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It's been a while!

July 11th 2014 2:13 pm
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Mama doesn't come into Catster much anymore, but wanted to stop by for my special occasion. Many of you know my history. I came here weighing one pound at about six weeks old. I had a very messed up leg, I smelled icky, I had a bad cold. I spent the first 8 months in a cage and then had surgery to remove the messed up leg. That surgery was four years ago this past February. Yesterday was my birthday. I'm a happy, mostly-healthy five year old now!! I'll always have issues with the sneezies since I have chronic sinusitis and I'll always be small (about 6 pounds), but I'm just more amazing every day. I love my food and treats and playing and all my siblings. And I'll forever be mama's tiny miracle. :D Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


Birthday #2!

July 10th 2011 7:47 am
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Mama hasn't been in Catster for several months. It's not the place it once was and we all dearly miss it. But this is a special occasion and there were so many here who made it possible we just had to return for a moment.

I'm two years old today!!!! If it weren't for all the purrs, advice, love and support from the wonderful cats and people we met here, I wouldn't have made it. Yes, mama took great care of me when I was so sick, but everything y'all gave me helped so very much!! Thanks to YOU I'm starting yet another year in the life of a spoiled housecat. I'll never be totally purrfect due to how sick I was, but I'm healthier than mama ever thought I'd be. I'm five pounds of high-speed, furry, purring, growling, biting love thanks to mama and all YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all!!!


Never the same

March 16th 2011 11:53 am
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Catster will never be the same. There have been changes since I've joined my family that mama liked or didn't. Cats have come and gone that we love and miss. But today, it was forever altered. One of the last, great cats of Catster is gone. Hazel Lucy was, to us, one of the best and greatest of her breed. She helped me get all the purrs I needed to get well when I was such a sick, tiny kitten. She has always been there for SO many. Whether it be raising money, lending her shoulder or wiping your tears with her paw, Hazel Lucy was ALWAYS there. There are not words in my tiny cat heart to express the sorrow and sense of loss we all feel. And I know my pain is nothing to what her mom is feeling. For any reading this who had a conflict with HL, please, let it go. Keep her and her mom in your thoughts. A beautiful angel on earth is now an even more beautiful, totally healthy angel at the bridge. I'm sure she's snuggling her husband close and purring for her mom.


Vet Trip and Answers

January 23rd 2011 12:05 pm
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Well, we think there's finally an answer to all the sneezing and coughing. Chronic sinusitis. Just peachy. It's something that can't really be treated. The good part is I get wet food every day now cuz that's how mama gives me lysine. We're going to see if that'll help cut down on the sneezies some. Otherwise, all looked well with me! I'm five pounds 1/2 ounce, temp 103. Apparently that's going to stay my normal temperature... mol! I'm a hot kitty!!! MOL!!!!


Surfer Girl

September 23rd 2010 1:12 am
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Mommy thinks she finally has an answer for the ever-moving kitchen rug. Mommy gotted tissue paper in the mail (strange thing to mail huh?) and she gaved it to us. She caught me... I'd take a few steps and lay my chest on the tissue and slide... hehehe...

For those who wonder how I'm doing, things are going ok. Mommy still has no answer to my sneezing fits. We both upset each other yesterday when I had one. She saw my nose was bloody and snatched me up mid-sneezing fit. She hates seeing me sneeze like that and I hate her wiping mucus and blood off my face/chest/paw. It's only a teensy tiny bit of blood (on my paw because I put my foot up at my face when I sneeze)... looks worse to mommy to start with because of the orange at my nose... always looks like a lot, but it's just a little pink tinge. Other than this one issue, I'm just peachy. Me, Chiara and Pewter have lots of fun running and playing, I still like to get under the blanket to sleep with mommy and I still steal Taillee's food if mommy doesn't watch closely. ^~~^


One Year!!!

July 10th 2010 9:17 am
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It's my birthday!!! I'm one year old today!!! Mommy's tried giving me hugs that friends have sent, but I'm wanting none of it! I's getting ill with her... mol!! I might be in a really, really friendly mood right now, but not wanting hugs! She'll still sneak them in though... ^..^

I wants to thank all my friends and mommy's friends for the wonderful birthday wishes and loves!!!



June 14th 2010 11:04 am
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I think this might be my first tag! Thanks Kaci Sunshine!!

1. What time do you go to bed?

Well, I tend to sleeps just whenever really. We don't have any kind of real schedule around her.

2. What is your favorite gift you have received and why?

My life. Mommy saved me when no one else would have and has given me the bestest life!

3. What’s your favorite way to wake up and what’s the first thing you do?

I sit up, look around for what woke me, then, if it was mommy, follow her.

4. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name?

I likes my name a lot! Gaia is the goddess of the earth and I'm all earthy colours so it fits!

5. What was the last thing you ate that you really shouldn’t have?

I always try to sneak into Taillee's food when she leaves her bowl. Unfortunately, mommy keeps a pretty good eye on it so I don't get much!

6. What are you afraid of?

Nothing I can thinks of. Don't like going to the vet, but I wouldn't say I's afraid.

7. Do you have brothers and sisters?

Boy do I! I's got four sisters. Then there's these two babies in what used to be MY room...

8. What is your motto in life?

Run fast, play hard and sleep long!

9. Would you like to be famous? Why or why not?

I probably wouldn't. I don't like strangers much.

10. What cartoon or comic book character best describes you?

I've no idea.

11. What super-power would you most like to have, and why?

I's got one! Speed! Mommy can see me in one place and as soon as she turns around, I'm several feet away without her seeing me move. I'm good!

12. If you could play sports, what you play and why?

Soccer. I likes chasing stuff a lot!

Catster is lagging SO bad and bugging mommy she said I'll have to wait to tags kitties. Anycat reading is very welcome to consider themselves tagged in the mean time!!


For Morgan!!

June 14th 2010 10:39 am
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There's a great auction underway to benefit our friend, Morgan The Pirate Gato. Please check it out!!


All well, but a friend needs purrs

June 9th 2010 8:48 am
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Had a ringworm check yesterday evening and my doctor has determined I'm good to go! My temp was closer to normal at 102.8, but we're all used to it being about 103 so it's no worries. I'm 4 1/2 pounds now so that part is good too. ^..^

For those of you who read my little words, please spare some purrs for my handsome friend boycat Al Hirt. When his mom woke, he wasn't his bouncy self, meowed in discomfort when picked up and had been testy with some housematecats the night before. He's going to see the doctor and I'm purring very hard all is well with him!!



June 1st 2010 7:39 pm
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Thanks for all the purrs hoping my ringworm goes away. So far so good!! I go next week for another recheck. Mommy's going to check on getting me chipped too!! She's not too sure about it... do the places around here even HAVE scanners? Will it stay in place? With only one leg, will it rub or irritate inside there on that shoulder blade?

Now on to all the wonderful gifties!!!!

Many thank yous to all our friends!! We SO appreciate all the wonderful gifts!! Mama's wrist won't let her type gifts for every member of every family and either there's an issue here or Catster has disabled copy/paste for the gift shop to prevent that. We ARE making sure we send something to at least one member of each family if nothing else, trying for those who have fewer gifts so we can pretty their pages up too.

Thanks to:
Xena and family
Alexander and family
Alfie and family
Sally and family
Fred and family
Pia-Zadora and family
Mea and family
Spotty and family
Oreo and family
Killer and family
Muppet and family
Kitty Pryde and family

Hopes I didn't misses anyone!!!!

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