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Home:Watsonville, CA  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 15 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 12 lbs.

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Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
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Quick Bio:
-mixed breed-cat rescue

October 15th 2001


To have his belly rubbed. He also likes to butt his head to be petted.

He doesn't like it when the kitten, Spyder, tries to take over his space.

Favorite Toy:
Two chasers that used to belong to Keli. Occasionally, I find him quietly playing with a mousie.

Favorite Nap Spot:
On the bookcase headboard to my bed, right behind my pillows.

Favorite Food:
cruncy salmon treats and petromalt

Ninja is and escape artist. He can rip open a screen in no time! He is also very adept at sneaking out the door whenever anyone comes and goes. It has been a challenge to keep him inside.


Arrival Story:
I was looking for a companion for Jeffery, and thought to find an older cat, like him, so they could live a peaceful co-existence. The shelter in Pacific Grove had pictures of available Cats on their website. There was an older female calico and I thought I would drive down and take a look at her. I was totally shocked to see her. She didn't look at all like her picture. It was kind of like when you look at one of those dating sites and someone puts a very lovely picture of themselves and you meet them in person and are very surprised that they don't look at all like what you expected. This lady cat must have weighed about twenty pounds!!! I could not even pick her up! What a disappointment. I drove all that way for nothing! I had already seen the other cats they had on their website and read their bios, and none would have been appropriate for Jeffery, or me. But, just as I was ready to leave, I noticed a shiny black cat in a bottom cage. I asked to see him. He wasn't all that interested in coming out, but with a little coaxing he let me pick him up. He nudged me then, and started purring. I held him and walked up and down with him. I noticed that as we passed the other cages he was interested in the other cats. I got just close enough to see how he would behave toward other cats and he was friendly. I thought, this is the one. He is older, age seven, and it just so happened that he had the same body build and appearance of Keli's parents. I learned that Ninja was raised in a house with two dogs. The couple who surrendered him did so because they were going through a divorce. His name was Kobe. Because he was an older cat, and I am a senior, I got him for a very reduced fee. He easily got into the travel crate. It wasn't until I was on the way home that I learned that he had a very loud and low toned voice. If her were a person he would be a baritone! I talked to him while driving, when I could get a word in edgewise and he calmed down for the rest of the very long drive.

Ninja adjusted very well to his new home. He is very affectionate. I love that he will roll over onto his back to have his belly rubbed. An odd thing about him is that he switches his tail back and forth like a dog when he is happy. He makes a low groan or growl sound when he is not happy, which is only if he is being picked up when he wants to stay put. He has never responded to the name Kobe. In fact whenever we have called him by that name, he has headed in the opposite direction as if he thinks he is being yelled at or going to be punished. Perhaps it is behavior he learned from the dogs. It didn't take long for his new name to happen as my boyfriend thinks of Ninjas when he looks at him. I spent a couple days cuddling with him and saying his new name over and over again, and he soon learned to associate it with love and now comes when called by his new name. As I mentioned in Jeffery's bio, Ninja was to be a companion for Jeffrey. That didn't work out very well, but it did help Jeffery to start eating again, because of the competition for the food. Thanks to the competition, Ninja has put on weight since his adoption, which was April 12 of this year... 2009. Now, I feed Jeffery separately and have begun Ninja on a diet. He likes to play, but needs encouragement, as he would rather lay at the head of my bed and look out upon the world or sleep. This cat SNORES! He snores so loud, I think he needs a C-PAP machine! He wakes me up at night, sometimes. When Bambi was adopted, Ninja and she got along very well, slept beside each other and shared the cat condo. But, since Spyder has joined us, they have grown apart. Ninja would rather be with me or my boyfriend, instead. Ninja has been my "escape artist" finding every way possible to try to sneak out between our legs when we opened the door. Occasionally he would break free and run around in the garden from the front of the house to the back. It wouldn't take me long to encourage him to come back in but it seemed he was satisfied that he had gotten outside. Ninja died just two months before his 12th birthday on August 15, 2012 He had liver cancer. Very rare for a cat, I understand. He had been sick for about six months. He's now buried out front in the garden. Run free Ninja!

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Ninja Samurai Wussy Cat Journal

Highlight of the Day: Sushi

September 21st 2009 5:11 am
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First.... I am so happy that I have been invited to be a member of the Blackies group.

With the venerable old man and the two younger ones of our family, I sort of feel like the odd one out, the forgotten one, the... ah hem! the black sheep. Well, now I can have some autonomy! I look forward to it.

The kids (Bambi and Spyder) and the old man, (Jeffery) are asleep and I've got the computer to myself. Today was an unusual day. We had unexpected visitors. Well, maybe Elizabeth knew they were coming, but she certainly didn't tell any of us. We only found out when she gathered us together and put us all in the spare room. Well, except for Jeffery. He doesn't like to hang out with us. The few times she tried to put him together with us, he was so mean, and poor Bambi cried at the door until Elizabeth opened it. Jeffery ran out straight to the front door and begged to be let out. She always gives in to him! He is the only one allowed out. I guess cause he doesn't go very far. I know if I got out I would check out the whole neighborhood and not come back til I was done. I'm sure Elizabeth knows this quite well, cause she keeps an eye on me and I get a squirt from the water bottle any time I get too close to the door. But, I just want to smell! So, I have to use my ninja tricks to sneak past her so I can hang out by the door. A guy can just sniff the air can't he? I really must get out there sometime if I can just find a way. After I torn the holes in the screens those first two times I got out, they fixed it so I can't do that anymore. So, finding a way out is more challenging now.

Back to the visitors. Elizabeth's son came with his friend. So, we were introduced one at a time. I can tell her son really likes me, so I just sort of sleepily ignored him, while he stroked me. Ninjas must keep their emotions under control and not let others know what they are thinking! Since I was in the bedroom up on my special place of honor on the bookcase headboard, I didn't watch as the guests were led into the other room to meet Bambi.

Oh, she is such a hussy! Kissing up to them like that. Straining her neck to be rubbed and squirming to their sweet talk. I'm not jealous, I just think her immaturity gets in the way of her maintaining any sense of dignity.

I was surprised at Spyder's reaction. He is always so interested in everything. Always checking things out, always strutting through the house as though it was his to conquer (well it is, actually), it never occurred to me that he might not be wanting to be associated with introductions.

Elizabeth had to go hunt him down. Once she finally found him she carried him out to the living room like she was about to show off a precious treasure. Well, I guess he is in a way. Though, I know this family would not be able to function without my guardianship. I learned how to be a guardian from my previous life. I mean the home I lived in before I came here. My Sensei's were two dogs. They weren't very good at teaching me how to meditate. They said I was better at focus and concentration than them. Guarding, on the other hand, was more difficult to learn. I can wag my tale well to welcome someone, but I just never got the barking down to a fine art. My Sensei's did tell me, tough, that my deep throated warning meows are very effective. And I must agree. A good guarder doesn't need to come across as a wild cat, or a grumply old man wild cat. One needs some finesse to carry off the job appearing threatening without appearing to be a danger. Appearing too dangerous can end up in very bad situations, about which I have only heard whispers.

Well, on with my story. Where was I? Oh, yeah. There was Spyder hiding out, trying to make himself invisible. That doesn't work very well if you are going to come running the second a feather toy is waved in front of you! So he was taken out to meet the guests. I could sense his distress. Even though they admired his oddly matched eyes and praised his pretty white hair and complimented him on his little black top hat, he was having none of it. Never relaxed, never warmed up and worst of all, never got the petting, cuddling and attention he deserved. I will have to take him under my wing and teach him how to greet guests more calmly.

They all went away for a while so we listened to the stereo while they were gone. I love it when the traditional Japanese music is on. Bambi is into the sentimental music called "torch songs". I can see why. Those high female voices have great modulations. They actually can resonate quite well with our own tonal qualities. Spyder is totally clueless about music as of yet. Though, I notice he gets really calm when there is harp music playing.

When Elizabeth and her son returned, this time there were three other females with them. It was quite exciting, as they all smelled of fish. I could smell them when they first arrived. They were still outside and one of the girls offered sushi to Jeffery. He turned his nose up at it and walked away. Go figure!!!

So when they all came inside, Bambi and Spyder were out there in the living room in a flash. They were right up their sniffing fingers and everything. So we were all given little morsels of sushi. It was really quite delicious. We were all sad when they went away.

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