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Tales from a fearless furball

You call this FIXED??? You must be kidding!

January 27th 2010 4:20 pm
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What an ordeal today has been. First I was stuffed in a crate (OK, so maybe not really stuffed, but you know what I mean). Sure, there were soft blankies and my favorite toy, but that was an attempt to get me to let down my guard. Next, I was put in a car. I quickly figured out that I do not like cars. Emma sat next to me, but I was still not happy.

Then, we went to this strange place called the V-E-T (I may be small, but I can spell). There, mommy handed me over to a total stranger (HELLO...what was wrong with that picture?) Then she left. I cried so hard, but she AND Emma both left me there. Next thing, I was inspected by my captors, and then I was drugged. I awoke to find a pain in my belly. They had cut me open...and they call this FIXING me??? I say that they broke something. I was so relieved when I heard mommy's voice, and the familiar clink of Emmas collar tags. They came to rescue me...of course that would not have been necessary if they had not left me in the first place.

The strangest thing, is that the lady that they call the V-E-T said that I was probably born in February of 2009, so they changed my birthday to Valentine's Day! OMK! That was really big mews. She said that I now weigh 6 lbs 8 oz, and that I was probably malnourished when Emma found me. It all seems like such a blur now.

Mommy and Emma took me home and fed me white meat tuna, and they both seem properly remorseful. I suppose that I will forgive them...but I will probably milk this for a few more days. Time or a cat nap now. More later, diary.

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January 29th 2011 at 11:10 am

Well, Serena, dat is one good thing bout ur V-E-T! U finded out U got a Birfday comin' up soon, so we can pawty big time wif u! Yipeee!
MOL! I know all bout dat bein' fixed stuff, I been dare too 'n I wusn't broken either! Take it easy 'n let dose hoomans be nice 'n gibz u many treats! U a very bootifur girl, small petite, purrty girl! We must forgive our hooman's cause I does think dey really mean well! Take care ' enjoy more white tuna, yummy!

Purrs 'n many hugs,




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