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What a crappy morning

October 21st 2012 6:20 am
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She won't let me in da closet and she won't let me chew on and rip up books. Isabelle is sleeping so I can't chase her scaredy cat self around! I am so bored, Sometimes life is one big hairball!!!


Yay!!!I was a DDP yesterday!!!

October 15th 2012 3:42 am
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Doing happy cat dance!!! So happy I may not smack Isabelle today!!! (well, we'll see!!!) Tank you Catster peoples!!!


What's love got to do wif it?

October 4th 2012 7:01 am
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All this mamby pamby mushy love stuff my siblings write about? Ya I gets it, I loves my gal Caleigh, but get a gwip on all the mush alweady!!! Lemme go bite somebody or smack one of my sisfurs!!! Enuff mush alweady!!!


Hi furiends!!!

September 27th 2012 5:42 am
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Meowmy asked me to be good today and I am gonna try. No ripping up the book she is reading or pulling them from bookshelves. I already got all the plants and now there are none!No chasing that scaredy-cat Isabelle, no biting Pumkin too hard when we play. No hiding in the closet so meowmy has to look for me. Only thing I did so far today is when meowmy opened the front door I ran out and headed for the staircase. But I didn't run all the way up like I could've so I'm not really bad. Meowmy calls me her Bad Boy and loves me soooo much even when I don't listen or when I look for stuff to destroy. I also havr not smacked the pictures hanging on the floors.

But being good? It is so boring!!!


I think we;re back!!!

September 26th 2012 6:03 am
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My sisfurs are always hissing at me! Now I have a new trick, I grab meowmy's hand wif my claws and bites her knuckles, hard!!! Meowmy says you can take a cat out of da street but you can't take da street outta da cat!!!



August 31st 2010 1:55 am
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I am giving her a ring fur Christmas, I asked her and she said yes!!! She is a beautiful kitty, absolutely stunning, and she loves me even if I don't purr. Caleigh's meom says maybe someday I will. My meom says that too, but she don't focus on it. She also loves me either way. When I'm wif Caleigh I feel like I'm on a cloud wif a big rainbow and balloons amd cat tweats falling from da sky. That's how she makes me feel.

Meom says we're getting a heat wave so we're all getting furminated. Gotta go fur now my furiends!!!


I gots da fewal in me

August 17th 2010 2:52 am
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Meowmy tinks it's just part of my charming personality. I just bit her! She calls it love bites!!! Why s she always rubbing me and cooing to me? I love her but she needs to chill.


Hi guys

August 16th 2010 3:16 am
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Meowmy says I'm getting bigger, she needs to update all our pics. Shout-out to my girl Caleigh, she is on my mind all da time.

Meowmy says I have my own way of showing affection. I rub against her legs when she wakes up and I allow her to kiss me on da top of da head and I let her pick me up and hold me. Meowmy says maybe for Christmas I will give a little purr, but if not she still loves me silly!!! I think being born outside left an impact on me. It's weird cause Pumkin Pooh was living outside when meowmy found him and he is furry furry affectionate and purrs like a motorboat. Meowmy is sure he came from a good loving home and something must have happened for him to wind up on da street.

But I think I have some of dat fewal in me.


Hi Effuryone Out Dere!!!

December 8th 2009 4:30 am
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Meowmy said I could say sumthing real quick, she has to go out but she said I could write for a few minutes. I have been walking around da house making little noises. Meowmy doesn't know why but she hopes it means I'm happy. I haven't been fighting wif anyone, just play fighting, mostly wif Pumkin. But I am furry vocal. My favorite spot is lying on top of da refrigerator, so meowmy cleared most of it off fur me. That was nice of her. I am blowing kisses to my girlfuriend Caleigh.


Hello To Caleigh Marie!!!

December 3rd 2009 4:59 am
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Hi to my girlfuriend!!! I am sorry meowmy hasn't been on much, she says she will try to do better. I just want you to know I am thinking of you and wish I was dere to hug you!!!

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