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What the... WHO are YOU?

October 2nd 2012 1:50 pm
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Oh my catness kitties, madness has descended upon my quiet home, and not the MRATing madness sisfur brings to the table, real madness!

Mommy opened the door on Sept 29th to go outside and guess what happened. Guess kitties! You'll never do it! It was so shocking! She opened the door and a cat walked in. No really, just walked right in. As soon as she cracked the door a cat just WALKED into our house and sat down on the floor. She looked up at mommy and daddy, licked her lips (she must have been eating our stray cat nom noms) and meowed at them, then she started rubbing up against the walls and marking them as hers. Hey! Hey! You! Who are you? What's going on here? Mom and dad were dumbfounded, me and sisfur freaked out a little. This cat just announced it was going to stay! NO! NO STAY! WHO ARE YOU???

Well kitty had a collar and looked pretty plump and we've had two new families move in so mommy picked up kitty, told her she was pretty, and put her outside saying "go home girl, if you don't have a home you can come back here, but I think you've got one somewhere, so go home!"

Kitty didn't go home. Kitty stayed on our door step all day and all night. Mommy fed her and pet her, yeah, like she's going to leave after that mommy! You give them nom noms and show them how awesome you are and they never leave!

The next day, a teenage boy came around looking all over the place and daddy called out to him and asked if he was looking for a cat. He said he was and they showed him our little stripy girl with the white paws and bent tail, he said her name was Bell and she was their kitty. (THANK CATNESS!) He told mommy and daddy that their family had just moved in and at their old apartment Bell use to go everyday to visit this nice lady a few doors down, he thinks Bell is just looking for a new friend! Mommy and daddy were relieved, they said Bell can hang out on our doorstep as long as she wants and as often as she wants, she can ever wander into the house every once and awhile, it doesn't bother them one bit, they are just happy to know she has a home and a family that love her and a boy who will come looking for her if she gets lost and who seemed genuinely concerned. Yeah, I'm happy about that too! Boy... take Bell home! No more kitties here! I gots too many to keep track of all ready! Sheesh! Bell also seems to have an orange brother with a matching collar but he doesn't hang out here. It looks like Bell isn't going anywhere, she's outside every day waiting for mommy and daddy to open the door and talk to her, then she goes on her way. Weird cat... go home! Too... many... kitties...

I'm getting too old for this kind of excitement kitties! Sheesh. Stray cats walking right into my home and trying to steal my parents. They are awesome parents and they belong to me! NO SHARE!

...ok, share a little.


That's one big NOM NOMER...

September 10th 2012 4:31 pm
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Oh my gosh kitties, I have seen the BIGGEST kitty every born, I'm sure of it. He's huge!

About two weeks ago we got some new neighbors and they have this little puppy dog living with them. Well, every day since they moved in, our nom nomers stray food bowls have been licked clean every morning. That's a little strange. Mommy was certain the doggy next door was coming over and eating all our strays noms and she was getting pretty ticked off about it. Those nom noms are for stray kitties, not puppies with homes! Turns out, it isn't a puppy doing it!!!

Last night I heard something so I ran to the window. Mommy saw me watching really intently outside so she came over to look and what did she see? The world's BIGGEST stray kitty ever! He's a big poofy gray striped kitty, he's SO BIG! He's like, twice the size of me, but really hungry looking. He's eating the whole bowl and licking it clean by himself! Mommy couldn't believe it. He looked right at me in the window and gave me a look that said "yeah, not even a little intimidated by you, you inside poofy house cat boy!" then he looked up at mommy and licked his lips and nodded to her. HE NODDED AT HER! He's so cool kitties. He's one suave outside guy! I better make sure sister doesn't see him, he's so cool she'll definitely fall for him, and I can't have that. Mommy is going to make sure she puts out more food now, she wants to fatten this guy up to his full potential. He's got the potential to be one handsome mancat, but clearly, not more handsome than me. And frankly, I think I could take him if I had to, I mean, I'm RIVER!


The death of Daddy's Headphones

August 24th 2012 5:09 pm
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ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM down the hallway


"RIVER!!! STOP DOING THAT" Screams the mommy



What's that??? A ribbon? A wire? Oh my catness! I must destroy it! Start the butt wiggles

Jiggle Wiggle Butt, Jiggle Wiggle Butt.... POUNCE!


"RIVER! Those are daddy's expensive headphones! STOP DOING THAT! Bad cat!" Snaps fingers

OH NOSE! BUSTED! Let's go headphones!

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM down the hallway dragging the great big headphones behind me, trailing wildly around, smashing into walls and thunking across the floor.

"NO RIVER!! STOP!!! DON'T DO THAT!!!" Here comes the mommy, chasing me down the hallway ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM goes the mommy! hehehe!

Uh oh... better run for it, release the prisoner... er... headphones, and run behind the sofa. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh she'll never find me here!

"Oh River, why do you do these things you little bugger?" Mommy rubs me behind the ears while I hide behind the sofa and meow at her. She can never stay mad at me, not even for a moment, I'm her baby boy!

Such was the death of daddy's expensive headphones. Don't worry, they were old, he can get new ones. I had a lot of fun though, hope you like my little narrative, this is how it played out in my heads!


Double Tagged! hehehehe!

August 20th 2012 5:45 pm
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Hi there kitties!

WOWZAS! I gots tagged twice, I really better play before everyone thinks I don't want to! hehehe! My buddies Tully and Charlie both tagged me, so here's my answers!

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.

I was adopted on November 1st (four years ago!), so my first Catmus was pretty close to when I joined my new family. The parents weren't sure about getting a tree, they were worried what I would do. They decided to though, and they decorated it and waited. For a week, nothing happened, then late one night they kept hearing clunks and they went out the check. I had knocked down every glass ball ornament I could reach and batted them around the floor. Only one broke (and I didn't get cut thank catness) but they were so annoyed at me! hehehe! They had to wake up in the middle of the night and redecorate the tree, moving all the class ornaments up REALLY high so I couldn't reach them! Then, just for good measure, I ate all the wrapping paper off of a couple presents for them! hehehe!

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

I like to tuck myself away where I can't be seen, climbing inside cabinets is the best, but I also like hiding under all daddy's button up shirts in the closet, anywhere I can't be seen, or think I can't be seen works for me!

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

A hardworking, handsome, CEO, dreamboat (TOOT TOOT!!!)

4) What's your favorite hobby?

Being a hardworking CEO of course! There's lots involved in that, but otherwise, I think I like hair dressing, mommy always needs her hair fixed, it's always messy and needs to be nomed a little and cleaned up!

5) What’s your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Chasing sisfur just after she's eaten! I gets her all shaken up and then sometimes she goes BARFFS all over the place cause I got her excited on a fully tummy. Mommy hates it but I think it's fun!

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I don't like traveling, I don't want to go anywhere. In fact, I want mommy to never go anywhere either. She's planning a trip overseas again, she's going to Poland. Who goes to Poland? She should stay home with me on the sofa! That's where I want to go! The sofa!

7) What is your guilty pleasure?

Mommy huggies. Shhhhh don't tell anyone but I REALLY love mommy huggies. I follow her around crying until she picks me up then I just hold on tight and won't let her put me down. I love mommy huggies.

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

Jason from the Friday the 13th movies! Mommy says I'm like him cause I sneak up on her and daddy and they don't hear me till they turn around and there I am, not even I know how I do it! hehehe!

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home?

Get baffs. I hate baffs. I always get them. It's not fair!

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoe’s. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on.

Zachs... no Zoes... no Zachs... no Zoes... no wait... Gris... no wait... I don't know...

As for tags, I don't know whose played yet so anyone who wants to should consider themselves tagged! Love you all! hehehe!


Midnight Zoomies

August 12th 2012 1:19 pm
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Hi there kitties,

So, is any other kitty out there suffering because of this heat? I know I sure am! It's WAY too hot for a long haired River boy like me. You know it's been over 100 for like... 3 weeks now! No, I'm serious! I'm dying! I can't take it anymore! I spend my days flopped on the floor with all my fuzzies spread out waiting for mommy to give me ice cubes to play with and finally wake up when she puts the AC on at night to a really low temp.

Well, I guess it finally caught up on me. Last night when the AC hit a nice low cool temp, I went berserk!!! Just off the walls crazy zoomies up and down the hall way. I ran up the cat tree, I ran down the cat tree, I tore all of my toys out of the box and scattered them throughout the house, I jumped from the window curtains to the cat tree to my parents bed and woke them up a half dozen times, I chased the sisfur all over the house, I did a little happy River dance on top of my parents. I just went nuts. Crazy. Bonkers. Looney. Batty. ZOOOMIES!!!!

Mom and dad are less than pleased with me today. They say they didn't get much sleep because of me. Well.... neither did I!



July 19th 2012 1:54 pm
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Mommy is tormenting me guys, and it's real tough on a manly mancat such as myself. Last night, girlfriend came by for her nom noms. Hehehehe, she comes to the door and cries if the bowl isn't full enough, then mommy knows she's here, opens the door, and feeds her. She thinks it's crazy that girlfriend's got her so well trained and she doesn't even technically 'live' with us. Anyways, last night she showed up at the same time daddy was coming home from work, so he sat outside and played with her. I KNEW she was out there and I wanted outs, so I was freaking out, pulling at the doorknob (I'm not stupids, I knows that's how you opens the door I just can't get it to work right!) and running from door to window to look at them, finally, mommy picked me up, and opened the door.

Oh mans! I gots to see girlfriend! She sure is prettys! Mommy sat in the door way with me plunked on her lap all silly like, she had a good tight hold on me, but we just sat and watched while daddy and girlfriend played. Every once and while girlfriend would look up at me and say something, but she never hissed or even made aggressive moves. She knows I'm a nice guy! I was pretty nice too.

Sisfur wasn't so thrilled with this, she was sitting on the ottoman and every time girlfriend said something, she glared at the door. What can I say? The ladies, they loves me and wants me all to themselves! Or maybe she was worried girlfriend would come over to mommy... sisfur is VERY protective of her mommy. Either way, it was a great day! I hopes it happens again tonight, cause I really like talking with girlfriend, and I really hope one day she chooses to walk right through that open door and come inside with us, it's much nicer inside! Sisfur wouldn't like that, but she'd get over it eventually! You know how them meezers are! MRAT! hehehehe!


Want to see Girlfriend?

June 23rd 2012 7:59 pm
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Hi kitties!

Who wants to see pictures of Girlfriend taken just a little while ago? I gots them right here! Also, you might notice, there's a second kitty in this album with pictures taken not that long ago (different day though, mommy's wearing different pants!) We aren't sure who he is, but we're calling him boyfriend for now cause we THINKS he's a guy, not sure. He was very friendly and he had a scabbed over boo boo behind his ear. What is up with the kitties at this place? Sheesh! We might have to take them ALL in!

Well, here they are, and you can see, both VERY friendly! Daddy took the pictures while mommy held and played with the kitties!

Girlfriend and Boyfriend!

Looking pretty good for their boo boos aren't they?


update on Girlfriend

June 18th 2012 9:25 pm
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Hello kitties,

First off, thank you all so very very very much for offering us your purrs and supports on Girlfriend. You guys are the greatest friends a mancat with a pretty girlfriend could ever have! hehehe! Now, here's the skinny on girlfriend!

We think you were right. It had to be an abscess drainage, that is exactly what it looked like. She SHOULD NOT have been outside like that! Agree? I hope so!

As far as a family goes, we aren't sure. We THINK we know where she lives but we can't be certain. She doesn't wear a collar but she's very well groomed and taken care of (in some ways) so it's so hard to know what the right thing to do is.

The good news is, mommy saw her today. They were just leaving and Girlfriend was coming by for her nightly nom and she talked with mommy and daddy for a while. the straw is gone and there are just two little slits in her where it was so it didn't get yanked out hopefully. She appears to be doing fine, but again, we don't like her being outside without proper bandaging on that booboo of hers. I mean, if she had to have an abscess drained that means she had an infection, she should be inside and safe. She was very playful and talky like she always is and she was very friendly, following mommy and daddy around. They really don't know what to do. Daddy's response to all of this? Whatever mommy decides, he backs her play. My daddy is the bestest, he always supports mommy in her animal decisions. He's never protested a single foster (unlike some meezer sisfur I live with) and he's never been upset when she rescues them off the streets or shelled out big bucks for their medical bills. Even last night when mommy was telling him about girlfriend and that she didn't know what to do, you know what he said? "You gonna ask the catster people?" Dad gets it! Now if only we knew WHAT to do. We're still so unsure. Mommy is so nervous leaving girlfriend outside every day. Someone is taking care of her, but they are making such bad decisions. The straw is gone, so she's getting medical treatment, but when did they let her go outside with two open slits in her skin from where it was? She could get an infection so easy. She's beautifully groomed, her tummy is shaved for summer so she doesn't over head, the fur around the wound is well kept, but they're putting her in such senseless danger by not letting her recover inside.

Well, we wanted to keep you all posted and really give a great big thanks for all your advice and support. You are all the bestest. We'll keep you up to date if anything changes, and it might.


Advice BADLY needed (not for me or sisfur!)

June 17th 2012 11:56 pm
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Ok kitties, we gots a REALLY serious question we needs to talk about but it is a little bit graphics so if anyone doesn't want to be upset by this, please don't keep reading. It's a medical question about girlfriend.

Remember my girlfriend kitty? That black pretty girl I talk to in the window? Well, she's still around and she still comes by. We think she has an owner because her thick poofy coat is always neatly maintained and sometimes in summer her belly is shaved to keep her cool. Sounds like there is an owner right? Right! Well, here's the scary thing.

Tonight at about 10:30 to 11 mommy came home from the gym and found girlfriend sitting on the stairs like she often is after noming away. She talked to mommy and head bonked her and then bent her head up for pets and mommy nearly screamed. Girlfriend has, what looks like, a short white straw through her head. It goes through her cheek and out her lower neck, but it's close to the surface and doesn't seem to go through any major part of her airways or food ways. Mommy has NEVER seen a kitty with something like this before, and it REALLY upset her. Girlfriend was playful and frisky, talking like normal, eating like normal, and when she was done, she scampered off as she always does full of energy, but there is a STRAW THROUGH HER HEAD! The even weirder thing, it's been neatly shaved around so there is no fur touching it or getting in the way, as if a professional groomer or vet did it. What is it kitties? Have you ever seen a kitty with something like this? Heard of this? Mommy doesn't know what to do. She does NOT think girlfriend should be outside like that, it was really scary looking. She nearly brought her in, but she seemed... fine? If she sees her again, she says she's taking her to our vet and pulling her in off the street. In 103 degree heat, girlfriend shouldn't be outside like that, but she has no idea what she's looking at or what she's up against. She should have taken a picture but she was just so blown away. Please kitties, if you have ever heard of this or have any advice, we really need it. Mommy is too afraid to google what it was or anything like that because of what MIGHT turn up, but this is serious, girlfriend might be in serious trouble here. What should we do? If we see her again, we'll photograph it and post a link so you can see it if you want. We are really freaked out here and mommy is VERY worried she shouldn't have let her go off on her own the way she did.



June 11th 2012 12:57 pm
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OH NOSE KITTIES!!! You won't believe it! Our bestest friends Da Tabbies leave, who we loves so much and miss like crazy and might never forgives Catster for scaring off the way they did, and now, worst nightmares of nightmares... WE GOTS BURDS!

NO seriously kitties! My nom nomers nom noms have been BURDED!!! This big squawking icky blue jay is stealing my stray kitty nom noms right off our door stop. I hiss at him from the window, but he doesn't run, he just eats our barbeque noms and makes these annoying sounds and poops on our door stop. Mom's had to wash it every day this week. She's getting pretty mad, but what is she going to do? Take in the nom noms? NOT LIKELY! She can't take in the water and noms, it's over 100 here all week! The strays need foods and waters, but this BURD kitties! THE BURD! I need Da Tabbies back, or maybe Toki the Burd Hunter can comes and chase him away, mom won't let me out. We gotta do something kitties... BURDS!!!

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