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Home:Harare, Zimbabwe  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 5 Years   Sex: Female

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Mayzie, Lady Gardiva, Sexsie, Sweetness, Akimo Girl

Kitty Complexion:
sleepyvery active
not curiousvery curious
not vocalvery vocal

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-part feral-pound cat-cat rescue

September 13th 2008


Mostly I like to be kissed.

I still don't have any in-spite of all that happened to me

Favorite Toy:
Ambie, Johnie, Janie, Midnight

Favorite Nap Spot:
Anywhere where I would be left alone and smell much of my mommy's or daddy's scent...

Favorite Food:
Yammmm!!! Cheeeeecken.

But of course. Apart from being professional secretary to my Daddy in his home office (from a very young age), I am very skilled in communicating with spirit beings, public relations and guardianship.

indoors and outdoors

Arrival Story:
I was lucky. She was the right person at the right time in the right place. That's why I was lucky. My bro was taken earlier that morning by a very smelly human. That human smelt of rats. I knew that she wanted us for a rat killer, not to share their lives with us. I hate rats. Our cat-mother told us all about humans like that. So, I hid. My bro was gone. I was very sad and lonely. No-one to play with. We were only 6 weeks of age. Later that morning this new lady with her husband walked into my enclosure in a shelter. She smelt good, she smelt of good food. My nose twitched and I crawled out of my hiding. She picked me up and said that I was very cute. She took me out of the enclosure and brought me to the office with her. She put me on her lap and stroked me while all formalities were done. Then the office man said that I will have to go back to the enclosure, because she couldn't take me until her house was inspected and approved suitable for me. I didn't want to go back. I liked this woman's lap. I was nice and quiet and sweet, so that this lady wouldn't change her mind. As if she understood me - she refused to take me back. Then I knew that she will be my mommy for sure. Her nice husband offered to take inspector to their house and bring him back in his car, while we were waiting here. Office humans agreed because it was something new to them and kinda sweet as they said. So it was. After about 2 hours they came back and all was over with. I also got a surprise when I found that they adopted a puppy as well and we played in the car all the way to our new home. That was how I became guardian of my new mommy and daddy.

Now I have a large family to look after. My three new sisters and a new bro are sweet darlings. All of them were adopted later. I love them to bits, but sometimes I have to discipline them when they mis-behave. They respect me because I am the boss of the house. I like being boss. But I am a nice boss, not a bossy one. Even Mia (my puppy-friend) respects me and doesn't argue. She is only 2 weeks older than me. I have become quite timid and don't like to be picked up by humans. That happened since I had a treatment at vets' when I was very sick some time ago. My mommy curses herself that she agreed for me to be sedated for a treatment instead of full anesthetic. Just because I remember all that was done to me - I have become more negative towards humans and other occurring encounters. I just don't like being stroked anymore, unless I'm asleep. I still love to be kissed though, especially on my paws. Mom does it a lot, cos she knows that I love it. Well by now: 28-11-2011 My love for dogs caused me one of my lives.

Lives Remaining:
8 of 9

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Miss Misterious

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♥All Fur Fun♥, ***The Pet's Fun Forum***, FANCYPANTS CAFE, Welcome Waggin' for Dogsters and Catsters, Cats and Dogs Rock!, Dogster/catster contests galore, Frends of Skeezix (FOS), light a candle...., Pups N Purrs, Silly Sab Stories, Stunning photos, ~~~*♥Dog Park USA♥*~~~

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4 month old extremely horny kitty

Day Dreamer:

My feline family and some other fun stuff.

My family is the most important thing to me.
Thanks to Mommy of our dear friend Daisy Glass for making this Pic for us.

Look what my dearest friend Pigeon gave me for guessing his clues! and these are only two pics here, but he gave me six of them!

I've Been On Catster Since:
September 16th 2009 More than 4 years!

Rosette, Star and Special Gift History

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I drove over a feral kitten on my way to work. (mom's story)

October 3rd 2012 3:06 am
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This is a story that happened to my human mom recently:

At about 6:30am I was driving to work.
There wasn't much traffic, but I always go slow - about 60km per hour.

Then ahead I saw a little lump on a road ahead and started braking as I could, but the mini bus was overtaking me, and I had to drive on. That enabled me to see that it was a small kitten, and it was alive, just sitting frozen in the middle of the slow lane.

Bad news for me: I was in shock as I was driving over the kitten hoping not to touch it with my wheels.
I then stopped, reversed with emergency lights on to pick up the kitten or what's left of it.
Good news for the kitten: It was so frozen and still, so he/she didn't move and was left untouched by my car when I passed over placing the kitten between my wheels.

I picked up the baby and it then showed some resistance, kitten didn't like to be picked up. It scratched and bit and thrashed in my arms, but I held it close and managed to let it out in my car. No need to say that my coat was smelly then. Poor scared little one!

I then turned around and came back home. I couldn't go to work that day.
I parked under the carport in the shade with windows just enough open for kitten not to get out.

I couldn't let kitten out in my yard, because it could have ran out again, or perhaps would have greatly upset my six cats and two dogs, and who knows what else!
I gave it food and water in the car, but the kitten didn't even eat.
By the look of it - the kitten is about 6 to 7 weeks old and should be able to eat on its own.

It took the whole morning for my DH and myself to organize delivery of the kitten to our rescue place.
During this time the baby went around the car, settled, but with approach of us humans it would run and hide.
Then the kitten ended up inside the dashboard of my car and I had to unscrew all there is to open the space for it to get out.

Eventually I managed to catch the kitten with my coat and put it in the carrier and my DH took it to the vets, where the kitten was sedated and had the routine treatments against ticks, fleas, worms, and vaccinated.
I couldn't come with him, for I was already attached to kitten and can't say goodbyes.

After that he/she was picked up by Friends' Foundation for Animals (our local rescue organization).

Kittens like that always find good homes from Friends Foundation after being tamed, so I'm happy about this little one.
And if some rescued cats don't find homes - they live forever in that place - they never destroy any animal.

I so wish I could have a very large place and good income to make a good home for as many cats as need saving, but only I can do is make sure they survive and with help of others find other good homes.

************************************************** **

And this is me May speaking:
I'm glad that mom didn't let kitten out in our home, the six of us just have not enough place in our yard for more then six.
Yes, six.
About half a year ago a four month old kitten walked in on us and we didn't chase her away.
She claimed our place to be hers as well and immediately adopted our Daddy and Mommy as her own. So She stayed.
Trudy is a member of our family now, and one day she will start her own page too.


I must update my furrry firends on what has happend to me.

March 10th 2012 4:11 am
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Yes, I was very, very sick for a long while.
But thanks to CS that mom got - I am now totally healthy and my wound is totally closed - Yay!!!

I want to thank every fur who sent me their healing vibes too.

Well, mom used colloidal silver to flush my horrible wound with and since then we took no trip to a vet - all started to recover and it was great!!!

Now I'm healthy and alive due to all of you guys and due to that miracle substance!!

Fancy what I went through in order to get well!!!

Hello once again to all my dear friends - I'm happy and healthy kitty now!!!, playful more than ever!!!


Colloidal Silver works!!! An update with good news!

January 9th 2012 6:05 am
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First off I would like to thank you everyone who prayed for me and sent me your healing vibes, and for your wonderful gifts too!

Here is what happened:

On 5th January 2012 in the afternoon the lady came with 5 litre bottle of Colloidal Silver and she charged mom only $25 for it.

She explained everything about the product and it is properly made in a special generator that she has from pure silver and distilled water.

It looks just like water and mom first thing drank some herself before trying it on me. She says that it also tastes like water with a bit of metallic feel in a mouth, just like lady said it would.

Lady helped mom to flush my wound that same time and then 2 hours later mom flushed it again with SC, and later still she applied a soaked cotton wool in SC covering whole of my leg and held it for as long as I'd sit on her lap. (Well, I'm not really a lap-cat, but that was about whole 5 minutes.)

That same evening I have become very alive and active, I ate a lot and was participating in my usual activities.

In the morning on 6th I had another one flush at 7:00am, I ate well again.
That morning at 8:00am was my last visit to vets for now.
My temperature was 39.2 after stressing in a car and I'm tired of going to doctors for more than a month almost every day!
Mom took CS to them and doctor who attended to me on that bad day was called to look. Both of them are putting their wits together in my treatment. He had a plan that they would put me under for the third time, cut up the wound again, re-stitch it and use stronger special stuff that he is planning to get for me.
This stuff (forgot the name of it) is suppose to irritate my flesh a lot to force healing.

But when this doctor saw me - he could not believe he is seeing the same wound!

So, they flushed me again with CS that mom brought - and there was no discharge no dead tissue in a wound.
Straight away both doctors decided to take me off drugs and didn't give me any injections (Horray!!!)
They said that cutting me up again shall now be put off as a last resort if CS doesn't work well.

They told mom to continue using CS at home and not bring me in unless she worries for some reason and that she must keep them updated on email and ask any questions if need be.
So, that was good.
(For you know - mom is a biologist too, not a vet, but she can give injections, treat wounds and take temperature without assistance), cos see - I'm a good cat, even in vet surgery everyone likes me.

On Saturday the 7th mom worried a lot about me, even that my temperature was only 39 and I kept eating a lot.
I just want to eat up and gain all I lost.
On 7th it was my due for dexamethasone which made me eat and kept my temperature in check (and I'm off of it now). So mom worried because I slept almost the whole day, but well, a cat needs to sleep some time, isn't that so?

I had all my due flushes with CS and compresses and that evening I went 'bananas' according to mom. I climbed a roof of the house and was very active too.

Up till now my wound is very clean, and when flushed - there is just a bit of clean blood comes and wound is wet and red with healthy water-like coverage - that is what vets looked for all along, meaning the tissues of a muscle are healthy and ready to heal, not yellowish-dry and not brownish-dead. So, mom reduced flushes to 2 times a day from 4 and still does the compress.
I don't get CS orally, but I lick around my wound after treatment, so I get just a bit. This CS is a weaker solution that clever lady made, and vets said - that was very good, because mom told her it was for a cat, so she made it safe.

But boy-oh-boy it works so far.
I just need to gain more strength and my body will start healing, so we hope, meaning that wound should start closing from the depth of it.

Mom still doesn't give me any supplements by mouth, because I use to vomit anything put there, but in time mom wants to resume with vitamins. We use some tonics and vitamins here that are for human children and safe for animals - those that vets prescribe.
We don't have a luxury of buying special stuff on the internet and there is nothing produced for us in our lovely country, MOL!

Well the 'pocket' in my leg is still very deep, but considering all that I went through - it might take time to heal as long as there is no infection there, and there isn't now.

That's all for now, will post update some time later.

Love & Light to everyone,

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