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Deeply saddened

October 14th 2013 5:07 pm
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Dear kitties,

Mommy knows she hasn't been on caster much. She keeps swearing she'll come back, but she never does. So many beautiful friends have crossed over the bridge recently and we're so sad that we haven't been here with our kitty family for these moments of loss and grief. We can make excuses. The site is slow, it takes forever to load, it hasn't been properly debugged, the formatting isn't conducive to easy browsing, but when all is said and done, we still haven't been here very much, and we should have been. We loved this place so much. We want to say we're back for good now, but we can't promise that because only time will tell, but we want to be. We're going to make an honest effort to come back. Kitties, will you take us back? The prodigal River Cat and his meezer sister? We want our family back. We've missed you all, we're so sorry for missing all your special days, all your happy moments, all your sadness and joys alike. We can't catch up on everything, there's too much to read, but we want to try to start fresh.

Will you take us back kitties?


3 Quick Updates

April 4th 2013 1:39 pm
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Oh my catness kitties, I can't even begin to find all the Easter Eggs you guys sent my way, it's a good thing you didn't hide them! I'd be looking forever! Thank you to all of egg giving friends! You kitties are awesome pawsome!

So, an update on the River Teeth. My teethies look lovely now, but I am short one gorgeous fang and that's a little sad. I was having some problems with the pain management part of it, I was rubbing my face on EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING! I knocked over a chair rubbing up against it so much. Hehehe! I also almost rolled off the table rolling around trying to scratch my poor jaw. My favorite though was to follow mommy and cry at her 'mommy, pick me up please!' and then when she did, RUB ALL OVER HER FACE! hehehe! Mommy faces are the best for pain management. Lucky for me my parents love me, so they went and gots me more pain killers from my super awesome vet lady. I have a follow up in 2 weeks to make sure it all still looks good, but I think it will.

And the other quick update, last night, mommy talked to Mr. Big! She gave me my pain killers and was walking past the window in the dinning room when she saw this SUPER FLUFFY tail go by. She looked out, and Chester was snoozing on the towel and Mr Big was at the food bowl eating with his back to Chester, they must be pretty use to one another, that's a good thing, they don't fight anymore! Mr Big looked up, saw mommy, and promptly shuffled around so she couldn't see him as easily and kept eating. Smart guy, food first, mommy second! hehehe! After he cleaned the bowl, he trotted down the steps, stopped on the landing, turned and looked at mommy and said "mraow?" and then sat looking at her. Mommy was so surprised. She smiled at him and cooed about how handsome he is (I'm more handsome of course but I forgive her, she's trying to win him over) He kept talking back to her, when he went the rest of the way down the steps he stopped in the courtyard and groomed his face a little, glanced back up at us, said one more thing, and then trotted off. I think that's pretty good progress kitties. He's no longer spooked by mommy, he knows she's good peoples! He doesn't fight with Chester anymore and he doesn't run when he sees mommy, progress! After he trotted off, mommy went out and pet Chester, turns out, Bell was out there too on our neighbor's stairs. She fights with everybody, so Mr Big must be getting awfully smooth if she didn't fight with him! I'm thinking this guy might actually be catchable kitties! We're going to get that big guy vetted and then, who knows! Maybe I'll have a super cool brofur to play with!


The Empty Food Bowl Saga or the Tale of the Lopsided Kitty- Grin

March 29th 2013 1:45 pm
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Ok, first off, Thank you SO MUCH to EVERYONE who helped to celebrate my DDP a few days ago! You kitties are Awesome Pawesome! I wanted to give you all a little update since lots of kitties asked about Mr Big and how he's doing now.

I also just want to say that last night mommy took away our food and this morning she took us off to the vet to get our teeths cleaned. I'm not a happy River. They are going to pull my front fang, I'm going to be lopsided fangless. Sad River Meows.

Anyways, last night we had another (this time funny) run in with Mr. Big. I've told you about how Chester and Bell like to hang out on our landing, well into the evening sometimes cause, hey, they are up high and comfy, why should they leave? Mommy and Daddy are good to them and they can see their family coming and going so they knew what's up! Anyways, Chester was hanging out around 8-9 when Mr. Big likes to come for his dinner. Last time, we saw him hiding under the bushes when Chester was here. Last night, mommy was sitting on the sofa with me and Simone and all of a sudden outside we hear this loud MROEEEWWWWWWWWWW. Neither me or Sisfur even bothered lifting our heads, we were just like, 'oh god, the outside kitties are TALKING again!' It wasn't an angry noise, just a loud talking noise. Mommy heard it a few more times, and then she went and opened the door. Chester was sitting on the towel we keep out there for them and Mr. Big was on the lower landing just calling out loudly. They didn't seem angry or scared of one another, BUT the food bowls were empty! Mommy looked at Mr. Big, he looked at her. Then he turned and scampered down the steps, not as scared, but not up for being lovied on or caught yet. Mommy was like 'guess I should put out some food before he comes back and yells at me again' This morning, all the nom noms were eaten, so he must have come back, but I guess he wasn't all that happy that his dinner was late last night. 'HEY! Nice Lady! Come feed me! I'm hungry!' hehehehe!

We also talked to the people at our vets office, they have a trap they will loan us so we can trap him and then bring him in to get all vetted when we are ready. Since we're getting our toothies cleaned right now though that's pretty much our cat money for the month. Mommy says we're VERY expensive to keep. I don't know why we're paying all this money so I can have a funny lopsided smile. What's up with that? I'd rather have had dinner last night and stayed at home to sleep today and kept the money. Let Mr. Big have the vet budget for this month I say!


Mr Big

March 11th 2013 2:14 pm
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Hello Kitties,

My mommy is really having a tough time recently with something you will all understand. You've heard me talk about my outside friends before, we've got a few of them. Last week, she had a run in with one of them that has left her feeling very depressed.

Two weeks ago, mommy realized very late at night that she had forgotten to put out nom noms for our strays that day. You see, because Bell and Chester (our neighbors kitties) like to hang out on our landing she doesn't put out the food until they have gone home. She and their mommy don't want them to become chunky monkeys either! Anyways, she went outside with a cup of food and looked down at the bushes across from our landing, and she saw Mr Big.

He was just sitting there, hiding in the bushes, waiting for mommy. He looked so scared, so hungry, so lonely. She felt awful. She knows how scared he is. She and daddy accidentally surprised him the other day and he absolutely freaked out and tore around the steps of our apartment trying to run away from them, they backed down the steps slowly, but he was so scared. Seeing him the other day, really tugged at her heart strings. She just watched him after she put down the food. Then she came inside and me and her sat at the window and watched him creep up and eat. He looked at us before he left, he's much bigger now, he looks healthier. Mommy is worried if we move out, he'll be in trouble again. She's not sure what to do with him. He's here every day kitties, every day he shows up for his nom noms, but this is the first time mommy's seen him waiting for the food like that. It made her very sad. He's such a beautiful kitty. Maybe he's getting bolder, maybe he's just hungrier.

It just made her sad to watch him, so she's writing about it here. There isn't much she can do other than feed him, but you know how the mommies are, the mommies who love us so much, the mommies (and daddies) who love all the kitties. I'm going to go give her some head bonks now, and then I'll help her do the laundry. If one thing will make her feel better and forget being sad, it's having to fish me out of the laundry basket of warm clean clothes again... and again... and again!

(Annette Easdon)

* Dedicated by the author to all the kind and caring people who give the lonely ferals a little care, a little love, and a little hope.

I sit beneath the bushes as she fills my dish each day,
I only venture out to eat when she has gone away,
I know it will upset her when I turn away and hide,
As every day she tries her best to get me by her side.
I wish that I could let her know that I don't want to run,
And hope that she will understand it's nothing that SHE's done.
I'd like to have her stroke me and pat my weary head,
But fear will overcome and I'll run and hide instead.
For all the kindly people who feed the strays each day,
I pray the Lord will care for them as they have cared for me.


I GOTS a Valentine!

February 9th 2013 5:57 pm
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Oh kitties, I'm over the moon! I told you all how I was having such a hard time working up the courage to ask any beautiful ladies to be my Valentine this year? Well, I finally asked one and she said YES! HOORAYS and HAPPY RIVER DANCES! It sure was a hard choice, there are so many beautiful ladies and I'm such a shy guy, but she's purrrrrrrfect!

My beautiful Valentine Gaga!!!

This is just such a great time of year! I'm so happy I'm HAPPY RIVER DANCING all over cloud nine! Thank you so much for saying yes beautiful Gaga!


The Good news?

February 5th 2013 2:14 pm
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The Good news kitties? Mommy Finally has uploaded some new pictures of me! Sheesh, I was starting to wonder, I mean, I've got some good ones on here, but they are all old! Hehehe! Got to stay up to date mommy!

The Jealous news? Sisfur has a handsome Valentine this year who asked her a super duper long time ago and because I haven't been around Catster much I'm very nervous to ask any lady cats myself, I'm so shy, I'm hiding behind the sofa right now just thinking about it. Sisfur is the bold one, she's never afraid, but she didn't have to ask anyone cause she's also super duper beautifuls and every body wants to be her Valentine, I'm sure of it, she's MY sisfur, obviously she's the best sisfur in the world!

I'm going to have to go explore around Catster a little and see if there are any shy ladies looking for a fluffy mancat CEO for a Valentine this year! Shhhh, don't tell them I'm coming!



January 28th 2013 5:42 pm
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Hey there kitties,

So mommy has this really awesome pawsome picture of me she wanted to post today and catster won't seem to let us do it. What's up with that? It's been forever since we updated our pages and mommy finally got around to it and was going to show off my delightful belly in a super awesome picture, and nope, no dice! Sheesh! I was trying to entice a pretty Valentine for myself, some handsome fella sent Simone a message asking to be her Valentine and I thought, uh oh, better find a pretty lady cat to be my Valentine, but whose going to want the invisible mancat? hehehe!


Picture Contest

December 13th 2012 1:37 pm
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Psst! Kitties! Check out my company facebook page for a chance to win some free goodies and celebrate the season of Catmas!

Happy River Dances Catnip Company Facebook Page


Catching Up

November 19th 2012 12:51 pm
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Hi there kitties all!

Well, it's been a while, but I've got a lot of stuff to catch you all up on! First and foremost, mommy and daddy went off to NH for a week a little while ago to visit their families or something like that and I, as the River Cat, must object to that. They left me! No, kitties, did you hear that right? THEY. LEFT. ME. ME! ME ME ME!!! Wonderful, cuddly, sweet, loving, gentle, loyal,hug-able, snugly, ME! This isn't even close to being ok. I was so devastated. I mean... I guess it could have been worse, but still.

They left me and sisfur at home and they hired this very nice pet sitter to come take care of us, she was very good to us. By the end of the week I was giving her great big River hugs and blocking the door when she tried to leave, cause that's how I am! I loves a good River hug for a nice lady who takes care of me, just ask my mommy, she can't get me off of her sometimes, I just hold on and hug with all my might!

So, in the end, it was ok. Mommy and daddy came home, and I got them back without too much trauma, although I did sleep under the blankets in mommy's arms with Sisfur for the next couple days purring like a storm. "NEVER EVER LEAVE US AGAIN MOMMY!!!"

Mommy says she had a good trip though, she did a great kitty tour. My Aunt Lydia has a new kitty named Nonny who looks a little bit like Lacey and is super duper soft, so mommy got to meet her. Then she met her friend Leigh's Russian Blue kitties, two brothers, then she met her friend Mollie's kitty Roxie, and guess who else she got to meet? She met Lacey and Finney's mommy! YUP YUP YUP! Mommy met Lacey and Finney's mommy and she saw Finney run like a silly pants away from her with his fluffy toes sliding all over the place. She told me all about it. I thinks it's very funny! Silly Finney, my mommy is perfectly safe! No reason to run! hehehehe!

Well, that's it for now kitties. The good news is, life is back to normal and I'm a happy zooming boy again! It's a good life if you can get it! hehehehe! I'm looking forward to Catmus and Kringus coming back into the house, I loves Kringus! I'm also working the mommy overtime to get all our new toys up for Catmus on our etsy shop, so stand by for special discount codes starting on Black Friday kitties. Remember, stay inside, buy presents online, much easier that way! Hehehehe!


I'm a good River!

October 29th 2012 4:26 pm
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Hi kitties,

Long time no update huh? Yeah, that's how it goes sometimes, the peoples gets busy and suddenly there's no time for River cat diary updates. Hmmmm, seems fishy to me....

mmmmm fishy...

What was I saying? Oh yeah, so my mommy is going off for a little trip in the next few days, she's gonna miss my Gotcha Day and everything. Humph and sad faces. But here's the good thing, mommy hired a pet sitter to come take care of me cause I needs lots of attention and I don't like being alone. She was a little nervous because I'm so afraid of people. The lady came over to pick up the keys, meet me and sisfur, get a tour of the house, and guess what I did kitties? Guess!

Can't guess? You'll never guess!

I walked RIGHT up to her and sniffy sniffy sniffied her! I said hello, my name is River and you smell like a very nice lady, I will let you pet me! Isn't that bold and brave of me kitties? Oh yes, very bold! Very Brave! I made mommy very happy. She feels very good about leaving me with this lady, she also took crazy notes about us. She even wrote down that if anything happens and Simone leaves, I has to go too! I can't be without sisfur! SISFUR!!!

Anyways, mommy has promised me a big special surprise when she comes back since she's missing my Gotcha Day, little uncalled for isn't it? She should be here! But I guess a big surprise will be ok, so long as she promises NEVER EVER EVER to leave me again once she comes back!

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