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Sick little pound kitty

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July 31st 2013 5:05 pm
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Once upon a time there was a kitten walking very poorly down the sidewalk. You see, his front paws were in bandages and they hurt so! A nice woman came outside and noticed him and immediately brought him inside. He even had a pain patch on his side. Poor little kitty… this nice woman put up posters everywhere but no one claimed him.
He had a home now. He was loved, protected and kept indoors as he should be. All was well.
Three years later, the nice woman moves to California all the way from Indiana bringing Oliver with her of course. Then she meets a man, falls in love and becomes pregnant. Her boyfriend cannot come over because he has asthma and allergies. He likes the kitty now known as “Oliver” but his eyes swell up each time they are near each other.
The nice woman gives her mother $400 and Oliver to take care of him in her home since she has decided she wants the boyfriend in her home. Ehh!
Oliver’s grandmother turns out to be a wicked step mother type and dumped poor Oliver in a shelter where his life is near death with each approaching moment.
A nicer woman who has a non-profit feral cat organization sends an e-mail to her friend who is a crazy cat lady advocate. This crazy cat lady advocate contacts Oliver’s furmom and uses shock treatment verbiage on her letting her know that Oliver doesn’t stand a chance in the shelter. Oliver’s furmom got terribly upset and told the crazy cat lady advocate to never contact her again. She even told her it was wrong to choose a cat over a man. The crazy cat lady advocate got very upset. But the crazy cat lady advocate doesn’t give up until Oliver’s furmom buckles down in tears. She was told he could be on a protective hold. But the crazy cat lady advocate told her this was a fantasy and could not be something she could rely on. Immediately, Oliver’s furmom called the shelter for his intake number and was told they were planning to kill him! The furmom then rushed down to get him back.
This Oliver’s furmom called the crazy cat lady advocate seven times more that day to say how thankful she was that she took this route and saved her cat. She promised to send photos of Oliver to the crazy cat lady advocate to show her how he was getting along.

Moral of the story… “Don’t give up on trying saving animals!” A good motive has power and strength!
We can change the world and save one cat or dog at a time until the majority gets the message.


Forgive our not updating our pages like we used to, but we- have a good excuse!

July 18th 2013 3:35 pm
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Hi there,
We really haven’t been adding to our pages like we used to but we have a very good excuse. We have been putting most of our time into taking care of Ferals, and abandon cats who had mean careless owners. And we have found homes for a few really wonderful kitties too! One was a beautiful Siamese Cat we named Mei Ling. She ran from mom each time she went to hang up clothes in the back yard. She ran about a million miles per hour! Mom puts out food and water for any Cats who are in need twice a day. Mei Ling after about two months was caught up in a tree on the other side of our back fence one morning. It was about four thirty five when my dad leaves for work. Mom heard a scared meow in the back and ran out to see what was going on. Mei Ling was caught on a very small branch and scared to come down. Mom started trying to coach her toward a safe place and Mei Ling was so scared she wouldn’t budge. So mom put a large ladder up for her next to the fence and Mei Ling finally came down but very slowly! Ever since then, Mei Ling never left our back yard and climbed up in mom’s lap and everything! She only slept in one of the shelters mom has by the back door. Its three feet above the ground so it stays dry and the door way is where the wind and rain won’t come in. we posted on facebook and put videos on youtube and everything and no one claimed her. She was so pretty mom cried when she handed her over to her new forever home. Her and Mei Ling got so bonded that I even got jealous of it all. It’s so crazy mom said how anyone can abandon sweet animals and not value them for all they give back to us for the little we do for them. It’s very sad and those people can’t have much of a soul mom says. Moving or new boyfriends or babies are not an excuse! You don’t give away your human baby if someone new moves in or if you have to move do you she says? So why can’t you commit to your furbaby the same way and you should! Only the very evolved humans recognize that animals are to be very highly evolved. It is our greatest honor to be the ones who are gifted with them in our lives and they teach us many lessons in life about unconditional love and they make our health better by slowing down our blood presser and making our hearts healthier. Animals give us the sweetest greetings in the morning when humans wake up or when they go to sleep. When humans come home, just who in the heck is happier than anyone to see them come home? Furbabies of coarse!
Mom also says that the day everyone ever starts to honor animals for who and what they are instead of cooking them for momentary pleasure or kicking them to vent out hatred, that our world will be evolved to the point we will no longer have wars anymore. Why does it take so long? Anyways, we spend most of our time helping Cats who need us now so forgive us for not updating our pages like we used to. Instead mom is going to take photos of cats in adoption cages and so forth and posting them on facebook so they won’t get murdered.
Isn’t it just too freaky to think about what animals face each day? So… we work as ANIMAL ACTIVISTS to fight against anything that brings cruelty toward them.
Recently, we found a pretty cat that was following people around on the street and she was being kicked away! Mean people!!! Mom carries crunchies in her purse in case she finds hungry poor kitties so mom fed her. Mom noticed she was so thin and she was rubbing all over mom’s ankles. So mom put her three bags from the store on her other shoulder with her purse and picked this kitty up and carried her home. She asked our next door neighbor if she could foster her till we found her a forever home? She said she was welcome and she took the kitty in. Then the cat was taken to the vet to be examined. This cat had no microchip or collar and the vet said she had a thyroid problem and a tumor on her tummy. Wow! That’s scary that someone would leave a poor little girl out in the world like that. After two weeks we started to see flyers around. Turned out that the wealthiest family in the neighborhood owned her. They left her outside all the time and she was even … get a load of this! DECLAWED! Holy crap! She couldn’t even defend herself! There are coyotes here that routinely eat cats and dogs round here. And people steal them and sell them to labs for experiments too. Just goes to show that money doesn’t always equal good ethics and care. So much of the time mom says that those people are too busy having a good time and taking care of their boats and let them Furbabies go and be in danger. Makes us cringe. Ehh! After a while, mom said they couldn’t have the cat back less they kept her indoors, had her microchiped and got her proper vet care. Most of the time people don’t follow through but this time, we made sure because we took her to the vet first and got her started on thyroid meds and a microchip. Then they had to make a surgery date for her tummy. The owners took it from there because they had a teenage daughter who made them. Weird world, but we have to keep marching on to fight for animal rights and against abuse.

Daisy the Cat


Daisy's Cat Tips on Facebook

July 16th 2013 8:39 pm
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A site geared towards Cat Care, and welfare. Helpful tips on how to take care of your cat and keep it happy & healthy! As well good ideas on how to help Ferals and animals at risk. Videos & fun too :-)
Daisy's Cat Tips is all about Feline Welfare! We add different posts regarding suggestions on helping and understanding Kitties and occasional advice on pups, although mainly geared towards Cats... Daisy promotes our help towards poor Feral Kitties who need our protection and care! Daisy is an Animal Activist Kitty sending out Positive Energy to all Animals everywhere empowering them to stay healthy and safe! Daisy begs her human friends to help her in her cause. We can spread our cause all over the world to promote Animal Welfare and Protection to cover the entire world. Purreezze! Everypawdy! 343034942397074

Animal Welfare
We never ever ask for any money! But any donations can be made as a purchase of food or Vectra Flea Control for cats over 9lbs. This can be made at The Cat Clinic of Orange County in Daisy's name:
Daisy Glass Then tell them that it is for Daisy to distribute to her feral kitty friends. Then please ask them to call us so we can know to pick it up. So far, we pay for all the foods ourselves and it gets expensive but the kitties cannot help themselves. They need us so much. Feral cat so often are forgotten and suffer all alone out there. Imagine them out there in the very cold weather and wind etc. No soft warm beds and toys. At least to try and flea control as many too as we can. I do clean their little ears and apply ear mite meds too. We ask you if you could. To please build a couple of feral kitty shelters too? We will put up a couple of posts to sites on how to build simple good shelters for them on our page.
Canned food and Vectra for Cats over 9lbs topical flea control donations at:
We feed and flea control our feral kitties. Hopefully, I can get some new shelters made or bought soon. I have a few for the rainy and cold windy nights for them to take shelter in. As well, I have a couple of large electric heated outdoor pads inside to help keep them warm, made especially for cats! New kitties abandon by uncaring owners turn up in my back yard each week. How sad!
♥ All Ferals need our support and Love ♥


daisy was sad while her daddy was away on business

September 29th 2012 8:53 pm
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daisy was weirded out because her daddy was gone for two and a half days at the mr. olympia body building show, so to calm her down i turned on her music box for her. so she rolled over onto her back and took a nap. i think it's so cute and sweet how she loves the music box music! sorry it's a bit dark but she was on the floor by her dad's bed napping... i tried adding it onto her videos but the video upload page wasn't working. the brouse to load the file wasn't even there only a blank box like an image that didn't load properly. so the link address is to daisy's u tube page i guess you'd have to paste it into your brouser to see it, sorry!because i don't think the link will work where it says click here.
click here


busy doing rescues!

July 15th 2012 6:36 pm
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Our latest rescue was a baby possum. It was so tiny and some animal bit off one of its ears! My meowmy put medicine on that part to heal it and put the baby possum into a huge plastic barrel pot that she used to plant strawberries in, she then put a screen over the top and weights on top so raccoons couldn't lift it up to hurt it. We put flowering grasses on the bottom very thickly for its bed and so when it went to the bathroom, it would not sit on top so it wouldn't have to lie in it. It would sink to the bottom. We fed it wet kitty food and water and it got all better. We called the baby Blinky because it always blinked at my meowmy a lot. It was cute for a possum. When we felt it was strong enough and better, we took it to the Wild Life refuge to stay till it could be released in the wild again. It was so small my meowmy didn't want it to go back to the wild until it was larger. She said it couldn't defend itself so tiny.
We feed all the local feral colony and any possums or raccoons who are hungry. We don't want any animals to be hungry and we keep a large stainless steel bowl of water changed every day for them. In the front yard we have a large birdbath we keep full and fresh day old bread and seed in the bird feeder. We always try to help all animals and birds. My meowmy and daddy go down to the bay and feed ducks, seagulls and pigeons too. Sometimes even pelicans. If they could feed the seals they would! WE LOVE THEM ALL! OH! SAY TONS OF PRAYERS FOR MY COUSINS IN ZIMBABWE, AFRICA! AT THIS TIME, THEY NEED PRAYERS FOR SOME STUFF THEY ARE GOING THROUGH. WON'T SAY WHAT, BUT THEY ARE SUCH WONDERFUL ANIMALS (CATS 6 AND ONE PUP!) THEIR MOMMY NEEDS PRAYERS FOR STRENGTH AND FINANCES. K?

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Daisy the Cat here...
Purrs to all!



December 7th 2011 4:06 am
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She was hurt badly by some stray doggies and I want all of you to please send her some healing energy and also to help send her pain relief energy too? I love her very much and it makes me sad to know she has this pain and hurts!

Daisy & Willow and our mom



October 25th 2011 1:14 pm
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October 3rd 2011 5:00 am
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Lots of kitties are getting colds and flu now. The weather is changing and I for one am sneezing! ahhh ahhh chew!
So… everyone needs to know about Lactoferrin with Colostrum! It used to be that people
only knew about L-lysine, but this is absolutely necessary! Lactoferrin and Colostrum
have the strongest immune boosters and it has saved my furry little rump three times from
near death. My meowmy’s good friend Beverly Berwald (of has been using this method of healing furbabies for years…
on this link just above here ^ is one of Beverly’s pages on her website about Lactoferrin and Colostrum. Please feel free to google “Lactoferrin for cats” you will come up with
tons of pages related to lab studies and vet pages on how great it is. It is a saver for humans too. It is a great help with cancer of all types too. Aids and FIV and so many other illness. Since I was almost at rainbow bridge when I was only home with my meowmy and daddy on my second day home… I feel the need to purrr this out to all my
feline friends and make sure they tell their meowmy’s and daddys to have it on hand. The best brand is Allergy Research but a cheaper brand called Jarrow is only less than fifteen dollars on For some reason if you live in California, the law doesn’t let Lactoferrin come from Europe, but my meowmy gets the Jarrow brand ok, cuz it’s local. The Allergy Research one is in most all health stores though, meow!
My meowmy ordered mine on Sunday so I should be getting it sometime this week. is the lowest prices on all supplements too. One low shipping price. My meowmy has been getting supplements there for at least twenty years. My pop is a fitness trainer and vouches for the good brands and prices. The prices are 50% or more less than in the health stores and all the same great brands. We are so worried about any sick kitties out there that we felt the need to purrr this news out and reach everyone we can.
Every year we try to spread this info but still seems like everyone only knows about L-lysine. Wake up and meow this news to your other furrfriends furbabies☺ we love you all♥

♥From Daisy & Willow my feral sister outside who we take care of♥


i had a surgery

September 15th 2011 12:52 am
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A month ago… my meowmy took me to the Cat Clinic for ear surgery. I needed it probably longer but she finally figured out the money to pay for it. I had a hard chunk of ear wax built up in my tiny ear that was making me have painful ear issues. Just as I was able to go in the first time… I found my treat ball and ate some crunchies! I wasn’t supposed to eat anything after midnight and so meowmy canceled the surgery because she thought I could suffer on the operating table with food in my tummy. It was so hard for me to go twelve hours without food! Turned out, they had to wait and it was almost sixteen hours I went without. Meow my as crying because she couldn’t stand to watch me go to my place where I eat and just sit there like such a good little girl waiting for my food! I just sit there and look at her. Sometimes I went over and patted her with my baby paw. She had to tell me not now baby. I didn’t understand. I thought she was punishing me for something and was mad at me. So she had to do this all over again two days later! Brother! Was it hard for us! so then, here we went again. Me going without any food!
That was so hard for me! Then the whole time I was at the Cat Clinic, mommy was scared cuz she knows sometimes furbabies and people have complications while under anesthesia. When the Cat Clinic called and said I came along and out of it just fine…
Meowmy cried from relief. I was sort of grogy when she picked me up so I was too tired to still be scared. (just now, meowmy had to rescue me from the back screen door) I bang on the screen door for attention sometimes. I catch my little claws on the screen and get caught. I tried to loosen my foot and the only way I could was to put my other foot onto the screen to then pull on the caught one. Well, to make a long story short… I put one foot up, loosened the other and then the other and the other… I ended up at the top of the screen door totally caught! How scary! What if meowmy had been at the store or somewhere else and this happened to me?
Well, my ear is better now. It was a really scary thing for me cuz I don’t like to be around other people let alone other kitties ect. This diary is late cuz meowmy’s computer wasn’t up since she needed a new power cord. Better late than not at all though. I don’t think that prepared me for anything else like that though. I would be just as scared again. I am a meowmy’s baby and daddy’s baby. I can’t take the outside world too well. I weighed in at ten pounds and fourteen ounces. Something huh? I was less than two pounds when they brought me to my furever home in my new carrier. I was only six weeks and a half old then. Now! Frontline plus seems to be ineffective. When I see meowmy coming with the flea comb, I skedaddle. But she catches me. I get treats afterwards. I had two capstar tablets so far. She won’t put more flea control on me till it’s been thirty days. The Cat Clinic said now they use a new flea control called Vectra. So that’s what I get next on the first of October. I never go outside and we never have company, it’s weird that I got a few fleas. But they can blow in from outside I guess. I get flea combed maybe six times a day! If I even look like I’m gonna scratch myself, here comes meowmy! She won’t let one flea be on me. Guess she loves me a lot. She cleans my chair twice a week and all my bedding ect too. I hope if any other kitties are having issues with a few fleas they try the new flea control to help the get flea free. We say: “no fleas please!”
Well, guess we should end this very long diary. We just haven’t added one for so long. My meowmy and daddy went outside tonight looking for a stray kitten cuz when daddy came home, he told meowmy that he almost hit a kitten with his truck! He said it was just standing in the middle of the street with its little white paws. They took the flashlight outside and looked under cars ect. But they couldn’t find it. We sure hope its ok. We hate when kitties are outside in all that danger! Wow! My folks would never let me step foot outside. They said all kinds of dangers are out there. Mean people, other animals (coyotes and raccoons ect are out by our yard!) yikes! Ciao for now my kitties!

Over and out from Daisy Glass


Loss at Cat Island

March 11th 2011 6:05 pm
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Daisy & Willow here and our Meowmy... are tragically saddened by the probable loss of many kitties on Japan’s Cat Island! Of all of the human victims, usually no one comments on the furbabies who lose their lives. We all need to take a moment and be silent to send out love and wishes of a peaceful transition of our fur families of Japan. We believe many of the animals on the farmlands that were wiped away in giant waves had no chance to escape. What a wonderful place Cat Island was. We hope to hear something positive and will post anything we hear! Oh Meow! We are to place some links below so you can see how our furr friends Island looked before the tragedy.For some reason, our links to u tube won't stay on here. But you can go to u tube and type in Cat Island and you can see many nice videos of how it "was" :-( "Oh Meow!"

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