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Dear Santa Claws...

December 13th 2009 6:46 am
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Dear Santa Claws,
I have been a very good kitten. I know things didn’t start out too nice with the hissing, spitting and the brutal attack on Daddy’s finger but I have changed. I am now the biggest cuddle bug you have ever met. I make sure to snuggle Mommy often and I happy paw at her face in between kisses. I cuddle on Daddy’s lap and keep him warm while he watches football, wrestle with Sophie, give Kira kisses and clean Sweetie’s face whenever we are snuggling. I have almost won over Klemy Q-Tip. Yesterday she actually wanted to play with me instead of kill me. That is huge! Come visit me on Christmas Eve and I will show you just how sweet I really am.
I was wondering if you could bring me a new bed for Christmas. Me, Sweetie and Kira like to snuggle and would enjoy some cushy for our tushies. Maybe one of those beds with the rims so we don’t fall off. Could you also bring a new throw rug for our entry way to replace the one Kira chewed up? She is really sorry she ruined the rug but she could not resist when she found some thread dangling from the end of the rug. Kira is destructive, but she is the nicest and most beautiful cat I have ever known so please bring the rug so Mommy is not mad at her anymore. Can you also bring a big economy size box of Q-Tips for Klemy? She really enjoys them and it seems to be the only thing she really loves to play with.
I was also wondering if you could leave food for all the animals without homes on Christmas Eve night. I know what it is like to be outside, hungry, scared and with no human to call my own.
Thank you very much Santa Claws. Have a safe trip. Give the reindeers all a nose nuzzles from me.
Yours truly,
Spit Fire


Spit Fire


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