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soft angel huggs... Raincloud

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*flies in and sees her Birthday presents...*

December 6th 2016 8:00 am
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*takes bites of her Birthday cakes and cuppycakes, balloons and butterflies and hearts floating around her, clips her pink ribbon to her wing, gets a ((hugg)), smells the candle, keeps her pictures and pawmails in her memory box, puts sapphires around her neck, puts the crown on her head, and Bugsy's diamond on her finger...*

*flies over each of her friends sprinkling angel glitter dust and splattering a bit of her special cream cheese frosting off'a her wings from cake making with Smokey Joe...*

*flies back to the Angel Inn and shares her cakes with other angels...*


Thankies for My Birthday Gifts... Been Bizzie Helping- Platelicker...

December 6th 2015 9:49 am
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I do love all of you making my page purrty with birthday wishes!

Been kinda hard on my MC to look at everything lately. I have been bizzie bumping into her trying to cheer her up since my brother Platelicker came to the Bridge.

*wipes brow with paw...* I haven't had a moments rest trying to keep his halo straight, shooing flys and moths away from him ...*he says he needs a fly leg to pick his teeth...*, and tuning up his sparkly geetar.

Plus he has been digging quite a hole at the end of the rainbow looking for a pot of gold... he says that is what he is doing... he may think it is just a colorful litter box so I keep covering it back up.

Well I gotta go help him get ready... He is performing down at the Angel Inn tonight. He is gonna do some strumming and singing.

soft angel huggs...


Remembering the day I left my MommaCat...

September 19th 2014 3:22 am
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I remember that morning when MC took me to our nice vet and we talked all the way there on the car ride. I remember her kissing my little head and saying "I will see you after work my little Rainycloud and we will go home... I love you."

She never came back to get me... I didn't get to look in her eyes like I always did and make her smile again... I had to go for a walk across the Bridge by the Rainbow...

It didn't take long to cross that Bridge and I was met by many angel friends... but I missed my MommaCat... She always held me the sweetest way...

I flew right away to find her and I saw her crying at her work. I followed her home to keep her safe with all those tears in her eyes...

She still cries on this day... She still misses me.... but I visit her like I am now in this Diary and I see her smile... just a little bit... and that makes us both happy and thankful we had each other for a time...

I love you MC... soft angel huggs... Raincloud

I love you my little Raincloud... MommaCat


My GotCha Day Thank You!

August 4th 2014 12:44 pm
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Many thanks to my dear friends on my GotCha Day! Have not been able to get in here and you would think an Angel could! MOL!

Thank you...

Phantom, Spice E and Angel Patches - Gold Star

Cesar, Lady, Baby and Sammie - Heart

Smokey Joe, Milo, Mallee and Sam - Rose and Balloons!

Smiley and Luigi - Rose

Simon and Reuben - Ribbon

Serena Honey Girl Angel - Heart

Lynzee - a purrty picture

Love you all!

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥


Angel tears... falling from a cloud...

January 19th 2014 3:48 pm
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Can't begin to express how sad I am... Our extended family is here at Catster.

This is where my Momma kept me in her life since I became an angel. She felt I was still with her.... now she feels I am dying again...

*flies with Angel Big Bob and the other lost Angels back across the Rainbow Bridge to a soft fluffy cloud... they sprinkle angel glitter dust down to their families and friends...*

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥


Little Angel Me Saying 'Thank You' for my Happy Birthday!

December 2nd 2013 9:33 am
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Thank you all for the pawmails, picture comments, and birthday gifts with beautiful notes!

I ate sweet coconut cake at Angel Lily's star, placed Kally's rainbow star up in the heavens, and wore Hooch's shining diamond!

I played with my football, gathered my hearts up for MC, put my roses in a vase, piled up punkins', matched my pawprint, tied my blue ribbon around my twitchie tail, flew through my rainbow, played pick-up acorns game, and ate lots of my Bugsy's and Angel Torrie's cuppycakes!

Then I had more cake at Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies group's Rainbow Celebrations Room!

My birthday was special and filled with love!

You put a smile on my MC and that made me most happy!

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥


2 Years at The Rainbow Bridge

September 19th 2013 6:33 am
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My MC got to work and opened a reminder notice in her calendar... it read...

"Little Raincloud left for the Bridge on September 19, 2011."

Tears filled her eyes...

I know she will always remember little me and my twitchie tail when I followed her around and sitting in her lap purring my quiet purrs. I will always remember her and watch over her.

Thank you dear friends for your love.

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥


Today is my Rainbow Bridge Day... and MamaCat cried...

September 19th 2012 11:39 am
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One year ago MamaCat took me by the nice vet's office on her way to work. We meowed and talked all the way there. We both thought she would get me after work, but the Angels needed me in Kitty Heaven.

I know the vet called my MC and I know that she cried. She did not want me to hurt any longer and she thought I must have put up a good act not to show any signs of hurting. I guess I did, but I knew she would worry if I acted like I was hurting... so I spent most of my time keeping her lap warm.

Then, I saw her call the vet to tell him she was coming over to hold me one last time... but it was too late... I already had my wings.

She still cries because she let me walk across that big long Bridge all alone. But as I left friends and loved ones... I was greeted by friends and loved ones, so it was a welcome home.

Hopefully, this Diary will help her. I will head on down to her and give her a soft nudge and sprinkle a bit of Rainbow glitter dust on her... she always smiles when she feels me near.

We will meow and talk again one day MamaCat : )

Watch for me MC... I am still with you...

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥


from your angels...

April 11th 2012 9:38 am
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This is to all MamaCats and DaddyCats who are still hurting and sad over losing your sweet cats and pups...

Your angels have the best angel friends here at the Rainbow Bridge and every angel is a loving and true friend. Your babies are healthy and playful.

Your angels know you miss them terribly and they see you so very sad.

Your babies know the hardest part of their leaving comes during the days, nights, weeks, and months after they walk across the big Bridge. Or when you see their picture. Or when you remember something that only they would do.

Please know this...
We visit you daily and give you little angel puff bumps or let you get a glimpse of us out of the corner of your eyes. We are there. We are all around you. We live on with you.

Your angels fly down and give you soft visits... watch, listen, and feel their presence. We return to you in so many different unexpected ways...

We spend most of our time napping in the breezy catnip and treat fields, under beautiful Spring green trees, and by the restful flowing blue rivers in the fragrant flowers.

We also are purrty bizzie flying through the Rainbow dusting our wings with rainbow colors of glitter dust. Then we plop out onto the softest whitest fluffiest clouds and we float around bumping into each other and giggling : ) You have seen those bits of rainbows in the sky... that is us dusting off our angel wings.

I better get back to making more cream cheese frosting for the cakes
... *licks frosting off her wings* ...
because cats and pups are walking across the Bridge day and night and a yummy frosted cake will cheer them up...
... *licks paws* ...
after we wrap our angel wings around them of course : )

oh and if you see little frosting spatters on your floor and wonder "how did that get there"... don't look for me... your angels help with the frosting too ; )

soft angel huggs... Raincloud ♥


My MamaCat cried...

December 1st 2011 7:39 am
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I watched as my MamaCat flipped her desk calendar over and read "Raincloud's Birthday".

Her eyes filled with tears.

She opened my Catster page and told me she misses me and wishes she could hold me in her lap and rub my soft fur and look into my beautiful eyes again. She said you left me too soon Baby.

Then she made me a Rainbow Bridge Badge for my page. And yes, that made her cry.

I was a tiny purrgirl but I was always on MamaCat's every step following her and meowing softly and waiting for her to pick me up and hug me. That made me purr. If she was sitting down... I, not my bigger purrbrothers, was in her lap. In fact, I could nudge them out of her lap : )

I am saving a dance for Smokey Joe down at the Angel Inn today when all the wonderful Angels celebrate my Earth Birthday.

All you MamaCats please know that your Angel Babies are well and happy here at the Bridge. And they are all so sweet and loving. New Angels walk across the Bridge every day and we are ready to fold our wings around them and welcome them home. We teach them how to fly to their MamaCats and give them Angel Kisses.

I want to tell my forever love, Bugsy, that those tiny touches on his handsome head are soft angel kisses from me...

MamaCat always watched out for me... now it my time to watch out for her...

Love you all with soft angel huggs,

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