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Simon Sez!

I went to the vet today!

February 5th 2010 6:17 pm
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What a day! Mommy took me to the vet today! On the drive there, I started to meow and cry. I kept looking at mommy wondering where we were going. When we got there I could smell all the animals and suddenly I was nervous. They took me in a room and I kept looking around. Then I was weighed...almost 11lbs! I heard mommy say something about 3 shots! Three! What!? The vet was very nice and she looked in my mouth and listened to my heart. It must have been beating very fast! Then she gave me a shot in my hiney! Mommy says I was very good but when the second and third one came I wasn't very happy. I hissed and growled! Mommy has never heard me hiss or growl before! Well, shots in the hiney will do that to you! Mommy had to cuddle me and I wanted in my carrier away from all the hurt and confusion. When we arrived at home mommy let me out to the comfort of my home and surroundings. Yippee! Back at home! Mommy told me how proud she was of me then gave me some TUNA! Oh thank you mommy! I love tuna! I must be a big boy! Now, I'm off to take a catnap. It was a busy day.

Hugs and purrs,

Purred by: Pigeon - misses you! :( (Catster Member)

February 7th 2010 at 1:19 am

Hi Simon! I hope your feeling O.K. from the reaction you got from the shots! Please, keep me posted! I'll keep you in my Purrs, buddie! Hope you're feeling like yourself again soon! :)
Purred by: Edgar ~ Precious Angel (Catster Member)

February 7th 2010 at 11:55 am

Ouch! Three shots in the hinie and a scary visit to the vet don't sound like any fun at all! It's a good thing she gave you that tuna to make up fur things a little.




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