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From Rex's throne

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I'm 4 years old today

April 1st 2011 12:56 am
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I can't believe it that I'm 4 years old already. My brofur Max and I are having a great time tonight. We aren't having a pawty because my momcat has to work, but we are having fun anyway. She promised us treats and our favorite food in the morning when she comes home from work. In the meantime we will pawty all night long and pretend to be good boys when she comes home. We are lucky because we get to have a pawty on the fourth which is Simba's birthday. We are lucky to have pawties and fun without momcat to know what we've been up to. We'll never tell.


I was tagged by Xena the princess warrior

March 20th 2011 5:16 pm
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1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
Yes I wake her up all the time. I love to play at night. I am very smart about it though, whenever she wakes up, I am sleeping next to her. She doesn't know it's me.

2. Do you ever tear up things?
Yes, if I find things like paper and plastic I will chew them.

3. What is your favorite treat?
Chicken real human chicken

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
No, I am not a dog

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
Yes, I lived in a foster house for a little while. The very first time I was taken to adoptions my mommy found me.

Thank you Xena for tagging me. I'm going to go tag some friends and anybody who wants to play.


Happy St Paddy's day to you all

March 17th 2011 9:01 am
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I hope you all have a furtastic St Paddy's day. Tell your humans to be safe but have fun. I hope you all are going to get lots of treats and lovings like we are.

There has been so many kitties crossing the bridge, we are purring for their families here on earth. May their journies be safe and pain free.

Let's continute to pray and purr for the people and animals of Japan.


The birdies are back

March 5th 2011 6:45 pm
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I just love this time of year. There are so many birdies to watch. They love to eat the doggie food so we have lots to watch. I lay in the sunbeam and watch those birdies for hours. I got so excited today, I almost hit the glass door to get to them. After watching kitty TV today, I fell asleep in the warm heat of the afternoon sunbeam. I was dreaming of birdies and butterflies, then that crazy Abby woke me up. All she wants to do is play. She wouldnt' leave me alone, so I hid from her in the closet and fell asleep. A purrfect day in paradise.


Butterflies from Heaven

February 12th 2011 7:43 am
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I had such a great day yesterday. I got two cards in the mail from my lovely Queen Tallulah. There were beautiful pictures and cards and a special butterfly from heaven. I slept with the purrty butterfly and I dreamed of my Queen Tallulah and her wonderful butterfly garden. She visits me when I dream. I love to dream that we are walking in her garden. When I wake, I am always happy and smiling because of my dreams of you. Thank you for being my special friend.


New cat tree

January 24th 2011 3:15 pm
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My mommy was putting up our new floor to ceiling cat tree today. Our old one was falling apart from so much use. She was holding the tree and putting it together. I could not wait any longer. I jumped up on it and started to scratch and climb. I suprised my mommy, she almost let go of it, I was starting to tumble to the ground but she caught it. She told me to get down so she could attach the top and put it up. I just kept on scratching. She had to call her daughter on her cell phone to come out of her bedroom and help her. Her daughter held the tree while my mommy grabbed me and put me on the floor. My mommy was laughing so hard. She put it up after that and we have been having a great time. I just love new cat furniture.


Happy New Year

December 29th 2010 8:31 pm
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Today has been a cold, windy and dreary day. It's raining now and it may snow tonight in Vegas. How could that happen, I live in the desert. I've just been chillaxing and staying warm in the new bed we got for Christmas. My momcat went back to work tonight so we are going to cause lots of trouble because she's not here to catch us. My mom thinks I'm pretty near purrfect, little does she know what I do when she's gone. It will be a new year in just a couple of days. I hope you all have a furtastic new years, stay safe.


My Christmas List

December 16th 2010 7:36 pm
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Dear Santa

I have been a good boy this year, well mostly anyway. It wasn't me that broke that lamp. We boyz like to play hard sometimes and accidents just happen. I haven't whacked Spice and Tutti very much this year. I haven't been mean to Abby either. I like watching her because she is crazy. I have been giving my mommy lots of love sessions because she loves them so much. I would like a new cat tree, I love cat furniture, if you could fit one in your sleigh for me, I would really appreciate it. Would you please keep the homeless kitties in your thoughts and take care of them, maybe find some of them a good home, that would be pawsome Santa. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this Santa, we love you.


OMC I'm DDP Today

December 9th 2010 1:10 pm
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OMC I couldn't believe my purrty eyes, when I saw my handsome face as DDP today. Thank you diary gal fur choosing me. I want to thank all my friends who sent me lovely concats and gifties. thank you so much for sharing my day with me. The best gift of all is your friendship. Thanks to you all, I am having a pawsome day.


Giving my toys away

November 29th 2010 2:03 pm
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My mommy thinks she is so smart but I know what she has been doing today. She is gathering all our toys together and is going to throw the yucky ones away and give the gently used ones away to kitties who don't have any. I also saw her bring home new toys and put them in a stocking. She will fill that stocking up and give all those toys away. She doesn't know that I've seen her do this before, she does it every year at this time. That means it must be time for Christmas and Santa Paws. I sure hope I get lots of new toys to replace the ones she is giving away. A kitty can't have too many toys to play with.

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