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Simon Sez!

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Happy 7th Birthday!

November 23rd 2014 2:09 pm
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Oh my! Today is my 7th Birthday and I want to thank all my furiends for all the gifts and love sent my way! I just love Catster and all my pals! So glad we all all here and sticking through all the changes. I know good things will come to those who wait! I promise to send thank yous to all my wonderful pals!

Hugs and purrs,


Mom took me to the vet today!

April 30th 2014 8:54 pm
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Well, today I was scooped up and taken to see a new vet clinic today! It's been almost 4 yrs since my last visit. Mom has been a bit nervous about taking me back since the last time I had vaccines I had a bit of a reaction. This is an all cat clinic which mom liked! It's very nice and they even have their own office cat named Christina! I did pretty good but did cry on the trip there and was scared in the office. My temp was high and so was my heart rate! Geez! Who wouldn't be a bit nervous considering I didn't know what mom or these people were up to?! They weighed me and I'm 14.5 lbs! The vet said I could lose a few pounds so mom is going to start monitoring my feedings. Uh oh! She also thought I could use a dental in the near future since I do have plaque build up. Since I had a reaction to my last vaccines she suggested giving me one vaccine with an antihistamine prior which helps with reactions. I growled and hissed when they gave me the shots! I wasn't too happy! Mom says she never hears me hiss except when I get shots! Well, who wouldn't hiss with all that! Anyways, everything else was good and I should go back in a few weeks for the next vaccine. Maybe if I hide she won't find me!

Glad Catster is back up and running and we can visit with our pals once again!

Hugs and purrs,
Simon(with a sore butt)


It's Not Goodbye But Until We Meet Again!

January 19th 2014 12:32 pm
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Hello my dear furiends!

I can't believe this will be my last diary here at Catster. The news came as such a shock to so many of us and we all here are still in a bit of denial. When we first joined Catster we really didn't know how it worked or what things were but when we started to receive furiend requests and little gifts it was so exciting and we felt like part of the community! So many wonderful furiends we have made and wonderful memories over the years! We never thought it would end! It felt like a big family where we could come to play and support each other when there were birthdays, Gotcha Day anniversaries, DDPs, COTD, DOTD and Bridge anniversaries. We helped each other through all the good times and when things weren't so good we were all there to lend some Power of the Paw! We never heard of POTP until Catster but it sure does help those we love!

I want to thank you all for the love and support you have given me during my time here on Catster. The memories will last furever and I will keep you close to my heart no matter where you may go! Mom does want to look for another group where we can meet up with our pals so please let us know where you are going. Take care of yourselves pawsome furiends and keep love close to your heart!

Even though Catster may be coming to an end please know this is not goodbye but until we meet again!

Hugs and purrs,


My Gotcha Day!!

November 30th 2013 6:42 pm
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Whoo hoo!! Today is my 5th Gotcha Day! What a week it has been! First it was my Birthday, then I had the honor of being DOTD! And today it's my Gotcha Day! I want to thank you all for the pmails, comments and gifts! I love all my friends here on Catster and thank you all for the love! I promise to send thank yous to each of you!

Hugs and purrs,


I'm Diary of the Day!!

November 25th 2013 2:54 pm
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Whoo hoo!! I can't believe I'm the Diary of the Day! What a pawsome week I'm having! I just celebrated my 6th Birthday and still have thank you's to send out and now another honor! Thank you Catster and Diary gal for picking me! And I'm honored to be on the same page with my pawsome pal Hobo who is the Cat of the Week!! Concats on your honor Hobo! Mom says if I'm not careful I'm gonna get a big head! MOL! Thank you to all my pawsome pals for all the pmails, comments, gifts and more! I better get busy on those thank you's!!

Hugs and purrs,


Today's my 6th Birthday!!!

November 23rd 2013 5:05 pm
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Yippee!! What a pawsome day it has been! Mom told me today that it's my 6th Birthday and has been giving me smooches and kisses all day! I've even seen some extra tuna in my bowl today! I've also received so many wonderful gifts, comments and pmails from all my pawsome pals here at Catster! Thank you all so very much! You have made my day extra special and mom and I thank you! I promise to send thank you's to everyone!

Hugs and purrs,


I'm a DDPick!!!

November 5th 2013 9:12 am
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Whoo hoo!!! Mom just woke me up to let me know I'm a Diary Pick!! Thank you Dairy Gal for me me and all the wonderful furs who are picks as well! Congrats to all! Thank you to all my furiends who have sent pamils, comments and gifts! You are pawsome!

And I have a shout out for my pawsome pals Yoda & Spencer who are in a contest! They could really use your votes! You can vote as many times as you can so if you can spare a few they would really appreciate it!

VOTE for Yoda and Spencer!

Also if you are on FB, their doggie brofurs Marley and Sailor are in a contest too and could use a few more "likes" on their photo. They are dressed as a lion and a zebra. You can find them in the 4th row on the LH side. Thank you pals!

VOTE for Marley and Sailor!

Have a pawsome day pals!!!

Hugs and purrs,


Happy Halloween!!!!

October 31st 2013 2:03 pm
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Just want to wish all my pawsome Catster furiends a Happy Halloween! Whether you get dressed up or not I hope your day is filled with lots of fun and extra special treats! I think we all deserve that! Maybe every day should be Halloween! MOL!

I also have another favor to ask of you pals! Our very good furiends Yoda and Spencer are 1 of 6 finalists in a contest and have a good chance at winning a prize! They could sure use your support and votes too! And you can vote as many times a day as your paws can muster! MOL! They are the only cats in the contest so we have to let the dogs know that Cats Rule!! They are so darn cute wearing their Halloween costumes of prisoner and guard! Check them out!!

VOTE for Yoda and Spencer!

Voting closes on Wednesday, Nov. 13th!! Thanks pals!

Hugs and purrs.


I'm A Finalist!!!

October 24th 2013 5:56 pm
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Whoo hoo!!! I just found out I'm a finalist in Catster's Halloween Costume Contest! Thank you Ashlynne for letting me know! I could really use your votes pals! The top 2 with the most votes win a prize and a cool ribbon! Voting goes through Oct 31st so please vote for Superhero Simon! Thanks pals and Happy Halloween!


VOTE HERE - Halloween Costume Contest!


I Have a New Stroller Blanket!!!!

October 14th 2013 6:42 pm
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Guess what???!!! I have a pawsome new HL Tranquility Blanket for my stroller! Mom just loves those HL Tranquility Blankets and saw on the website that other kitties had stroller blankets. She thought it would be cool if I had one too so she sent Mazie's mom the measurements and picked matching colors! It fits purrfect and I even took it for a test ride the other day now that the weather is so nice! What do you think? Furs, if you have a stroller tell your mom or dad you need one! And don't forget that Santa Paws is coming so a HL Tranquility Blanket would make a nice surprise to find under the Christmas tree this year! She has so many new colors to choose from! That's the hardest part of all!! Decisions! Decisions!!

Happy hugs & Tranquility purrs,

HL Tranquility Blanket website:
Hazel Lucy's Tranquility Blankets, Hats & Scarves
Hazel Lucy's page:
Mazie's page:

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