I go home to them now?"
I nosed this kitten gently. "Very soon....the portal will open-the gauzy veil drops,and you plunge through it, playing chase with others on similar flight, you find your way by following your heart...and then...
you are home."

Purrs roll out of the kitten and together we watch a small group of butterflies dancing around the daisies in the meadow, and I watch Big Harry and Calvin and Buddie teaching new kits to send out magickal messages-and they are in ways our people will understand. I nudge the kitten by my side and together we watch, and a feeling of happiness comes over me.

"We really go back?" the little asks drowsily? "To our Momma's and Dads?"

And I feel the chord that connects me to my Mom and Dad...and I whisper as only a cat cat....

"I assure you it's so....when the time is right...the Universe will let you know...and you'll be sung home to them.

"Can I do anything now to tell them I love them?"

I gazed up at the butterflies...'Your emmisarries...whisper it to them, and they will tell your Momma you love her-though she knows."

And the Kitten sat up and whispered something to a pretty yellow butterfly who danced up and out towards the forever summer breezes....

and I curled around the new one, and purred for my Clowder...and knew in my heart, that no matter the challenges, all is well.

with love from Rainbow...


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Purred by: Renee R

October 18th 2012 at 3:40 pm

Glad you are well, and at peace & watching us all from the bridge sweet Bella.
Purred by: Mac (Catster Member)

October 22nd 2012 at 10:18 am

Hello Bella, good to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed your day as Diary Pick and celebrated with all the special furs at the bridge.

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