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Lazarus' Learnings

I Tawt Paw-Paw a New Game!

November 29th 2009 10:32 pm
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It took mees awhile, but I finally tawt my Paw-Paw a fun game. I call it da "toss my toy & I will run & catch it & bring it back to mew!" game. Paw-Paw just calls it "Fetch". He is furry gud at it tew. I so prowd ov him!

I brings him my toy dangly I likes so much & drops it next tew him. He picks it up & tosses it away. I runs fast, fast & pick it up & run back tew him & put it down agin. He picks it up agin & does all over agin.

He likes dis game so furry much he can do it fur many, many minutes. Uv course, he tinks he tawt ME da game - but uv course alla us kittehs know da truth - dat I tawt HIM.

Only ting is - why he keep tellin me I's a DAWG???

MOL! Hoomins are so silly!


Hello Fellow Catsters!

August 25th 2009 3:47 pm
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I would like to infurduce mineself to alla mews not of da black purrswayshun. I haf met many kittehs from da Black Cats Crossing Paths group, but I need to broaden my audience, me tinks.

My name is Lazarus. I am still a little-bitty, but I am a fearless boy who has taken ofur dis howse frum da bigger kittehs. My bestest buddy is Dusk. He's a big orange tiger kitteh that is teaching me how to be a big black boy kitteh. He and I snuggle togefur to sleep, and he cleans me all ofur. He was my furst conquest.

My second conquest was Clarisse, or Ree-Cee as meowmie calls her. She's not a complete conquest yet, because she still doesn't like me to lay on her or try to nuzzle her tummy. Clarisse will also clean me sumtimes, but draws the line at complete cuddling. Meowmie says she's jellus, cuz she tinks I'm steeling herz Paw-Paw.

My third and fourth conquests aren't complete at all yet, but I'm working on them. Desiree has stopped hissing at me alla time, but still doesn't like me to get close to her. Efurry onct in a while, she will play wif me a little.

Isis is my tuffest adfursary. She watches me alla time, hisses most times ifn I get tew close. She efun bops me on da head ifn I try tew hard to be herz furriend. Me tinks dis one is gonna take a long, long time to win ofur.

Da hoomins are push-ofurs. No problem getting dem to do my bidding. Efun Paw-Paw, who I'm supposed to "belong" tew furgifs me more than he does da uder kittehs.

Well I needs to go take a short kitteh nap, so I's be seein mews all later!

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