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He`s been caught!

March 29th 2010 4:47 am
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Well after a week of trying mom trapped the grey tomcat who has been chasing me and Simon so now we can play without getting chased. The grey visitor is going to go to the vet to be neutered and vaccinated and brought back. I sure hope he will be nicer when he returns so I can tell him mom doesn`t mind feeding him but doesn`t want him beating up me and Simon.

We had a few nice days and were able to go on walks with mom and dad but it`s been cold and rainy now so we only go to the barn but I heard mom say by the end of the week it`s going to be sunny and warm again, I sure hope so because I love laying on the deck and following mom around while she works!



Farm Patrol!

March 20th 2010 5:01 pm
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The white cold stuff is finally gone and I can go out explore the whole farm now and it`s really nice to finally get to go out all day and lay in the sun on the deck where it`s nice and warm. Today I spent the whole day out with Simon and we checked all our territory out and played in the barn for awhile. Mom said it`s going to get cold again but it won`t stay that way for long, I sure hope not because I hate being stuck indoors.. The kittens get mad when they see me and Simon go out but they aren`t allowed outside, mom said something about getting them a kitty enclosure so the can go out and sit with her, Jewel and Saber would love that but I don`t think Cassie will because she gets scared of everything! She snuck out the garage door when we got back from our long trip in the moving house and starting crying and ran inside when mom opened the door to let her in. Our foster sisfur left today so I think things will be quiet now as soon as Saber & Jewel stop meowing looking for her..


I`m a DDP!

March 2nd 2010 3:59 am
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I woke up today and mom showed me I was a DDP! wow it`s been an exciting start to the, Cassie turned 1 yr old yesterday and today I am a DDP! I bet I`ll get some extra treats today too:) it`s going to be a nice day today so I`m going to the barn and tell Tuffy the horse all the news. Me and Simon have been going to visit Tuffy the past 2 days so he`s not lonely. It`s fun to play in the barn and climb the hay pile and hunt for those furry mouses! I just wish that all that white stuff would go away but mom said it will be here for quite awhile. Dad shoveled a nice area on the deck for me and Simon then last night we heard a loud noise and our nice clean deck was covered in white! so dad has to shovel it all over again. I can`t wait for the warm weather and sunshine!!


Nice to go out again

February 26th 2010 7:58 am
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I`m glad we are back home and I can go outside but there sure is alot of white stuff on the ground much more than when we left! Dad had to shovel a path off the deck so me and Simon could go out. We don`t stay out too long and the white stuff is over our backs but it isn`t too cold but I really hope the warm sunn stuff comes back. I got to sleep in my chair upstairs and it`s nice to be able to sleep without the kittens pouncing on me all the time! The sure have been hyper the last couple of days and mom says the sound like a herd of elephants when the run up and down the stairs! I`ve been playing with them too and making sure the don`t get into trouble. There`s definately no place like home:)


I tried to escape...

February 14th 2010 6:40 pm
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It was so nice and sunny today that when dad opened the door to come in I tried to get out, it was the first time I tried that and I know I`m not allowed out unless I`m at home but it was just so tempting and I thought I could do it but dad is pretty darn quick for an old guy and grabbed me and tossed me back in I was so insulted that I didn`t talk t him all day! How rude of him to handle me in that manner!! Oh well we`ll be home by the end of the month and I can go out then but we`ll have that ucky cold white stuff on the ground and I really prefer warm and dry!



February 10th 2010 3:09 pm
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Well it sure has been chilly here and mom only has been able to leave the screen door for us to look out 3 times since we left home. I sure wish it would get warm again s we can sit by the door. We have lots of windows t look ut and see the squirrels running and playing in the trees. We only have 2 more weeks left in our winter vacation trip left so I d hope it warms up before we have t leave.
The kittens are doing well on their first trip but the are getting bored. Saber is fun to play with and I hve a good time with him but that boy sure can eat! and not get fat either. Cassie has been naughty recently and tried to break mom and dads computers. She thinks she is such a princess but I think she`s a brat!! Jewel has also been ver good and I like to play with her and we both sun ourselves on the big front window blanket. Simon really doesn`t like being on the road and he plays wa too rough for my liking!


My favorite place

February 2nd 2010 4:50 pm
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We finally arrived at my favorite spot and we even have the same space. Today I sat by the screen door and watched all the birds outside. Mom had to close the door after awhile because it started to rain, it`s been raining a lot lately but I hope we get some sunny days before we have to head home again. This morning the kittens got into a little bag of catnip and I think Cassie had to much because she slept a lot but she played again after awhile and did her usual begging for deli turkey. She`s such a spoiled princess. Mom said today I was getty chubby from just laying around eating but I`ll work it off when we return home like I always do:)


Heading to my favorite place tomorrow!

January 31st 2010 5:06 pm
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Well tomorrow we roll out to my all time favorite place to spend some of the winter, I can`t wait to show Simon and the kittens all the neat things to see there and maybe we`ll even hear the owl again this year. I hope it gets warm enough so mom can leave the solid door open so I can look out the other door and smell the air, she said it may be a few days before it`s warm enough to do that but we`ll be there a month so I hope the sun and warm air comes back!


Travel update

January 29th 2010 6:57 pm
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We are at a third campsite now, it`s a pretty boring place but we`ll only be here for 2 days so mom can do her yearly shopping. The last place was pretty nice and I was able to show the kittens what squirrels and birds were and they really enjoyed watching them. Jewel really loves laying on the dashboard where Salem used to hang out, mom even accidentally called her Salem and I noticed her eyes leaked a little so I know she still misses her. I`m doing a good job teaching everyone about being an RV cat. The kittens are learning how things work and the rules they have to follow when we travel. Saber is really getting the hang of things and is having a great time. I`m just chilling out and eating and mom said I was getting chubby but I don`t know why that surprises her because it`s not like there`s a lot of exercise room here!! We have 1 more stop and we`ll be there for a month & it`s my favorite place so I can`t wait to show Simon and the kits.


Being the head cat is alot of work!

January 24th 2010 5:41 pm
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I have assumed the duties of head cat and have to keep everyone in line. The kittens
run and play a lot and think it`s cute when I try to take a nap and they attack me! But I don`t get mad at them because they are just having fun. Simon is still being mean to me and mom had to yell at him twice today, I don`t think Simon likes to travel but he has to come because dad won`t leave him home alone. I`m looking forward to when we get to Hanna Park I really like that place the best there`s so much to look at out the windows and it always seems to be sunny there so I hope it will be this year. So far we have not seen the sun and mom said there`s something called a tornado watch out tonite but I don`t know what that is except that 2 years ago we had one and there was alot of thunder and flashing lights it was noisy and scary so I hope that doesn`t happen again..

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