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I might as well get started......

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Thanks Everyone

September 5th 2010 7:06 am
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mom just got on the computer to check her e-mails and wow here I am on DOTD.

We are sorry to say that mom's mom went to the Bridge friday night. There are still so many things to take care of. We hope to be back regular on Catster soon.

Thanks for all the special Birthday wishes for Flossie and Me I can't believe we are 9 yrs old..Mom did remember us and we got special treats and Bugsy sent us rather Flossie some toys.

We love all our friends ..

Flo & Flossie


It's been a long time

September 1st 2010 8:34 am
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since we have been on catster. Mom's mom has been very ill and is in something called HOSPICE Care. Mom is withher almost 24/7 and just comes home to check messages, say hi to dad and feed us then it's back over mom's and she spends the nights.

We miss all our friends but hopefully when everything is over and mom gets some time to herself we will be back on.. We had a great summer and now looking forward to the fall..

So my sis Flossie sends her Love to all her admires...and mine to my love Tate.

Flo & Flossie


Flossie and I are "high"

July 4th 2010 10:32 am
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yup...rather "stoned" than high. Mom came back from walking the dogs and she had a little packet of "catnip" sitting on the counter..well FLossie and I couldn't walked in and Flossie and I are sitting on the counter with this starred look. Cat nip all over..we had a catnip freenzy...We were running around the house knocking stuff off the counter ..Wow!! this stuff was I got the to find some goodies...!!


I'm ready to go out..

May 13th 2010 7:54 am
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and I don';t mean outside the house...As you know my man Tate is a Player..besides me he has Paris, so Paris , Flossie and I have deceided that we want to have our time...maybe a strip club..who knows..Living in SO Ca, not to far from the Sunset Stip there's a lot of clubs we can go to...maybe we will cruise Sunset or Hollywood blvd (mom use to do it when she was young and had her Blue Spitfire)..I got my sporty pink car...and Paris said she is comming over in her Hummer..yes boyzs. we too are gonna have fun!!!

So watch out Hollywood..the Babes are comming!!!

Flo, Flossie & Paris


It's boring

April 30th 2010 7:20 am
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with all this crazy weather I haven't really had time to go hunt. It's been cold and rainy , then sunny then cold and rainy yesterday it was soo windy the wind was howling, now that scared Flossie and me cause we thought it was the coyotees. Mom assured us that we were safe and it was just the wind.

Our dad has been putting a nice fire in the fireplace at night. I love to lay infront of it and dream about my boyfriend Tate...comming by in his green cuppycake hummer. Boy that would really be fun.

We hear the weather is going to be in the 80's soon and a few days in the 90's. We are all sneezing with allergies. Mom had to put on our flea control since they say the fleas are going to be bad this year...these wild animals come across our yard and drop them in the grass...then Flossie and I go roll and we get them. A curse for going outside. Well mom said it looks like a beautiful day so we are heading out for a couple of hours...

I hope I can bring mom in a nice treasure since it's her birthday tomorrow. Maybe I can find her a nice snake. I hear they make nice pets..mol



It was soo funny...

April 26th 2010 3:39 pm
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to see mom jump and scream when she opened the trash can by the kitchen and out popped a MOUSE...Flossie and I were laughing soo hard mom almost came out of her shoes.

I guess she didn't appreciate our gift, anyway she grabbed it in a bag and took it across the street to the empty field and told it not to come back!! So tomorrow I will go look for it and see if I can bring it back was soo funny I wish I could use the camera...MOL



I caught a Blue Jay

April 16th 2010 4:42 pm
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Thats right a real BlueJay....well here they are called Scrub Jays anyway. Mom was out with the dogs and when she came home Flossie and I were in her office. Mom thought it was nice that we came in without her calling us but then she heard this squaking and looked up on the window blind and there it was a big "Scrub Jay"

Flossie was trying to get at it and well I brought it in so my fun was over. Mom tried to get it but it just kept flying around the room, finally mom opened the window and took off the screen, the Jay was still panicing , finally mom grabed it and let it fly headed to the pine tree in front so Flossie dashes out climbs up the tree mom goes out and can hear the bird had a nest in the Pine , so Flossie is way up it, mom got the hose, turned on the water and sprayed the tree...I was MOL so hard Flossie was all WET!!

Finally we all came in and settled down it was quite the morning. Mom took some pictures and will put them on our pagees...that was a lot of fun!!!


Another day...

April 14th 2010 7:23 am
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I don't know why it's soo cold here. Now that I am losing weight I'm cold. I need that extra phat to keep me warm. It's 48 degrees this morning, hey this is sunny CA
we want the warm weather...Flossie and I don't like to be "housecats" that's not who we are.

Yesterday I hung out in the that our k9 sister Sandra is getting older she doesn't chase us out anymore, before if we were in the back she would come charging and we would head for the nearest fence to jump up on. I kinda like hanging back I got a good view of the bird feeders and boy do we have lots of birds...

mom has a bunch of box turtles, I even got to hang with them. They are pretty cute. I had to check out their food, but nothing I would eat...I did try to grab something, but it was pretty said it was a strawberry they also had these live things mom said they were snails and boy do they love them...

Mom put on our flea control, that stuff is soo gross. mom cuts a little hair on my neck and drops this stuff on me. I don't mind, it's Flossie that goes crazy..

Well I am getting ready to go outside..the sun is out and I am getting restless..I see the birds at the feeder and maybe I'll try to grab a snack...I'm feeling pretty quick now that I lost a little to go get Flossie.



It rain all night..

April 12th 2010 7:40 am
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boy am I glad that the sun is out this morning. I was kinda panicing that we would have to stay in today. Mom had us in yesterday cause it was cold and the clouds looked pretty nasty. There wasn't much to do besides just looking out.

I have been on a diet, mom said I am looking pretty good. I went to the vet and I got dewormed..yuk!!! Mom does that 2 times a year. Flossie and I also got our flea control on cause this year with all the rain and the wild animals comming down there are a lot of fleas, dad doesn't put any stuff on the yard cause he said it's too dangerous for us and the wild animals..

There is a big construction across our street so Flossie and I are staying in our yard with all thoes big trucks..

Well it's almost time for us to go out. I can hardly wait. I hope the rain is gone now
and we get our CA weather back.

I was really happy to see that my boyfriend Tate was a Diary Pick..Congrats to him..

Well I am off to explore .....



Happy ST Paddy's Day

March 17th 2010 7:17 am
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Wow what a beautiful day here in Sunny Ca. Mom said it St Paddy's Day....that it's to be somewhat magical. I hope that means I can get off my diet and get some "real food"
Mom has her green flag out with some little guy on it...and she has this silly hat for our k9 brother Arnold.

Glad she isn't trying to dress me up...I just want to go outside and enjoy the morning.

So to all Happy St Patrick's Day. I'm going to see if I can find any of these short little guys running around or a fairy maybe around our pond.....or maybe just a yummy bird that I can catch and supplement my diet with...MOL


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