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Hi everyone..

December 16th 2010 7:01 pm
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It's been quite a while since we really posted. I almost forgot how to hit the keys on the keyboard. Well lets see where I shall begen. Mom got me a new cat tree it is really comfy, it's in the living room right infront of the window where I can catch the morning rays and watch the stars at night. I can also keep a eye on all the critters that cme thru the yard . I haven't been going out that much, I guess when you get older things are just not that exciting and now besides Precious there is another big cat that showed up. He's been hangig in our yard, Tanner our newest k9 brother has finally learned that "dogs" are to chase stray cats out of the yard.
I have gotten in a few tiffs this last month. I will not back down no matter how big my oponet is and this new cat is pretty big. Good thing mom has saved me both times so I am learning it's best to stay in and just look out.

We are getting ready for the holidays as I am sure most of our families are. We can't believe all the great Christmas cards we got this year. Flo and I are kinda miffed at mom, she had
pictures of Arnie & Tanner put on the christmas cards but left Flo and me off..SHe said she was sorry and next year we will get our own cards..

We have goten some pretty neat catnip pillows from Flo's boyfriend Tate and I got some toys from Bugsy. Mom is finally getting with the Christmas spirt, We know that it is a little hard this year since she lost Sandra Marie in may and her mom in Sep.

I have missed all my friends, LuKe, Tully, the girls, all my friends from Calico Junction to name a few. So we are looking forward to the Big guy comming down our fireplace and I will be waiting with some catnip cookies and a little catnip in his coco.

Were glad to be back!!


HI Everybody

November 23rd 2010 7:37 am
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Wow...Cat of the day. Mom feels so bad that we have not been on since her mom passed away. She has been really busy but hopes to get back soon.

We miss everyone an Thanks for brighting my day.



It is soo hot!!

July 21st 2010 5:18 pm
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That Flo and I hardly go out. Even naked we are still HOT!!. Precious was in our yard and even she was too hot to fight. It has been 110 here in So CA. When will we get relief?

Well our new K9 Tanner and I have become friends..he really is a cute kid a little hyper but it keeps us on our game. We had a big coyotee in front of our yard a couple of nights ago. We felt kinda sorry for him , he looked like he could use a drink.

It is even to hot for our desert got a plastic pool for the dogs but the tortoises deceided that they needed it more.

Well I am gonna find a cool place and kick back....hope it's not too hot at all your houses.




Last nite I saw

June 29th 2010 3:11 pm
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2 coyotees running pass our house. I was sitting on my window seat and all of a sudden here is 2 coyotess running and in back of the coyotees are a hugh Buck and in back of the buck was a big doe...I think the Mt Lion was out and they were all running from it.

That Mt Lion was out in front of our house a few nights that is scarry. Good thing Flo and I are in the house at nite we don't want to be out with all these wild critters lurking for a quick meal.

Well Now that summer is here, I got to see if I can get a bikini too..I have to admit my sister looks very sexy....
Well see if mom can find one for me!1


OMG...another dog...

June 27th 2010 2:09 pm
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Mom just could'nt wait, our house has been so peaceful siince Sandra Marie passed. Now I don't want to say that I didn't like her, but FLo & I always had to be on guard with her..she would bark and chase us, now Arnie the big guy is soo nice, you can go up and
rub against him and he doesn't now mom brings home this Young guy his name is Tanner and you can see by my reaction what I though of him...he has too much energy but we know he needed a home so we are putting up with him.

ANyway...we are glad to be back on catster we missed our friends and mom said to tell everyone that she really appreciated all the love and support she got when our sister Sandra Marie went ot the bridge..

So check out Tanner..he is quite cute!


Our house is very sad

May 19th 2010 6:07 am
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that our K9 fur sister went to the bridge last night. Everyone is sad even though she liked to chase us we will miss her a lot.

Flo & Sandra had a special bond..they were always hissing and barking at each other..

We will miss you Sandra Marie...

Flo & Flossie


A girls nite out...

May 13th 2010 7:48 am
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Yes Paris, Flo & I are all going to have a girls nite out.. we deceided that if Tate, Bugsy, Pigeon, Milo and who knows who elses is going cat'n around us girls can too...
Flo's got the car ready but Paris said she is comming by in her boyz watch out...the girl's are on the loose...meow!!!



We had an adventure..

May 7th 2010 10:18 am
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yesterday mom and dad went out...mow that our sister Sandra Marie is not feeling well and guarding the doors..and the big guy Arnie just lays there...Flo and I thought well now is our chance for we got the slidding screen door open and took off. Mom & dad got home almost midnight and when they pulled up and drove in the garage..Flo ran across the driveway.

Mom ran in the house and sure enough FLo & I were both gone..I didn't want to stay out so I was on the fence trying to get in the window mom opened it and I came in..she called Flo and Flo ran in to.

We got a little scared being out in the dark..lots of creepy critters lurking. So were both grounded and now mom has to make sure that the back slidding doors are closed when they leave..we may not be so lucky next time...



I got in another tiff with Precious

May 4th 2010 9:35 am
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today..I just wish that %@#% would stay in her own yard. Here I was just sunning myself and she snuck up on me. I got a scratch over my eye and mom is trying to put some struff on it. I don't want to stay in and where is my sister Flo when I need her??

Well I'm going to find me a nice sunny place in the house and just kick back the rest of the day... and mend my wounds.



Thank You Everyone

April 24th 2010 8:01 am
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for all the paw mails and for the gifts. It was a very, very special
day. Not only was I honored but my furbrother Arnold was DD at HTT -Happy Trails.
Mom was so excited and we all got special goodies...

It's a little cloudy today , Precious came over yesterday I guess to congratulate me cause she was actually nice. No tiffs. I just hung out with FLo and we grabed some lizzards and watch the birds.

We sure wish we would get back our Sunny CA weather. We are not use to the cold.

Thanks again everyone for all the nice comments and to Tate for the beautiful Balloons. I can see why FLo is crazy about him...

It's time to embark on the outside world and explore. Have a great day!!


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