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We won the Litter Genie Jackpot!

November 26th 2012 8:36 pm
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(Now this is Brownie's Mommy now.) We were lucky enough to have received an email from the Catster HQ asking us to test a Litter Genie. We need one too. Here is my story why.

We got Candie at the beginning of the year. About 5 months later, we had a big problem. She got so upset with Brownie that in the heat of battle she had an accident, both 1s & 2s. I figured out she got so scared to go to the basement where the litter pans were she'd hold it in until she no longer could. Once I picked her up to stop the fight & she peed on me. It was agreed that I need to do something & something fast. We had a tiny litter pan in the garage when the cats got to go outside on the screen porch. So I put it in our tiny bathroom. Problem almost solved. Someone was using it but was peeing down the wall next to the pan. I knew how to fix that too. Got out my heavy duty plastic film. I cut it down to size. I made a curtain that hung into the pan. I attached the top of it to the wall with packing tape. The last problem was keeping the pan clean. I put plastic grocery bags in the tiny trash can to collect the used litter. There the used litter sat open in the trash can until it was trash day. Yuck! Where I tied up the bag & then carried the trash can & all to dump the bag in the trash can. I could never trust the plastic grocery bags to hold up to take them to the trash can by themself. So Candie does all her business in the bathroom pan & Brownie pees in it too. Great, I have seven litter pans in the basement for three cats & only one & half cats are using them.

The USP man brought the box on a Wed. here in St. Louis. I opened it. It came from Petco. We had gotten stuff from before. According to the invoice it was ordered on Monday & shipped that day from outside Chicago. I loved the shipping box. It was a really good sturdy box. We will reuse it to ship Christmas presents in a few weeks. The Litter Genie was packaged with really stiff brown kraft paper. What a blessing no shipping peanuts to take to the USP store to recycle. I thought of keeping the kraft paper & reusing it. But I decided to recycle it & out it went into the recycle bin. I looked over the Litter Genie. It had arrived in perfect condition. Of course, I set it up there on the spot. But it is getting late now. That will me a story for another day....

The timeliness, package & shipping of this item from, I would give it 5 out of 5 paws!!




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