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If only River could type....

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oh no.... mommy and daddy moved

October 7th 2009 1:43 pm
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Mommy and Daddy moved last weekend to a much bigger home and I got so scared. While they were moving out furniture I was locked in a little room with my sister and I curled up inside a shirt mommy had left behind. I was so scared they were going to leave me behind. I cried and cried, and then, mommy came back and put us in our cat carriers and brought us to a new home, a bigger home, with more windows and sun spots and soft carpet and great hiding places, and a big fireplace I can sleep in front of in the winter time. It was great, but very overwhelming. I should have known they would never leave me behind, they loves me!


comfy bed

October 25th 2009 11:06 pm
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A few months ago Mommy entered my picture in a contest for a pet hotel to be their new "face" I came in second. Mommy was very proud of me and told me I was very adorable and that's why I did so well. We won a gift card there because of it. Because of my FIV they wouldn't board me or groom me (not that I want to be groom by them, I prefer when Mommy does it, and whenever they board me it's at the vet's where the nice people take care of me) but since they couldn't spend it on that, they bought me toys from them with it. I got dozens of new toys, it was really exciting. They are in a box in the hallway for me, I take them out whenever I want to play and then Mommy has to pick them up. They also bought me a brand new bed. It's really fancy and was very expensive. I think they call it tempurrr pedic? Mommy put it in the sunniest spot in the house, but we weren't sleeping on it because we couldn't see her from it. Tonight she cleared out a space on the bottom of the coffee table and put it there, only a minute after she did, I crawled onto it and fell asleep looking up at her. I loves my Mommy so much, she always knows just what I want. I want a safe hidden nook where I can see my family so that I can sleep peacefully and securely knowing everyone is there with me! I'm glad I'm so adorable, this is a really comfy bed!


Diary of the day? Hooray!!!

October 29th 2009 8:33 am
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Oh Boy!!! Mommy woke up this morning and told me that I was Catster's diary of the day! That made me so excited! I just had to write another entry and say thank you to everyone! Thank you to Catster! Thank you to my friends! Thank you to mommy for helping me learn to type so I can keep the diary! Thank you for all the great gifts you guys gave me. It makes me feel really happy that everyone thinks I'm so swell, especially since I've never met a kitty I didn't like myself! I'm going to go curl up in my favorite sun spot now and sun my belly for joy! I sure hope I can keep spreading the word about FIV being a not so bad thing in the long run and that I can keep spreading my own fuzzy lovies for a long time through my diary! Thanks again everyone! MEOW!


new cat tree!!!!

November 9th 2009 1:32 pm
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Oh Boys!!! Mommy and Daddy have been promising me a new cat tree ever since we moved to our new home. The place is so much bigger and our old cat tree is in the bedroom. When mommy and daddy are in the living room, or dinning room, or kitchen, I can't be near them and still scratch, I was scratching the sofa and mommy said I was being naughty but that she understood why I was doing it. Sunday night, they came home from being out all day, and daddy brought in a brand new dark green cat tree with a big cardboard scratcher and two levels, they put it in front of the big balcony glass doors so we can watch the birds in the tree out there. It's great. I'm so happy. Simone and I are always fighting for the top level of it.
I was worried mommy was too mad at me so she wouldn't get it. Earlier that day I accidentally stepped on her laptop while she was working on her thesis and deleted a paragraph of genealogy work she had been working on. She had to work really hard to fix it. She sighed and put me back in the bedroom so I couldn't bother her. I was scared that I had upset her. I guess she wasn't all that mad at me after all. She says she forgives me cause I didn't know what I was doing. Only bad people get mad at kitties for things they don't understand. She knows I just want to help her. Instead of getting mad, she got me a new cat tree that I can now sleep on instead of her laptop! I have the best mommy and daddy in the world!


so lonely

November 20th 2009 6:36 pm
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This is my sad face :(
Mommy and Daddy are flying across the country for thanksgiving. We aren't going, air planes are scary. Because of our health issues they are boarding us at the vets. They got us the biggest place, they brought us lots of toys, all our food, our beds, and our treats, and Simone and I are sharing a 'townhouse' boarding facility, but I'm still very lonely. Mommy was very sad when she took us to the vet. It was sad. I'm very sad, I miss mommy and daddy, I'm going to go cuddle with sister now. Mommy promised to pick us up the Monday after thanksgiving as soon as the vets opened. I'll be waiting for her. Sigh.... I miss mommy and daddy.


I'm HOME!!!

December 2nd 2009 11:38 am
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Oh I'm just so happy. Being boarded didn't work for me. I lost a little weight because I was so stressed out. I am so happy to be home, and they bought me a new squeaky mousey to play with, it is on the kitchen door, Now when mommy cooks I can play while she is out there... and it SQUEAKS!!! I'm just so happy, I slept on mommy all night long... and the day before. It was great. I'm so happy. Happy River!


Christmas Coming!

December 22nd 2009 11:48 am
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Christmas, Christmas, time is here, time for belly rubs and time for cheer!

The tree is in the house, I love the tree, I hide under it and drink water from the bowl it is in... it's such a big tree, bigger than last year. I love Christmas. There are shiny dangly things hanging off the tree, I bat them until someone catches me, there are presents under the tree, there are ribbons on them that I bat, there are stockings hanging up, mine has jingle balls on it. I love Christmas. There are boxes on the ground that presents arrived in, I can hide in them and bite them. Mommy's family mailed her fresh catnip, her daddy grows it. My granddaddy got me hooked on the nip. Fresh grown nip. It's so good. I roll around in it and it makes me so happy. The house is a little cold but I can snuggle all night long with my whole family on the bed, it's a crowded bed. I love Christmas!!!!



December 28th 2009 8:17 am
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Oh boys oh boys!

I got so many presents for Catmus!!!

Mommy DID dress me up like Santy Claws though... it was weird, BOTH mommy and daddy got me a santa claws outfit for Christmas. I think they like torturing me. It's ok though, I wore it and was pretty and got to play in the wrapping paper. They stuck a bow on my head!

I stole some holiday ham too! They are too busy watching Simone to make sure she doesn't eat anything that they forgot about me and I got some good people foods!

It was great!



January 15th 2010 3:09 pm
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Mommy was singing this song to me and Simone the other day along with some others from the movie. I liked it. When will people stop treating us like animals? I knew you'd all understand! It was one of her favorite movies when she was little, mommy has been a good person for a long time!

Like Animals
Dr. Dolittle (1967)

I do not understand the human race...
It has so little love for creatures with a different face.
Treating animals like people is no madness or disgrace.
I do not understand the human race

I wonder,
Why do we treat animals like animals?
Animals treat us so very well.
The devoted way they serve us
And protect us when we're nervous
Oh, they really don't deserve us
All we give them is hell.

Tell me how else man repays them?
Do we ever think to praise them?
No we don't, and this dismays them
You can tell.

We're riddled with ingratitude
We give no love or latitude
In every way our attitude is
Well... like animals!

No, no... That's not what I mean.

I mean...
Why do we treat animals like animals?
How can people be so inhumane?
Cows and chickens work to feed us
Dogs and horses show they need us
And though cats don't always heed us
Their affection is plain.

What do we do?
We neglect them.
We do nothing to protect them.
We reject them, don't expect them to complain.

We ignore them or we beat them.
When we're hungry then we eat them.
It's appalling how we treat them.
It's insane... like animals!

We humiliate and murder and confine them.
We create their retched status,
Then we use it to malign them
I mean...
Why should we say:
"Treat him like a dog?"
Why should we say:
"Working like a horse?"
Why should we say:
"Eating like a hog?"
When what we mean is:
"Eating like a MAN!" Don't we?
Of course!

A man of ill repute is called a weasel or a rat.
A woman you dislike becomes a vixen or a cat.
A family that is blessed with healthy reproductive habits,
Occasions the remark: "Well you know them, they breed like rabbits!"
He's as stubborn as a mule.
He's a stupid as an ox.
He's as slimy as a snake.
He's as crafty as a fox.

(Remarks like that really get my goat.)

Why don't we say:
"Noble as a frog?"
Why can't we say:
"Wealthy as a hen?"
True, we say:
"Devoted as a dog."
But what we should say is:
"Sheik as a giraffe."
"Pretty as a pig" eh...
That'll be the big day
Won't it?
But when?

When will we stop treating them like animals?
Is the human race entirely mad?
Women see a baby goat skin or a lamb skin or a stoat skin
And to them it's just a coat skin.
Oh it's terribly sad.

When you dress in suede or leather
Or some fancy fur or feather
Do you stop to wonder whether for a fad
You have killed some beast or other
That you're wearing someone's brother
Or perhaps it's someone's mother
In which you're clad.
Well, it's true
We do not live in a zoo
But man is an animal, too
So why can't you
Like me
Like animals?



February 23rd 2010 2:08 pm
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I've been a real ninny recently. Mommy has been working on her papers and her school work and so I've had to get her attention... I am being super naught recently... just thought I'd let everyone know...


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