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If only River could type....

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update on Girlfriend

June 18th 2012 9:25 pm
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Hello kitties,

First off, thank you all so very very very much for offering us your purrs and supports on Girlfriend. You guys are the greatest friends a mancat with a pretty girlfriend could ever have! hehehe! Now, here's the skinny on girlfriend!

We think you were right. It had to be an abscess drainage, that is exactly what it looked like. She SHOULD NOT have been outside like that! Agree? I hope so!

As far as a family goes, we aren't sure. We THINK we know where she lives but we can't be certain. She doesn't wear a collar but she's very well groomed and taken care of (in some ways) so it's so hard to know what the right thing to do is.

The good news is, mommy saw her today. They were just leaving and Girlfriend was coming by for her nightly nom and she talked with mommy and daddy for a while. the straw is gone and there are just two little slits in her where it was so it didn't get yanked out hopefully. She appears to be doing fine, but again, we don't like her being outside without proper bandaging on that booboo of hers. I mean, if she had to have an abscess drained that means she had an infection, she should be inside and safe. She was very playful and talky like she always is and she was very friendly, following mommy and daddy around. They really don't know what to do. Daddy's response to all of this? Whatever mommy decides, he backs her play. My daddy is the bestest, he always supports mommy in her animal decisions. He's never protested a single foster (unlike some meezer sisfur I live with) and he's never been upset when she rescues them off the streets or shelled out big bucks for their medical bills. Even last night when mommy was telling him about girlfriend and that she didn't know what to do, you know what he said? "You gonna ask the catster people?" Dad gets it! Now if only we knew WHAT to do. We're still so unsure. Mommy is so nervous leaving girlfriend outside every day. Someone is taking care of her, but they are making such bad decisions. The straw is gone, so she's getting medical treatment, but when did they let her go outside with two open slits in her skin from where it was? She could get an infection so easy. She's beautifully groomed, her tummy is shaved for summer so she doesn't over head, the fur around the wound is well kept, but they're putting her in such senseless danger by not letting her recover inside.

Well, we wanted to keep you all posted and really give a great big thanks for all your advice and support. You are all the bestest. We'll keep you up to date if anything changes, and it might.


Advice BADLY needed (not for me or sisfur!)

June 17th 2012 11:56 pm
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Ok kitties, we gots a REALLY serious question we needs to talk about but it is a little bit graphics so if anyone doesn't want to be upset by this, please don't keep reading. It's a medical question about girlfriend.

Remember my girlfriend kitty? That black pretty girl I talk to in the window? Well, she's still around and she still comes by. We think she has an owner because her thick poofy coat is always neatly maintained and sometimes in summer her belly is shaved to keep her cool. Sounds like there is an owner right? Right! Well, here's the scary thing.

Tonight at about 10:30 to 11 mommy came home from the gym and found girlfriend sitting on the stairs like she often is after noming away. She talked to mommy and head bonked her and then bent her head up for pets and mommy nearly screamed. Girlfriend has, what looks like, a short white straw through her head. It goes through her cheek and out her lower neck, but it's close to the surface and doesn't seem to go through any major part of her airways or food ways. Mommy has NEVER seen a kitty with something like this before, and it REALLY upset her. Girlfriend was playful and frisky, talking like normal, eating like normal, and when she was done, she scampered off as she always does full of energy, but there is a STRAW THROUGH HER HEAD! The even weirder thing, it's been neatly shaved around so there is no fur touching it or getting in the way, as if a professional groomer or vet did it. What is it kitties? Have you ever seen a kitty with something like this? Heard of this? Mommy doesn't know what to do. She does NOT think girlfriend should be outside like that, it was really scary looking. She nearly brought her in, but she seemed... fine? If she sees her again, she says she's taking her to our vet and pulling her in off the street. In 103 degree heat, girlfriend shouldn't be outside like that, but she has no idea what she's looking at or what she's up against. She should have taken a picture but she was just so blown away. Please kitties, if you have ever heard of this or have any advice, we really need it. Mommy is too afraid to google what it was or anything like that because of what MIGHT turn up, but this is serious, girlfriend might be in serious trouble here. What should we do? If we see her again, we'll photograph it and post a link so you can see it if you want. We are really freaked out here and mommy is VERY worried she shouldn't have let her go off on her own the way she did.



June 11th 2012 12:57 pm
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OH NOSE KITTIES!!! You won't believe it! Our bestest friends Da Tabbies leave, who we loves so much and miss like crazy and might never forgives Catster for scaring off the way they did, and now, worst nightmares of nightmares... WE GOTS BURDS!

NO seriously kitties! My nom nomers nom noms have been BURDED!!! This big squawking icky blue jay is stealing my stray kitty nom noms right off our door stop. I hiss at him from the window, but he doesn't run, he just eats our barbeque noms and makes these annoying sounds and poops on our door stop. Mom's had to wash it every day this week. She's getting pretty mad, but what is she going to do? Take in the nom noms? NOT LIKELY! She can't take in the water and noms, it's over 100 here all week! The strays need foods and waters, but this BURD kitties! THE BURD! I need Da Tabbies back, or maybe Toki the Burd Hunter can comes and chase him away, mom won't let me out. We gotta do something kitties... BURDS!!!



June 10th 2012 5:30 pm
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Last night, I jumped up on the bed to go to sleepies with my daddy and I was just being a good boy and casually wandering past sisfur to get to the pillows where mommy would eventually be putting her head and then, for absolutely no good reason, as I walked past sisfur, she jumped up and BITS MY BUTTS!!! OUCH! I squeaked big baby squeaks and took off running. Sisfur tried to play innoncents, but she had a big mouthful of River Furs! Mommy pulled out the fur and told her she was naughty, then she came and rescued a very scared me, she held me and told me it was ok, Sisfur was just being a bully. I don't know why she did it! I'm ALWAYS nice to sisfur. Always. Promise. Never mean. Never bully her. Always nice. Promise. Swear. Always.

On a sadder note kitties, you know how so many friends are leaving Catster? Well, don't worry, we aren't going anywhere. Mommy could never delete our pages or lose touch with our friends, but we do think we will be cancelling our plus membership. We just don't think we can keep it up anymore. We disapprove of some of the stuff Catster is posting as well and so long as they post it, I don't think we can be plus. We'll be cancelling it real soon. We have a big backlog of zealies, but don't expect too many pictures from us anymore, I thinks we're going to have to do this. Love you all too much to leave though, and we'll miss our plus, but this is the route we are going.



May 22nd 2012 7:29 pm
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Ok, sisfur all ready made our excuses, it's mommies fault this is a day late, but here you go!

The winner of the Second Annual Guess The Catster Kitty is...

Simone Picks the Winner!

HOORAYS and HAPPY RIVER DANCES for our winners, and thanks to the beautiful Sisfur Simone for picking the winner! She's got great taste doesn't she? She didn't really want to help out but she did it in the end! hehehe! She fussed so much last time that we didn't let her help!

Happy River Dances Catnip Company

The following kitties have also won 5$ to our shop!
Pipo and Minko (I guess you really cleaned house didn't you?)

everybody else who played also wins a discount coupon code for a future purchase at my shop and my own special head bonks of lovies! We'll be in contact with all the winners soon and everyone who played so they can pick their prizes. We have to add a few more things to shop tonight, mommy has this stack of animal themed mice toys that are just pawsome but she hasn't uploaded them yet!

Thank you for every fur who played and let us use their pictures, we hope you all had fun! And now, for those who didn't quite find everyone... here they are!

Guess the Catster Kitty!

1. Skylar
2. Sigmond
3. Sleeper
4. Sylvester
5. Pinkie
6. Chloe
7. Gypsy
8. Da Tabbies - Daisy
9. Keisha
10. Zoe
11. Minko
12. Tully
13. Tiny Mighty Moe Moe
14. Buddy
15. Squeaker
16. Simone
17. Jezebel
18. Nonny
19. Biggles
20. Simon
21. Monida
22. Penelope
23. Tao
24. Orange Ruffy
25. Kringle
26. Tiny Tot
27. Teebo
28. Novi
29. Samhain
30. Blade
31. Fearless
32. Ollie
33. Natasha
34. Calie
35. Milo
36. Buddy
37. Snow
38. Minuette
39. Sparky
40. Ziggy
41. Teddy Bearz
42. Timo Katze (Actually it's his sister hiding on his page! Sneaky!)
43. Natalie
44. Tink the Cat
45. Rose
46. Cleopatra
47. Lacey
48. River
49. Griswold
50. Luke
51. Zach
52. Inky
53. Finney
54. Newman
55. Colorado
56. Moppie
57. Sammy
58. Mrs. Murphy
59. Meshia
60. Samoa
61. Da Tabbies - Sauce
62. Bella
63. Zeeke
64. Panda
65. Napoleon
66. Da Tabbies - Tuna
67. Simon
68. Callie
69. Annie
70. Mallee
71. Pipo
72. Gleek
73. Blizzard
74. Mietzi Katze
75. Milo
76. Tigger
77. Polly
78. Sally
79. Skittles
80. Zelda
81. Bob
82. Sam
83. Tony
84. Littleboy
85. Pooh
86. Ingen
87. Romeo
88. Bob / Marmelade
89. Napoleon / Colorado
90. Blade / Moppie
91. Tigger / Marmelade / Pippin
92. Callie
93. Gleek / Newman
94. Minnie / Penny
95. Nonny
96. Teddy Bearz / Ollie / Milo
97. Percy
98. Sammy / Natasha
99. Teebo / Rose
100. Ingen / Novi
101. Milo / Mallee
102. Keisha
103. Timo / Mietzi
104. Sleeper / Fearless
105. River / Simone
106. Zoe / Zach
107. Pipo / Minko
108. Tink / Snow
109. Annie / Pooh

Did you all see our duplicate? It was Mr Buddy! hehehe! Even Buddy didn't notice at first! hehehehe! Thanks for playing everyone! If anyone wants clarification of the kitties like an ID number, let us know. Last year we made them all links, but that's ALOT of work and mommy doesn't have time right now. Perhaps she'll update it later! That mommy of mine is just so busy! Sheesh! Make time for Rivers!



May 18th 2012 3:06 pm
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Hi Ho kitties everywhere!

Don't forget, today is the last day to get those games in. Now, we are going to take them so long as it is Friday SOMEWHERE in the world! That's right, we're very generous! hehehe! Also, remember, even if you ONLY find me, sisfur, yourself, or your best friend, send it in for a chance to be in the drawing. Check out all the links in sisfur's diary! Come on kitties, we've got a lot of winner and entries right now, give it a shot! And remember, check back on Monday for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER and to start collecting your prizes! hehehe!

AND the most important part of this game, check back for the answers on Monday and if you don't know someone, send them a friend request! Everyone needs more friends! hehehe! HOORAYS!!! FRIENDS!!!

Good luck kitties!


Mommy has been slacking... here are some *hint hints*

May 17th 2012 4:29 am
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Sheesh, that mommy of mine has been slacking! Announce an end date and then stop giving hints? NO FAIRS MOMMY!

Ok kitties, just so everyone remembers. The game is ending this Friday by the end of the day. (If we wake up on Saturday and you get yours in late though, we won't knock you! You'll still get in!) The winners will all be announced on Monday, and remember kitty, ANY entry gets you entered for the drawing and every kitty who finds ALL the kitties (within 5) wins a special prize!

Now we got an entry tonight that was two short, and the kitty qualifies for a prize, but seems to REALLY want to find those last two kitties, so I'm going to give a little *hint hint* to a very special kitty whose whole family gave their pictures to appear in the game!

1) My shop sure has a lot of really great kitty models in it showing off my toys and their super cute faces, but this pretty lady isn't yet there. I sure hope she gives me permission to use her pictures some day, cause that Natalie *hint hint* sure it one beautiful girl don't you think?

2) I'm a pretty big guy, I weighs about 15 pounds at my heaviest. I am a Maine Coon after all. I gots some serious height, length, and weight, but even I pale in comparison to the mighty mighty catfather Blizzard *hint hint* You kitties will NOT believe how much he weighs or how tall he is. No reallys! You won'ts!

Now don't worry kitties, I'll make sure mommy helps sisfur gives a few hints today as well! And get those entries in! All entries are good!


HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY - from the good one! (and *hint hints*)

May 13th 2012 10:14 am
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Hi kitties,

Oh man, mommy is cranky this morning. Sisfur DID NOT put mommy in a good mood today. Why'd you have to do that sisfur? We are supposed to LOVES mommy today, today's her day! Well mommy... I LOVES YOU! I wouldn't pukes on you on your day.

So all you kitties out there, today, be a River cat, not a Moe Moe Toes! Show your mommies how much you loves them, and don't pukes on them!

Now, onto game business. Now, don't make your mommies search too hard today for game stuff. Today is there day, give them the day off!

Also, we have an end date for the game. All entries must be in by the end of... drum rolls please...

Friday the 18th!

You got that kitties? One more week! Then we'll take the weekend and get everything calculated togethers and do the drawing on Monday the 21st in case there are any boo boos along the way! And in case you need another helpful kitty to turn to; Luke, Tully, Sammy, and Natasha's mommy finished their game last night and it sure looks pretty good to us! So I thinks we gots ourselves another winner! hehehe! HOORAYS and HAPPY RIVER DANCES for them!!!

Now a SUPER DUPER good *hint hint* for any kitty still stuck, just for your mommies, cause I loves mommies...

1) Once upon a time there was a super pretty and sneaky kitty named Sally *hint hint* and everybody wanted to find her, but they couldn't, cause she was very well hidden, but then the ever handsome Mr River Cat gave them all a hint and told them to all go friend her as well! hehehe! The Ends!

HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY kitties! Be super good to your mommies and don't pukes on them!


Literary *hint hints*

May 9th 2012 2:05 am
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1) The Scarlet Pimpernel was written in 1903 and is about an Englishman who rescues French Aristocrats (not aristocats?) during the French Revolution from the guillotine. That Englishman's name is Percy *hint hint* My mommy loves the French Revolution, but she's more of a French Revolutionary fan herself. She wanted to rename me Maxime after Maximilien Robespierre but daddy said he liked River better. She also pitched Danton but that didn't fly either. Good thing too! I like the name River, suits me well! Don't you think?

2) Winnie the Pooh *hint hint* is a children's character who first appeared in a collection of stories in 1926 about a bear who gets his head stuck in honey jars a lot. NOM NOM NOM! Honey! My Aunt Elsie really likes this guy. My mommy preferred the stories of Uncle Wiggily when she was growing up. His stories had such great endings!

3) In the 16th century a guy named William Shakespeare wrote this really sad play about two star crossed lovers (what's that mean?) whose families won't let them be in lovies (boo!) called Romeo *hint hint* and Juliet.
Not surprisingly, my mommy isn't a big Shakespeare fan either. Sheesh mommy. Don't you like anything? She says she prefers the French playwright Moliere. No kidding mommy. At least she didn't try to rename me Moliere, or any of the names in HIS plays! Yikes!

So check out these literary kitties everybody! And remember, if you don't know someone, send them a friend request! You should use this game to make some new friends if you get the chance!

By the way, we are thinking sometime between the 13th and the 20th for the ending point, what do you think? Can't have the ending be on Mommy's day! Mommy's should be enjoying themselves that day, not finishing this game for us! hehehe! Sometime in the middle of the week should be good, don't you agree?


First WINNER is in!!!

May 7th 2012 11:52 am
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Hello kitties!

Guess what? We have our first COMPLETED game winner! That's right! My Meezer Buddies *hint hint* Pipo and Minko worked their mommy to deaths and got all the kitties right! They are the first kitties to get them ALL and have won themselves the first prize of the game! Don't worry, no limit to the number of prizes I'll be handing out! We also have an entry from the beautiful Bonnie Bell as well, so two entries so far, we suspect they'll start rolling in soon, takes a while to find all those kitties doesn't it?

I'm going to be posting some more *hint hints* later but for now, just wanted to give a CONCATS shout out to our first winners! HOORAYS and HAPPY RIVER DANCES for you guys!

Also, to all our friends, sorry we haven't been posting on your diaries or pictures much recently. This game takes a lot of our time up. We hope to play catchup once this is over. We loves you all and we're watching and reading the stuff, just not commenting as much. Sorry friends, we still super duper LOVES YOU ALL!!!

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