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Notes from Naomi

Happy 6th Birthday to Moi!

January 17th 2011 12:40 pm
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I turned 6 years old this weekend and no one in my family noticed - hmph! Momma finally decided to catch up on her e-mails and received a birthday greeting for me from Catster (thank you!). Momma was horrified to think that we didn't celebrate my special day - she blames it on not hanging up the new calendar, whatever that is! I got lots of lovins and treats today and will be having a special treat with dinner tonight - tuna! Maybe this extending birthday thing is not so bad - MOL!


Happy 1st Anni"FUR"sary to me!

September 12th 2010 2:14 pm
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It's official! I've been in my "new" home for a year now! Wow! I'm much more comfortable around Merlin and MooMoo and have become quite the "Daddy's Girl." I still don't like having my nails clipped but Momma and Daddy are up to 2-3 paws in one sitting - hooray! I feel so much better when I have my nails done! I love being brushed and spoiled with treats and toys - I'm one happy girl! I love when my Grandma comes over to visit and I get to sit in her lap. Momma and Daddy tell me every day that they're so thankful they adopted me - I am, too! I love my family!


Happy 4th of July!

July 2nd 2010 6:55 pm
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I guess I'm not really good at keeping a diary since I don't have a lot of entries here - MOL!

I've been getting along with my new brother Merlin and sister MooMoo, enjoying getting spoiled with treats and lots of lovins, and of course, being a little princess. I'm keeping cool in this warm weather and love to just lay around our new cat tree. Momma and Daddy have been slowly getting me used to having my nails trimmed. I'm not a big fan of my feet being touched so I only let them do one paw at a sitting. I know I get a treat after that so I'm making it work for me as long as I can - MOL!

I had my first visit to my new vet today and everything looks good! Since all my shots/vaccines were up to date, all I really needed was a physical. I didn't like being examined with all the touchy/feely stuff that the vet and the vet assistant were doing to me so when the vet wanted to see my teeth, boy, did I show her! I actually hissed but the vet said that was a really good way to check out my teeth all at once - MOL!

That's about it for now.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy 4th of July!


My first diary entry!

November 13th 2009 2:06 pm
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Hello, friends! This is my first diary entry - hooray! How exciting is that?

I've been living in my new home with my new family for 2 months now and I'm very happy. I'm becoming quite the Daddy's girl - jumping up on his lap no matter where he's sitting - in the living room or at the kitchen table - oopsie! I'm still discovering my surroundings and getting used to my new cat brother Merlin and dog sister MooMoo. Merlin and I are getting to be good pals. It's going to take a bit longer to get used to MooMoo.

I never wore a collar before but I do now - I have a couple of tags with my vet info and my name - sweet! Daddy likes to tell the story when he first put the collar on me and I heard a jingle, I stopped in my tracks, thinking it was Merlin or MooMoo. I took a few steps, heard the jingle again, then stopped. This happened a few more times before I realized that I was making the jingle noise myself - MOL!

When I first came here, I stayed up stairs a lot, even after I was moved out of my own room. Momma referred to me as the "princess in the tower" since I hardly came downstairs. Once I got used to my new home, I ventured down the stairs to explore the other rooms. I like the downstairs - a LOT! My new bed is there now and I sleep in it every day. I even eat in the kitchen with Merlin AND MooMoo - how about that?

Momma and Daddy have been introducing me to toys and I'm really liking that red dot I see that moves around everywhere like crazy! And I found out about Greenies cat treats - where have those been all my life - I love them!

That's all the news for now - until next time!

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