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A Forever Home!

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Holy Monkey!

August 25th 2014 7:21 pm
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He hee...I am super surprised dat da diary entry is working! Hoohway! Now Mommy just needs to hope she members how to decowate our pages! Weez only haz a tablet now...puters all broked. Anywayz, I iz about to have my 5th gotcha day soon! Can't beweeve I has been in my home fur dat long awready! Auntie Hazel Lucy sended me a receiving blanket that Mommy ordered last minute when her found out she was getting me from Siamese Rescue! I still has it! I am waiting for Mommy to get our house ready for fall and to put all of our cozy blankies back where we likes them! Meanwhile, I sure hopes to be back real soon, furriends! Goodnightz! LOVE, Minka!


Been a loooong time!

January 3rd 2012 6:27 pm
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Hello and Happy New Year! Mommy and I are really missing Catster lately. Mommy has been checking in a lil bit more, and was surprised to see Catster advertising for a local Vet Clinic that ENCOURAGES declawing....Wha wha whaaaat? Have things really changed that much? Yikes!

Well, we hope to be back soon, but we must make this quick! Poor Mommy has to return to work tomorrow. She had 14 days off, which was nice....However, she got the blues and slept a lot, (which us kitties loved!) She also ate too much, and didn't get as much work done as she had planned. Oh well, maybe returning to her busy schedule will at least get her out of her blue mood. She will be non-stop through out January....working late writing curriculum and doing after school activities, and also starting her online Grad School courses. Report cards and conferences are also coming up in January. She is really stressing right now! Hopefully the month will fly by and she can relax a bit in February!

Well, take care everyone! We miss you and hope to be back soon! Love, Minka


I love I love I love My Calendar Girl....

May 31st 2011 9:20 pm
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Well...My reign as Little Miss May is ending tonight. Mommy is so sad....she lubs lookin at my picture every morning. Maybe she should just keep the calendar on May all year? Thank you all for the Birthday Blessings...Mommy is so sorry...she's been gardening, learning to mow her own lawn now that there's no more daddy person here...and it's the last few weeks of school...busy bee, she is! To top it off...she has to do summer school...and...her neck is STILL hurting...after the whiplash injury from 1 1/2 years she's starting PT again. Will things ever be easy for us ever? Well, I sure try..I am a really loving little snuggle bear took me over a year and a half...but I got there! I must say...I wish I would have done it sooner!

Take care everyone! Loves, Minks!


A song for me!

May 25th 2011 4:53 pm
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Mommy is at it again! Makin up stuff....

Happy Birthday to you...
My baby is two!!!
I really love you, I do...
Happy Birthday, Minka Moo!


Still lovin my mommy!

March 9th 2011 4:10 pm
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Yep! I am still lovin Mommy! I spent so long playing hard to get....and the last 2 months I have been such a loving girl! I want Mommy all the time! I even want her Nike symbol on her shirt! She laughs at me when I scratch and bite at it! She says I am silly! She is so happy that i have finally come around....I was worth the wait, she says! We talk all of the time too....I no longer run from Grandma either!


Tagged by Penelope and Minko!

February 5th 2011 3:56 pm
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I've been tagged in a new game! List 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do, then tag 5 friends to do the same and put it in their diaries.

Here goes:

1) I loathe having a jingle bell collar. Yep, Just like Penny said! I was once forced to try on a collar, and I ran and ran until exhaustion forced me to hide under a bed....NEVER do that to me!

2) Trying to pet me while wearing winter coats and hats! Sc ScscScary!

3) Dropping the remote control when I'm settled in on Mommy's lap....HATE that thud! Then she moves to get it....then I have to move....too much!

4) Letting our food run out...we are good at being free fed, but sometimes the dishes go empty and I have to wake that Mommy up....she should know better!

5) Getting out dishes to feed herself...the noise makes me think I AM getting Fancy dishes clattering are almost always for her to feed her Fancy Face! Hmmmph!

Now, I would tag someone...but I see the game has been goin' round for over a week now, so maybe I'll just let anyone reading this Tag themselves...IF YOU DO...leave me a message so I can read your answers! Winks from the Minks! Mmmmmwwwwahhh!


My First Blizzard!

January 31st 2011 3:49 pm
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I don't know what a Blizzard is...I know what a lizard is....we have a toy one around here somewhere.....So, I'm hoping it's sumethin fun! Mommy says she hopes to get a "Snow Day" from school....but isn't crossing her paws yet. Afterall, Chicagoland weather is impossible to predict she says....So, we are waiting and watchin!

Mommy went to the store for 2 things....she said she'd never seen such meanies in her life! There was a line for people waiting for carts...NO one smiling....Mommy hates that cuz she talks to EVERYONE....NOT today...the peeps were acting crazy....Like they were going to be snowed in for months or sumethin! She got her chicken and got outta there! I is glad, I luvs chicken!

Stay warm! Love, Minka


About time!!!!

January 26th 2011 7:59 pm
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Mommy is sooo excited! I seem to have "crossed" over a stage in my "skittish" ways.....Suddenly I am super snuggly! You see, I was friendly when I was adopted, went through a scaredy cat phase for a few months, only wanted Andy, then I started to come to Mommy ONLY when she was watchin TV or laying down.....Slowly, over the past year, I have been coming to her more and more for pets and scritchins, and to taste her food. Now, the past couple of weeks I am talking to her and climbing on her and purring up a storm! I don't run when she first gets home from work....I even let Grandma pet me today and I didn't run! I love my mommy and I think I have finally grown up and I know now that she is mine! I was so happy to see her today...we talked and talked, and I even played with my Starchaser, like old times! Mommy hopes this will last....she's always loved me, but has been aching for that "bond", and it seems like it is finally happening! I make eye contact with her and even stare at her now! She's loving it! Mmwwahhhh! Minka


Computer access (our puter is down!)

December 25th 2010 3:22 pm
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Hi everyone! We wanted to say Merry Christmas! We are at a family function and are borrowing a computer, so we only have a minute! We miss you all so much and are devastated we couldn't be on Catster to send messages and tell you all how much we appreciate your friendship. I promise we will figure out something soon....just hope it doesn't cost a lot to fix! I hope you are all having a wonderful time. Thank you for the messages, cards, and rosettes! We are so happy to have friends like you! We must get back to the family gathering.....see you soon! Love, Minka!


My very first Gotcha Day!

September 19th 2010 9:14 pm
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Wow! It's hard to believe I has been here for a year!!! Mommy keeps giving me kisses and squishes....she's crazy, I say! I is so happy here wifs my sisfur Purrsia, my brofurs Arli and Andy, and my doggie brofur Augie. I am thankful to have a home and wish all kitties could have what I have. Thank you so much for the gifties and the nice comments about me winning the Calendar Contest! Mommy had a rough weekend....a rough week actually, so she hasn't been able to write our diaries like she planned.

This is what we've been through this past week:

Mommy's brother's father in law had emergency surgery, 12 hours later, Mommy's brother went to ER in pain, turns out he has kidney rocks or somethin....ouch!

Then, the sad news....Daddy's step-grandpa went to Heaven....we found out Saturday morning....then, the VET called and Augie has Cushing's Disease....

Too much to handle....but we shall get through this and will be in touch soon.

Love you all and have a great week! Purrs for all! Minkster

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