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Our nightly walks

September 17th 2010 7:12 pm
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It is nice being back home after our trip because I really missed our walks around the farm, it`s my favorite time of the day and now that it is getting cooler I don`t make mom or dad carry me when I need a rest! Mom said it won`t be long before we`ll have to stop our walks because that cold white stuff will be back but she said we should still have more time for walks until then. She said in November we are taking another trip in the moving house this time to visit her boy in Wisconsin and she said we can stay in the moving house because her girl is going to be there too with Tucker and Lily our 2 big dog cousins and they are going to stay in the big house. That`s all for now Saber wants his turn to have mom type for him.

Purrs, KitKat


Brrrrr it was chilly

October 22nd 2010 5:19 pm
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Today was a cold and windy day, I was out exploring with Simon and we had to keep coming into the house to eat and warm up! It was a good thing we have good door service here! I did my nightly walk around the farm with mom and dad but Simon stayed inside, I don`t think there will be too many more days to walk around before everything is covered in white...I really hate that!!


The big thing ruined my walk!

October 24th 2010 8:21 pm
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Well tonight when we did our walk around the farm Tuffy the horse decided he was going to walk with us..He never does and it was quite annoying having him follow us! Every time I tried to walk next to mom and dad Tuffy would put his head down and chase me so I have to climb up on the rocks where he can`t get me! I was glad when we got to the fence because he couldn`t follow us the rest of the way...I sure hope he doesn`t decide to come with us all the time now...


Bonus Days!

November 13th 2010 6:22 am
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Well, we have been having some really nice weather, no cold white stuff yet and I`ve been having fun playing with Simon outside. We have even been getting our afternoon walks in and I have been able to get mom or dad to carry me some of the way. I had a cold for a few days so wasn`t up to form but I`m better now. Mom says today and tomorrow will be the last nice days but she said that before so I hope she`s wrong but she doesn`t think so. So I`ll enjoy lounging on the deck in the warm sun while I can.

Next week we are taking a trip again to Wisconsin to visit mom`s boy. We get to go in the moving house and stay in it this time. I hope the meds mom got for Simon & Saber work They are so gross with their drooling! I just curl up under the blanket and sleep:)

Time to go out and play. I hope everyfur has a great weekend



I was a bad orange kitty!

December 3rd 2010 5:55 pm
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I decided on this trip I was not going to be good like I usually was! On our first stop on the way out to Wisconsin I tried to bolt out the door but dad closed the door on my head..Not nice.. Then when we finally stopped and were set up I ran out the door when mom & dad came back in I only ran a short distance before I let dad catch me only because it was cold! I wanted to let them know I was not at all happy being left with the other kits alone all day because it was not fun the windows were all closed off and there was nothing to watch. On the last night I tried to bolt out past mom but she grabbed me by the tail and neck..Ouch not nice either! I did make sure that I took up most of the bed at night and made it hard for them to sleep!

I was good on the way home though and decided not to try to escape instead I curled up on the couch for the 15 hr trip back home. It`s cold here too but at least I can go out and visit Tuffy the horse in the barn & play in the hay with Simon! I hope if we go on another trip in the moving house it will be too that warm place we go to every year.



Thank You!

December 18th 2010 6:17 am
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Finally got my typist to sit down for a minute so I could say Thank You for the gifts and paw mail from my December 12th DDP.

I had a great day & got lots of treats & cuddles



What a New Year!

January 1st 2011 12:43 pm
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First I want to wish everyone a Happy and healthy New Year!

We had warm weather the last 2 days and I was able to play outside with Simon. Today all that yucky white stuff was gone so I was able to convince mom and dad to take a walk around the farm! It was so nice to lounge on the deck in the sun I wish it would stay like this but mom said it wont but we will be going on a trip where there isn`t snow soon but of course we aren`t allowed out but we can sit by the windows:)



What a Day!!

April 7th 2011 6:00 pm
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First I would like to thank everyone who sent me Birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day.

Today almost all the white stuff is gone and it was sunny and warm. I walked the pasture with mommy and Simon while she fixed the fence for Tuffy the horse to go out. Me and Simon had so much fun climbing trees and playing on the stone wall and chasing each other. It was great especially after being stuck inside all winter! Mommy says it will be nice all week so me and Simon will be able to play and explore our space. I`m so glad spring is finally here!

Mom says she will type for us and get all our diaries up to date soon. We all have so much to tell so I hope mom feels better soon so she can help us.

I hope all my catster friends are enjoying spring


A sunny Day!!

April 29th 2011 8:50 am
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Ysterday was a bright and warm sunny day and Simon played outside with me and we had a fun time playing by the water puddles & chasing frogs! We both did our nightly walk around with mom and dad and I took turns chasing Simon and he chased me up trees and along the stone walls. It is so nice being able to go outside but sure would be nice if it would dry up some. I also can`t wait until mom plants her garden because it is so much fun hiding in it and jumping out an attacking her MOL!!



Back to normal

May 22nd 2011 5:47 pm
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I have to say this orange cat is sure glad those big dogs have gone home! The whole time Lily & Tucker were here I did not want to stay in the house and had to hide upstairs because they liked to chase me! Yesterday while they were outside waiting for moms girl to put them in the car they both decided it would be fun to chase me one last time but I out ran them and climbed up a tree! MOL..they can`t climb trees!

Life is back to normal now and I was able to go on our walks with mom and dad again and sit in my chair on the porch too.. Life is good again and today it didn`t rain so I went down to the spot where mom plays with Tuffy the horse and rolled around in the sand and played in the garden. Tomorrow I`ll do it again.


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