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If only River could type....

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Hmmmmmmmm no story.... just *hint hints*

May 5th 2012 12:31 pm
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1) Being a River cat is great, there are never any stupid burds in a River, just Trout *hint hint* and that's pretty goods, especially since I likes LOTS of Trout *hint hint*

2) I mentioned that kitties with a bit of foreign flare are great right? Well, now, handsome mancats with a foreign flare are also pretty great, like my buddy Ollie *hint hint* from Canada. He's got lots of trouble spunky in his little orange veins! Or of course, a kitty with a neat sounding name is pretty pawsome too like the pretty Mietzi Katze *hint hint* Do you think Katze is some other language for cat? I don't know... That would make her Mietzi Cat just like I'm River Cat! Cool... I wonder if we are related.... We gots the same last name!

3) But of course, there's nothing like a little royalty to spice up the game, and in this game we have our fair share of kings and queens, after all, all catster kitties are royalty in their family. Or at least, they SHOULD be! There's nothing quite like a kitty who's got a royal name, just so no one ever forgets how special she is, like the lovely Cleopatra *hint hint* Can't forget how special she is can you?


Super barffs and *hint hints*

May 3rd 2012 2:26 pm
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So kitties, how many of you rarely barffs? I pretty much never barrfs. Why would you want to lose all those delicious nom noms? Now sisfur, she still has this trauma about being hungry on the streets and being hungry so she'll stuff her little tummy sometimes and then if I chase her or mommy and daddy don't realize she just ate and pick her up she'll barff all over the place and it's super duper icky. (Don't tell her I said that!) Me though? I never barffs! EXCEPT... when I have a big old hairball. Which, let's be honest, happens an awful lot when summer is rolling in. I gots lots of fuzzies. Now, here's the funny thing though. Whenever I get a hairball, I stuff my tummies with nom noms first. I never just barffs up a little hairball, I always fill my tummy first and barff up a hairball in a ball of nom noms. Super gross right? Mommy doesn't know why I do it! she says it makes cleaning up the hairball a dozen times harder. I think she exaggerating. Well I did this yesterday and I better hope I don't do it again, cause if I do, it's baff time for me to get off all those extra fuzzies and keep me from shredding. YIKES! No baffs! No baffs! No baffs!

Now, I forgots to do some *hint hints* yesterday, so I'm going to give some today to make up for that! How are you all doing kitties? Probably gotta pick an end date soon for this huh? Hmmmmmmm how many days should the game run?

1) I'm a sucker for a beautiful accent kitties! Every heard a kitty "meow" in French? It's so pretty! The only thing better is a kitty who "meows" in a language I understand with a pretty accent like the lovely lady Chloe *hint hint*. And, what's more, I'm clearly not the only fella out there who thinks like this. Check out the California mancat who lives super close to me who gets to call that pretty lady his princess! Lucky, lucky, mancat Mr. Sigmond *hint hint*

2) I'm a pretty lucky mancat too though, I've had two really lovely Valentine's while I've been on Catster. Last year was the beautiful lady Keisha *hint hint* and this year was the lovely lady Gypsy *hint hint* I know guys, don't be jealous! They are pretty beautifuls! What can I say? I'm no Zach *hint hint* but I thinks I do ok in the lady department!

I think those are two pretty good *hint hints* for today right kitties? Very compact and all about lovies! hehehe!


With a *hint hint* here and a *hint hint* there

May 1st 2012 11:56 am
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Here a *hint hint*
There a *hint hint*
Everywhere a *hint hint*

Can you believe it kitties? I'm a DDP again and all I had to do was destroy mommy's curtains! hehehe! That was TOTALLY worth it! This way, more kitties will see my game and play along! I hope you are all playing and having fun. Remember, if you find a kitty you didn't know before on the quiz, send them a friend request! That's half the reason I do this! Make sure as many kitties know each other as I can and spread the friendship! HOORAYS and HAPPY RIVER DANCES for friends! Friends are the best!

Remember, any kitty who gets ALL the kitties right (within 5) wins a special prize and EVERY kitty who plays no matter how many they get right is entered in the drawing for the grand prize and wins a special door prize coupon to our shop! Also, one lucky kitty will be chosen as Kitty Congeniality for trying REALLY hard but not quite making the cut! We know how hard the game is, trust us! We put it together! hehehe! Turns out mommy even made a couple of mistakes and put on two doubles by accident! Can you believe that? Sheesh Mommy!

This morning mommy caught me trying to climb the curtains again. I tried to explain to her it was no big deal, I mean, come on, they are all ready torn. What's she protecting now? hehehe! She didn't think it was funny, but she didn't yell at me or anything so we're good.

Now, how about a *hint hint*? Sisfur gave a couple of good ones today, so I'm only gonna give one *hint hint* right now, but don't worry, check back later, I'm full of *hint hints* hehehe!

1) All I have to say for my *hint hint* right now is that I don't think mommy should be as cranky as she is about the curtains. I could be much worse. I hear that there is this daddy out there with this kitty named Kringle *hint hint* and he's a REAL ball of trouble. I'm more like delightful mischief and snuggles, that kitty, from what I hear, is super duper trouble maker! hehehe!


I tore the curtains and some *hint hints*

April 30th 2012 1:10 pm
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Hello kitties,

Yup! That's right! I tore mommy's curtains! Right down the middle! hehehe! SHRED!!! I was trying to climb to dangerous heights and I slipped. Oppsies! Well I started falling, mommy saw and got super duper nervous and came running towards me but it was ok, I found something to break my fall. I caught her curtains and slid all the way down. Now there's this really neat shred mark down one of them. I think I improved them. Mommy seems relieved that I'm ok, cranky that I keep climbing places I should, scared I'll hurt myself, and a little ticked off that her curtains are ruined. Can't see why. I'm ok and that's all that matters!

And now for some *hint hints*

1) You all know that I love Happy River Dancing! I could HAPPY DANCE all day and all night long. Now, usually when I HAPPY RIVER DANCES I like to dance to some Pop, rock, hip hop, rap, disco, country, anything with a beat that encourages butt wiggles but sometimes a mancat just needs something a little more dignified and in those cases, nothing is better than a beautiful Minuette *hint hint*

2) You know whose great kitties? My Buddy *hint hint* In fact, my Buddy *hint hint* is so great that sometimes I thinks I'm seeing double when I'm around him.

3) Now, I've been told by my friends that their sisfur does not like having her picture taken and always hides from the camera. That's a real shame if you ask me cause she is one beautiful lady. It's a good thing that her foster family was able to get some good pictures of her all those years ago though to show her mommy how adorable little Natasha *hint hint* and her brofur were! Cutest little kitten I've ever known!

Ok, three hints from me today, maybe sisfur will drop a few of her own... what do you think?


The Diary Gal wants to play too!

April 27th 2012 1:39 pm
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Oh my catness kitties, I can'ts believes its! I'm a DDP today! HOORAYS and HAPPY RIVER DANCES for ME! hehehe! I think the diary gal just wants to play my game too don't all of you? hehehe! I hope every kitty out there is enjoying playing the game, and if you haven't seen it yet well...

Second Annual Guess the Catster Kitty Game

Get playing! hehehe! For the rules, just pop back on diary entry or check out sisfur's diary! HOORAYS!!! All winners will get their prizes from our etsy shop

Happy River Dances Catnip Company

and everyone who plays gets a discount coupon! (Shop is a little empty right now, don't worry, we're restocking before the game is over!)

To all my friends who have stopped by to wish me many happy headbonks and give me gifties to celebrate, thank you so much! Sorry we haven't been around as much, we were making the game! That's a lot of work let me tell you! It's totally worth it though if you all play and have fun! And remember, watch for some *hint hints* in the future in my diary for the game! I hope to give out a WHOLE BUNCH of prizes when this is done!


Second Annual Guess the Catster Kitty Game!!!

April 25th 2012 3:30 pm
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That's right kitties, at long last, it is here! The Second Annual "Guess the Catster Kitty Game!"

19 pages and 109 kitty pictures all waiting for your identification! Now, for those of you who played last year, you know the rules, but for the newbies joining us, here they are!

1) Look through the pages and pictures of kitties and identify them by name
2) All kitties are friends of River and Simone
3) All kitties are here on Earth, no bridge angels again this year, at the time the game was put together
4) No kitty is used more than once with the EXCEPTION of the last 4 pages of siblings. Those kitties may or may not appear elsewhere in the quiz as well.
5) In order to be entered in the drawing you don't have to get all the kitties or get them right. If you send us your answers and you only found yourself, you are entered in the drawing and will win a door prize.
6) Any kitty who gets them ALL right will be entered in the drawing AND receive a special prize for all their hard work.
7) If you find yourself, don't tell others where you are. It's a game kitties, keep it fun! Don't give away the challenge!
8) We will be giving out hints as the game goes on, but please don't give them away! This is all for fun!
9) Please share the game around catster so many kitties come and play! This is a great way to meet new friends and to get to know the ones you all ready have!

Thank you to everyone who let us use their pictures. If we used yours and you didn't want to be in, please forgive us, we misinterpreted what you said. Anyone who isn't in the game, don't worry, there's always next year! Finally, for BIG families, we topped out at 4-5 kitties each. Sorry guys, we wanted to get in as many families as we could. Enjoy!

Guess the Catster Kitty Game

Or if you prefer, dive right onto page one and start working your way through!

Page One

Let us know if you have any problems accessing the game, we'll find a way to fix them!



April 23rd 2012 5:06 pm
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Hi there kitties,

Ok, this is the final and last call for entries to the "Guess the Catster Kitty Game!" I bet you all thought we were pulling your legs when we said we were working on it right? Well... you were almost right! we've got about 80 great looking kitties n the game so far and we are almost done, if anyone wants to be in and hasn't told us yet, let us know. If not, we might do some repeats this year! (I know... so lazy of us!)

Anyways, if you want to be in the game, let us know! We'll be putting it up and starting the guessing soon, don't worry, guessing will be open for many many days! hehehe! We know how hard it is to do! Sorry we've been missing for a few days here kitties, this has been a lot of work!

All right, well, last call kitties! You don't have to go home but you can't stay here! Wait... yes you can! hehehe! Anybody else want to be in the game?


A message from the desk of Lazy Mommy

April 16th 2012 12:56 pm
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Hello kitties,

Well, as many of you know, by now we were hoping to have launched another 'guess the catster kitty' game, but there has been a delay. Why has there been a delay you might ask? Well, as always, the fault lies not with the kitty, who is of course purrrfect, but with the mommy, who is human and prone to breaking and faults. I loves her anyways though, she's my mommy!

Anyways, mommy sprained her wrist awhile ago and it took a really long time to heal properly, probably because she wouldn't stop going to the gym and trying to type, and sew, and all that other stuff she shouldn't be doing. Anyways, the good news is, wrist appears to be on the mend now so we will be FINALLY putting the finishing touches on the catster kitty game. Is there anyone who wants to be included that hasn't yet told me so? Just leave me a notes! We still have lots of pages to finalize! It's no easy task finding around 100 gorgeous kitties on catster and grouping them together to make this game! This year, EVERYONE who plays will not only be entered for a drawing, no matter how many they get right, but will also receive a coupon code for Happy River Dances, and I promise you, it will be a GOOD coupon code too! So even if you only guess 5 kitties and get them all wrong, you'll win a door prize this year! That's the kind of mancat I am! A giver! hehehe! Stay tuned kitties, I'm cracking the whip on my mommy this time, we'll get that work done if it kills her!

...oh nose, waits, that's a bad idea. I don't want a dead mommy. Who would kissies my nosie and tell me I'm handsomes? Where would my cat treats come from? Whose head will I sleep on? Who will call me her baby boy and carry me around whenever I cry to be picked up? I take it back!!! No dead mommies!!! I NEEDS MY MOMMY!!!


The V-E-T Appointment

April 10th 2012 3:53 pm
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Well, you will all be happy to know that aside from an incurable case of incredibly handsome mancatness, I'm 100% healthy as a horse... or a cat... or... you know what I mean! My vet and her assistant raved about my soft coat and beautiful body, they love my white strip about my head, they think I'm the biggest sweetie there is, they just think I'm great! I'm not a big fan of going every 6 months instead of every year but mommy says so long as we can afford it, it's a good idea given our age and conditions, so I guess it's because she loves me. At least I'm healthy. Of course, sisfur did insist on CHOMPING my ear for no good reason while we were there and out of our carriers... TWICE! They laughed at me cause I didn't even respond when she did this. I got back at her though, you can read her diary about that! hehehe!

Oh, but even though she did chomp me, can you all give sisfur lots of encouragement? She went from 13.7 to 13 pounds! They've been trying and trying and trying to get sisfur to lose weight and I thinks it's finally working, give her lots of headbonks, it's really hard to do! Sisfur is really afraid of being hungry again so it's really hard to put her on a diet, this is very good news for our family! We really want her to be 11 pounds, but this is a step in the right direction!


Presents won't work for us :(

April 8th 2012 6:11 pm
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Hi kitties,

Thank you all so much for all the great Easter Eggs you sent us. We just wanted to say we tried last night for a long time to send the eggs out to all our friends with a message but no matter what we did we got the message back 'please select a proper sender for this gift' or something like that and it just wouldn't send. We are really sorry kitties. We want to wish EVERY KITTY a Happy Easter, Passover, and every holiday that you chose to celebrate. Headbonks of lovies for all of you and HAPPY RIVER DANCES of joy!

Maybe we'll get it to work for us later but for now, that's the best we can do.

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