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Summertime and the livin is easy

June 29th 2012 10:22 am
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It's so hot outside that mommy won't let me out. She insists that it's too hot and I can get sick out there. Daddy took out my brother and he got overheated last night, it really scared me. But he's feeling all better now. I think we'll just settle for sitting in our condo with the AC going while we look out the window. Mom says it's safer for us anyway, especially now that we live in a place with lot of traffic. Traffic, whatever that is. Mom is so weird.

Speaking of mommy being weird. I wonder why she gets so flustered when I bite and lick her face in the early hours of the morning. Silly mommy, doesn't she know that I get fed when I say so? :) Meow!


A New Year Another Year Older

February 16th 2012 4:13 pm
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I've managed to make it to my 12th birthday on Valentine's Day. Despite years of Diabetes, Asthma, ear infections and having tumors removed and much more medical fun I've made it! I know my mom is happy that I'm still here and still happy. Just between you and me, I think she's kinda crazy and a bit of a clinger, but it's okay, I love her anyway. I've been spoiled with fresh fish, lobster and even my favorite thing ever, CHEESE! It's been a really good week. My brother is as annoying as ever but what's new? Till next time my friends. Mew.

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