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Who`d of thought kittens could be fun!

December 17th 2009 3:09 pm
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Since mom bought me my new tunnel jewel has really gotten into playing in it with me and she is a lot of fun to play with, she doesn`t mind wrestling around on the floor with me either but of course I`m gentle with her. We play everyday and Cassie has been joining us but she`s not to into playing with me yet but we have been chasing each other through the tunnel and having fun. I wasn`t too sure if I would like them but I`m glad I have 2 baby sisfurs now:)


The big pup went home..

December 25th 2009 10:04 am
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Lily went back home Wednesday with her family and I have been able to come back downstairs and go outside again. She`s a good pup but is just so big and she makes all us kitties except Jewel scared. I`ve been supervising the kittens first Christmas and they are having fun playing with their new toys. I also got new toys as well as Simon but I still like my kitty tunnel and playing with the kittens who would have thought they wouldbe so much fun!

Mommy`s girl Shannon bought a really nice cat house with a ladder and deck that I can use in the warm months when I`m outside alot. She has it set up in the house for now.

Time for a nap again. I hope everyone has a great day:)


BRRRR It`s cold!!

January 4th 2010 8:51 am
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It has been really cold and snowy lately. I can`t even go outside I tried to go out today and the snow was so deep and cold so I only stayed out a few minutes and then came in and sat by the fire. It`s so boring not being able to go out and explore and mom said it`s going to be about 4 months yet until it`s warm again Yuck! that`s a long time. I`ve been playing with the kittens to amuse myself but that gets boring too after awhile. I hope we get to go on a road trip this winter so at least I can watch birds and squirrels by the windows. Time to curl up for a nap and pass the time again...


He`s not here yet...

January 6th 2010 6:37 pm
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We were supposed to get a new addition last night but mom`s friend forgot to call her sister to tell her to bring him home so he won`t arrive until tomorrow night. I`m not sure if I am happy about this or not because I just got used to Jewel and Cassie! I really love playing with Jewel she is so much fun! Cassie is Ok but she`s kind of stuck up and thinks she the Princess of the house ...Whatever... I went outside a few times the past 2 days and it is really cold so I only stay out a few minutes. I walked up to the RV with Simon to try to drop a hint to Mom & Dad they maybe we should hit the road but Mom told me not yet and it`s cold in Florida too, Yikes! I hope it doesn`t stay cold there I want my sun and warm breezes!


A baby Brofur is fun

January 9th 2010 8:13 am
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I`ve been playing with our new addition Saber and showing him around the house. He`s an active little guy and loves to run circles around me! It`s going to be fun teaching him all kinds of things and the best thing is now we outnumber the girls MOL!!


Heading south soon...

January 12th 2010 7:08 pm
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I`ve been watching mom and dad filling up boxes of stuff for the traveling house so me and Simon must have got it across to them we want to go where it`s warm! well, at least I do I don`t think Simon is too thrilled with traveling. I can`t wait to be able to sit by the screen window and listen to the birds and watch the squirrels. Mom said we are going to spend a few days at a new place to in Georgia before going to Florida.
I`ll have to watch Saber close because he hasn`t been in the moving house yet and this will be his first time but once he gets used to it I think he`ll like it.
I`ve been following mom and making sure she brings all our stuff too especially my tunnel that now the kittens are playing with too. I noticed a few times while mom was putting our stuff together her eyes leaked and I know she was thinking about Salem & this is the first winter trip without her and Duchess, It`s mine too I learned alot from Salem & Duchess and I hope I can teach the other kits how to be good travelers.


I was a supervisor today..

January 15th 2010 5:14 pm
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Today dad brought the moving house down and he and mom loaded stuff in it that wouldn`t freeze so there would be less to do next week when we leave. I jumped in and explored around to see what was going on and making sure they did everything right and didn`t forget out cat stuff. I had fun going in and out and even Simon came in too. I hope mom doesn`t forget all our blankets and my tunnel but I think that will go in just before we leave. I can`t wait until we get somewhere warm so I can sit in the sun!!


Ready to go..

January 20th 2010 2:59 pm
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We have had some fairly warm weather lately and me and Simon have been playing outside, mom said we better enjoy it because for the next month we`ll be house cats! We go for our winter trip tomorrow and I`ll be in charge of all the kits. I`m sure going to have my paws full this year because I have to teach 4 kits about winter travel. I think they`ll learn pretty quick and hopefully not get bored in a small area but mom packed a lot of toys so everyone should be fine. I can`t wait to be able to sit in the window and watch birds and stuff!


Being the head cat is alot of work!

January 24th 2010 5:41 pm
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I have assumed the duties of head cat and have to keep everyone in line. The kittens
run and play a lot and think it`s cute when I try to take a nap and they attack me! But I don`t get mad at them because they are just having fun. Simon is still being mean to me and mom had to yell at him twice today, I don`t think Simon likes to travel but he has to come because dad won`t leave him home alone. I`m looking forward to when we get to Hanna Park I really like that place the best there`s so much to look at out the windows and it always seems to be sunny there so I hope it will be this year. So far we have not seen the sun and mom said there`s something called a tornado watch out tonite but I don`t know what that is except that 2 years ago we had one and there was alot of thunder and flashing lights it was noisy and scary so I hope that doesn`t happen again..


Travel update

January 29th 2010 6:57 pm
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We are at a third campsite now, it`s a pretty boring place but we`ll only be here for 2 days so mom can do her yearly shopping. The last place was pretty nice and I was able to show the kittens what squirrels and birds were and they really enjoyed watching them. Jewel really loves laying on the dashboard where Salem used to hang out, mom even accidentally called her Salem and I noticed her eyes leaked a little so I know she still misses her. I`m doing a good job teaching everyone about being an RV cat. The kittens are learning how things work and the rules they have to follow when we travel. Saber is really getting the hang of things and is having a great time. I`m just chilling out and eating and mom said I was getting chubby but I don`t know why that surprises her because it`s not like there`s a lot of exercise room here!! We have 1 more stop and we`ll be there for a month & it`s my favorite place so I can`t wait to show Simon and the kits.

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