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Sad time

September 24th 2013 5:37 pm
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Last week our doggy brother Bart went to the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly. Mom is heartbroken as he was her buddy and it was an accident. He ran with Effie to greet dad as he came down the driveway & lost his footing and fell under the truck. Mom held him in her arms while we all sat around him until he left. We all got to say our good byes before dad buried him next to Duchess. Mom has been so sad & all us kits & our other doggy brother & sister try to make her feel better but it doesn`t seem to help.

R I P Bart
We all love & miss you:(


Today I`m 4 yrs old!

April 1st 2013 3:57 pm
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Today is my 4th Birthday! I was hoping it would be sunny out so I could lay in my sun spot but spring doesn`t seem to want to get here so I layed in the window and watched the cold white stuff go away some more. I got some treats from my mommy & birthday wishes from friends so it was a good day.

Mommy told me I have to go on a diet because I take up too much room on her pillow MOL! I love sleeping on her pillow and it`s fun to wake her up by licking her face at 4 am She doesn`t seem to like it too much but I think it`s funny!

I hope all my fufriends are all staying warm. Spring will be here some day!



Another winter home.

January 10th 2013 6:01 pm
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We`re not going on our trip in the moving house again this winter to where it`s warm and we only got to go on 2 trips last year. I miss going to all the places and seeing different things out each window and mom says next year we have to stay home too because she has to dog sit her girls 2 big dogs while their mom goes on something called a deployment but mom and dad did say they would take us on a few trips this summer before Lily and Tucker come here...Kit is not going to be happy having them here for 7 months, he doesn`t like it when they are here for a week!

I hope all of my fur friends are having a happy New Year. Mom says she will try to help us keep our diaries up to date though I might have to steal her typing thing!



Well, this isn`t fair!!

March 17th 2012 9:01 am
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Mom & dad are taking another trip and leaving us home AGAIN!! Not Fair! I love to travel but they aren`t taking the moving house this time either so we get to stay home with the pet sitter! The dogs get to go with mom & dad and that is so unfair! I want to go too...I love traveling!

Mom says I can go on the next trip when they take the moving house. Simon, Kit and Saber are happy they are staying home but me and Cassie are not. It will be only a week but I hate being away from them!



New family members

October 20th 2011 7:09 pm
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Well last week mom & dad went out for the day and when they came back they had 2 little dogs that they said were adopted from the shelter. One looked like our cousin Ozzie but a lot smaller and he was very scared and shy. The other was a tiny black one who is very rude to us cats and thinks she can chase me but I showed her who was boss and I1m not one to be pushed around! I must say I had her screaming a bit and now she stays far away from me. She still tries to chase Kit & Cassie.

I really don`t know what mom & dad were thinking & how they plan on traveling in the moving house with all of us now. It was crowded before and now 2 more...I heard mom & dad are going to visit their girl but aren`t taking the moving house this time so us cats will be left home & I`m not happy about that because I love going places but at least they are taking the dogs! I bet us cats are going to have fun running the house..maybe we can terrorize our pet sitter mol!!


Great trip!

September 30th 2011 5:36 pm
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Well we have been back from our trip about a week and I am finally able to get mom to type for me!

We had lots of fun and it was so much better this time because mom didn`t stick me in a crate. I spent quite a bit of time on her lap then decided to explore as soon as it got light. Cassie & Saber hid under the couch and Kit was on top sleeping as usual. We got to lay out on the windows and see all the sights. On the way home Cassie stole my spot on the front by the big window but I let her, it was nice to see her come out and be brave!

Mom says we won`t be going to our winter place this year, I`m not happy about that because I`ll be stuck looking at all that yucky white stuff! She did say when we go for a trip next year she was going to get me a thing called a stroller so I can go on walks with her and dad, That would be fun!

That`s all fur now:)


Road Trip!

September 11th 2011 7:23 pm
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Mom & Dad said we`ll be going on a trip again in the moving house to Wisconsin but we first will spend a few days in Indiana so mom can go to a big flea market..don`t know why she keeps wanting to find fleas! I hope she buys us some good stuff.

Simon is going to stay home because he doesn`t like to travel but I think it`s fun, I get to look out the windows that are like big tv things that change fast!Cassie and Saber hide while we move and have no idea of the fun stuff they are missing but maybe this time they will come out. I can`t wait to go and I already made sure mom has my treats and toys packed and of course food!



Jewel`s updates

May 22nd 2011 6:41 pm
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The past 2 weeks have been a challenge for us cats. Our 2 big doggie cousins Lily & Tucker came for a visit and really kept mom busy. I being the bravest of the kits made friends with Tucker and followed him around the house, he`s a nice dog but he sure is sloppy and drooly! mom had to towel me dry a few times but I didn`t mind like Cassie, she got really mad when Tuck my purrs er drooled on her! of course she thinks she`s a real princess.

Today the sun finally came back, I don`t know where it went but it was gone for along time. Mom opened the door in the spare room and put a blanket down so me Cassie & Saber could lay on it and smell the was so nice and I sure hope the sun will come back again because we love taking naps there and we can watch Simon & KitKat outside too!

Today I also decided I would start waking mom up before it got light, I didn`t do it while she was doggie sitting because I knew she was tired but now that she`s done I will make sure she wakes up to feed us:)



A great birthday!

April 4th 2011 7:25 am
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I had a wonderful birthday with lots of cuddles and treats and I even shared some with my fur sister and brothers. I want to say Thank you for the flowers and cards and birthday wishes that were sent to me. I`m hoping mom will be feeling better soon so she can update all of our diaries because we have so much to tell about our winter trip:)



My second Birthday!

April 1st 2011 6:44 am
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Today I am 2 yrs old! wow how time flies and I have already been to so many places and seen so many new things already. I do wish it was sunny today so I could spend my birthday with my favorite sun spot but today that yucky white stuff is back, mom says it won`t be here long so I hope she is right! I plan on just hanging out and getting my birthday treats today:) Hope everyone has a great day.


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