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Simone's say MRAT!

Helping Mommy

June 4th 2010 4:38 pm
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So I've decided I'm going to help mommy out, she is trying to make some decisions regarding kitties right now! I was wondering if anybody had some really great advice for all these little questions.

1) Mommy is looking to get us a new cat tree. We move around a lot between mommy's schooling and freelance writing and daddy's high demand skills, we move from town to town sometimes once a year. Right now they are considering a move to the Santa Clara area next year! I heard it is very sunny there!
Anyways, because we move, we usually rent our house. Now clearly they always make sure they can keep us! Mommy and Daddy would never get rid of us! But because they rent, they usually don't have as much space as a big house. Therefore, they like to keep lots of cat trees in the house for us to play on (and to keep River from scratching the rented carpets!) Our current home is pretty well sized for us, but because of the bigger size, there is one big room without a cat tree in it and we are always sad when Mommy is in there and there is no cat tree to play on. Anyways, price isn't a big issue, but they were wondering if anyone had good suggestions on where to find a good variety of cat trees? They want it to be pretty tall because River is a jumper, but they like lots of shelves close together and easy to climb between because I don't have front claws so climbing is hard for me. (Mean people declawed me before mommy and daddy adopted me)
We have two cat trees, anyone know a good place where we could buy a third or at least go looking for one? Any advice would be great!

2) Mommy is thinking about upgrading our catster account to the catster plus! We think it could be more fun! Do all of you kitties whose mommies have Catster plus think it is worth the 20$ a year? We'd love to upload even more pretty pictures of us. River in particular loves being silly and having silly pictures taken! So what do you think?

Thanks for any help you have guys!


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Purred by: Simone (Catster Member)

June 4th 2010 at 4:39 pm

technically I guess that should be mommies AND daddies who have catster plus ;-)
Purred by: Tully (Catster Member)

June 4th 2010 at 5:08 pm

Hi Simone! If you move to Santa Clara next year, we'll practically be neighbors! We live in Palo Alto. Where will your Mommy go to school?

If you lived in this area, we could recommend a great place to find cat furniture at a very reasonable price. Our house almost has more kitty furniture in it than people furniture - MOL! Mommy ordered cat furniture on-line once and was very disappointed, so she won't do that again. Plus she had to assemble it - yuck!

We think being a Plus Member is worth it because we spend a lot of time here and really enjoy sending rosettes to our friends, especially if it's a birthday, special occasion, or what not. You get 30 zealies a month which isn't too bad, although we wish it were more. Also, Mommy would go crazy if she was limited to 10 pictures - she likes being able to upload lots of photos of us.

Just my two cents! Love, Tully
Purred by: Simone (Catster Member)

June 4th 2010 at 5:17 pm

YAY, we'd have kitties nearby we know! YAY! River would especially love that, he loves kitties!

Well school is one reason we'd be moving. Mommy has one year left to put in at her current school for teaching work and graduate school thesis writing. After that, she thinks she wants to take a break from the school system. It is so financially crippled right now and students are having their educations cheated. She says she isn't political about it really, just disappointed it has come to this. She doesn't know how to fix it, she doesn't know if anyone knows how to fix it, she doesn't know if either side has a good solution or if they are all bad. It makes her sad. When she isn't in school she writes books (her agent hates that she tries to do both careers at once!) and does freelance writing work like journalism and reviews. So she thinks she's going to do that for a few years and take a break from school related work.

The 10 picture limit just doesn't seem to be enough for mommy to show off our beauties. She has so many many pictures of us!
Purred by: Wendy C

June 7th 2010 at 5:26 pm

I don't have much advice for the cat tree. I have some cool scratching posts etc, but she is still looking for that "purfect one", she calls it. I agree with Tully, I wouldn't order on line, I have heard many people say that they are disappointed so Mama just go to pet stores and pick our what I want, that way Mama knows what she is getting. My favorite thing is furry mousies. I lub my mousies!

Mama feels the $20 a year is worth it! We love to have more room for pictures and we also love to give zealie gifts. Mama gets crazy though and we usually run out of zealies before our next due date! You get 30 per month. Its fun to give the gifts. Mama did it again this month and now we have to wait till the 19th to get my zealie refill. Mama usually don't buy extra zealies because she likes to give to our local animal once per month too.

Hugz and purrs, Sassy

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