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If only River could type....

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Christmas backgrounds....

December 16th 2014 1:14 pm
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Are back again! hehehe! We were a little hesitant to change them to Christmas because when Catster got stuck it was on our Christmas backgrounds and we were celebrating for like, 9 straight months? Oh well... Merry Catmas one and All!

P.S. If any of you are interested, we are holding the 3rd annual Happy River Dances Holiday Photo Contest over at our facebook page! Pop over there and check it out for a chance to win some catnip goodies!


6th Gotcha Day

November 1st 2014 1:07 pm
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It's my 6th Gotcha Day today, me and sister! Today is the day we got gotted and started our brand new fantastic super duper excellent never not perfect life together with mommy and daddy. As far as I'm concerned, this means today is the day life began. Mommy all ready let me sleep in on her feets (after sleeping on daddy's head all night long) and then gave me yum yum cat treats and told me how much she loves me so all in all, it's been a good day so far. Me and sister are keeping our paws crossed for a second heated bed instead of a heated mat, we prefer the bed cause you can snuggle into it and we deserve all the snuggles we can get, but you know what? Just being loved by mommy and daddy is a pretty good gift in and of itself. (Just don't tell mommy I said that! She thinks I need a present!)


Are we back? I sure hope so!

October 28th 2014 12:10 pm
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Hello Kitties,

Oh my catness, it has been forever since I purred to all of you! I'm so happy, I updated my background today to Halloween! (Just in time too! Phew!) That one is mommy's favorite holiday!

We're still having some troubles with our pictures so we messaged Catster about that and we can't leave comments on anything today, is that a regular problem around here? We tried to chat with some of our friends but it just wasn't working. Oh well, we'll log in tomorrow and try again, we want to be back for good kitties! We're here for the long run, even if we've been gone for a while. Boy have I got some great new photos to share with all of you!


It's still Christmas!

March 19th 2014 4:05 am
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Hehehee, kitties, have you noticed how my page is still Christmas themed? What's up with that? Anyone know if they're going to fix that bug that was making people's pages be wiped clean if they changed anything in the fun stuff boxes? I'd really like to move on from Jingle Bells, Snowmen, and mistletoe (I mean, unless anyone wants a River kissy?)!


Oh my cats! I'm a shocked River Cat!

February 12th 2014 2:59 pm
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Oh my catness!!!

KITTIES! Did you see the green triangle up there? Is this true? Can it be so? Are they not shutting us down?

I haven't said anything about Catster closing over here because me and mommy were in mourning. We didn't know what to do. We didn't want to lose our safe place, our home. We couldn't accept it, we couldn't talk about it, we couldn't deal with it, but now... maybe we don't have to! Look kitties! Look at the green warning up there! They aren't shutting us down! Can it be true? Oh please be true! Don't take away my River safe place! I need as many safe places as I can find!


Phew, holidays are over!

January 5th 2014 1:00 pm
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Hi there kitties,

I hope you all had a great holiday season, man it was a long one wasn't it? Parents were so busy I didn't have much of a chance to log in again but now it's over and I can breathe again.

Well, I ended the holidays on a very low note. My crystals came back. I spent the evening of the 30th running in and out of my box without being able to do anything, a few hours later I started crying and crying, mommy came and watched me and she started to get very nervous. She called her vet but they were closed for the evening and only going to be open for a very few hours on New Year's Eve before closing all day New Year's Day. They gave her an emergency hotline to call but no one called back from that and instead gave her another number to call. By this point mommy was very nervous and trying to decide what to do with me, daddy was pacing the house because he defers all River health decisions to mommy (mommies know best!) She called the third number and it was an emergency vet clinic my vet contracts with. Mommy decided I'm more important than the bill so into the carrier I went.

It was a bit of a drive into Sacramento, she kept letting me pop my head up to watch the traffic around us go by, it was so dark, I tried to climb into mommy (No really, I wanted to be INSIDE her for the safety!) We finally got there and luckily things went very smoothly.

The place was very clean and neat, there were only a few other patients at the time so we got right in. The vet who saw me was a nice guy, he explained everything to mommy and treated me super nice. He said that luckily I wasn't blocked. Phew! But that I was 100% empty and straining. They gave me some pain killers and medication along with some new medicated nom noms and sent me home. Mommy kept raving about how fast and cheap it was (I thought I was priceless?) and she was very grateful to them for not emptying her wallet and sucking up her whole evening so she could get home and snuggle my brains out! (Oh mommy... come on... the guys are going to read this!)

Anyways, it's been a week and I'm doing pretty well. Yesterday I threw all of mommy's magnets on the fridge onto the floor, yowled for cat treats (I'm HUNGRY!!! and SICK of veterinary food!!!) and then I jumped onto her desk, found her pile of paperwork and bills, and made myself a nest to sleep in. This one seemed to annoy her the most which is weird because I was RIGHT THERE next to her, she should feel flattered I want to be with her right? I guess she decided that means I'm doing pretty well because the lethargic crying baby is gone, now time for the zooming yowling baby to emerge! Hehehe! MEEEEERRROOOWWWW! (I'm trying to learn how to Mrat like sister but it's an art-form and I haven't mastered it yet!)

Anyways, how was your holiday season kitties? I hope it went a little smoother than mine, no emergency vet trips for anyone else right?


Holiday Photo Contest

December 10th 2013 1:55 pm
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Hi there kitties!

I just wanted to let all my Catster friends know that if your parents (or you!) have a Facebook page you can enter my holiday photo contest for my etsy company for a chance to win some free catnip toys. You've all heard of my catnip toys right? They are pretty awesome pawsome!

All you have to do is post a picture of yourself enjoying the winter holiday season in any way (any holiday!) to my Facebook page and then you're entered! Winners will be chosen on Christmas Eve. We've all ready got some great entries, there will be a first place, second place, and third place awarded. If we get enough entries we'll give out some honorable mentions as well!

Oh, and if you don't have a facebook account but still want to enter, we can find some way to work that out I thinks! Just message me here, I'm willing to work with you! I want as many kitties entered into the contest as possible because I love seeing all those great photos together and I love giving out catnip toys! hehehe! I'm a pretty laid back guy when it comes to rules! You can enter the contest more than once, everyone in your family can enter, angel siblings can enter, pictures can be photo-shopped or real (they have to be OF YOU though! hehehe!) See? Real laid back! Hope to see some of you in the contest!

Happy River Dances Catnip Company Facebook Page

And oh yes, to everyone who purred for my friend Vash, I'm happy to report, he's doing much better! A calming collar on him and his brother is working wonders and his UI is cleared up from the medication. Thank you so much kitties, it meant a lot to me how many of you would purr for a kitty you've never met before without asking any questions. You're all the bestest!


Purrs for a friend?

November 27th 2013 1:58 pm
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Hi kitties,

I want to ask for a favor from all of you this holiday season, would you purr for my friend Vash? Vash is one of two kitties who lives with one of mommy's oldest childhood friends, they've been friends for years and years and years! He's been sick kitties, he has a urinary infection and he's so stressed out he pukes every time his mommy gives him his anti-biotic drugs. She's very worried about him, she loves him and his brother so much. My mommy... friends with crazy cat ladies from the start. Clearly, this means she's good people! Please kitties? Could you spare some Power of the Paw for a friend in need this Thanksgiving?


My Birthday Thank Yous

November 20th 2013 2:20 pm
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Ok kitties, I think I managed to send out all my birthday and gotcha day thank yous with one very notable exception and I'm feeling bad about it so I have to apologize here to everyone. Any kitty who was kind enough to me to send me a gift that only lasted 2 weeks... they expired before I sent my thank yous and I don't know where to find them anymore. I'm sorry kitties. I really wanted to send all of you a delicious home baked nom nom pie (You have NO idea how long mommy was baking last night to make all those pies for me!) but I took too long and I missed the window for some of you. I'm very sorry whoever you are. It was very generous of you to send me a present but I can't remember who did, you are all welcome to stop by for some pie though (even if you didn't send the gift you can stop by for pie... pie is delicious!) I just wanted to let you know, I'm sorry, and I love and appreciate the gifts you sent, mommy just took her sweet time sending my thank yous, sisfur got hers done days ago so she didn't have this problem, guess we know whose mommy's favorite right now! (AND Catster's... don't think I didn't see that DDP honor today Catster! Sheesh!)

Other than that kitties, life is going pretty good for me still right now. I'm still not wearing a collar after Halloween cause mommy took off my glow in the dark pumpkin one and forgot to put on my old one, so I have no bell and that makes me very sneak! hehehe! Shhhhhhhhh gonna sneak up on mommy and sisfur right now and pounce them... I'm coming for you ladies! hehehe!


Hehehe, Oops! Forgot a title!

November 12th 2013 1:27 pm
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Oh for Fuzz Ball's Sake... sisfur AGAIN? You know Catster, I gots t live with her after you pick her. Sure it's all well and good until some starts MRATing her away around the house and thinking she's all that and a bag of cat treats!

You should pick me! I've got some good stories to tell... let me think... ok, nothing exciting has happened to me recently, but I'm a cat, not exciting is a good thing for me! hehehe! Mommy has been brushing me EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the past 2 weeks. She says my coat looks GLORIOUS now, I think it's getting old. I do like to play with the brush though, and I try to eat the big hair balls she takes off me. Hey... they came from me, they must be delicious!

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