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Fifteen plus years

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Online with Catster!!!

February 1st 2016 12:12 am
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Natasha, you made it again. You are the pick of the sweetest cats around. I will add your newest picture here. We miss you so much but you live on in many ways. Juliette has made Alex her friend as you did. They cuddle together and she allows him to groom her. We miss you so much and your unique loves. I can never look at whipped cream without thinking of you. You would come running when I had cereal. You loved milk like no other cat whom I have met. You were so smart and kind. Many of your friends have passed on since you left but Ashlynne is doing well. I am glad that we could help her. We loved you and will always have a hole in our heart but we couldn't keep you here. May you and Ben help others at the Bridge as you helped us here......your family......


May we meet again on another site.

January 18th 2014 4:48 am
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March 3 is the birthday of Juliette and my real daughter, Amy but it is the end of a time when we shared ideas, helped others, and supported those going through a tough time.
Now, Catster will be gone. There seems to be no point coming here just to read articles. It is the friendships that were made here that made it more special than any place.
May we meet again......Your friends, Natasha, Alex, Juliette and Bem


Mother's Day Flowers

May 15th 2013 2:47 am
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I am going to thank each one of those who sent me flowers on Mother's Day. It was such a sweet thought of them. I lost my litter of kittens when I was very young. My "mom" found me at the animal rescue league right after I lost them. I was so small, just three and half pounds. My "mom" thought that I was a kitten myself but I was just over a year old when she brought me home. I wish that I could have seen my kittens but I am seeing them now from the Bridge. They are as pretty as I am. They returned to homes where they will be loved. I do believe that I will return one day....Meanwhile, being a guardian to my family is my job. Thank you everyone......Guardian angel Natasha.


A year ago....

December 5th 2012 3:10 am
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It was a year ago, that I left my family but I have never left them in spirit. My spot on her pillow is still empty. Juliette, her new kitten, is too busy to sleep all night in bed.
I have seen many friends come to the Bridge. When we have parties here at the Bridge, I bring the whipped cream. I know my family misses me every time I hear the whipped cream can. My "mom" gets a little sad when she thinks of me but I had seventeen wonderful years with them. What a life I Ben is here with me to do some
catching and running. He and I were friends for many years before Alex came.
Mom is sad to think of my last days so I need her to know that I am fine and not to worry.....My spirit is alive and will always watch over my family......
Dear purrrrrrs to you are being sent....just listen to them through Alex and Juliette....I love you and will protect you.....I love you........purrrrrsssss from your
Natasha always....


My Dear Natasha- Sweet Girl for Seventeen Years....

May 16th 2012 1:12 pm
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It will be almost six months since you left us. I didn't think that it would hit us so hard.
You were deeply loved. You can never be replaced and I will always have a place in my heart for you, my orange girl. I want you to watch over us and make sure that
everything goes well. You were the caretaker and had a special touch.

Alex is doing well as he usually does. He is eating as much as he can.
We have you in a special place in our home as we have for our Ben.
Your portrait that includes Ben's and Alex's will be finished soon.
I will post it here so others can see it.

Thank you for being you.....your "mom"....xxxxxxxxooooooooo


Kittens, kittens....will my mind stop working?

April 17th 2012 6:37 am
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For past five months, I have done nothing but think about kittens.....Well, my breeder in Connecticut finally told me that she had no kittens to give me. She may return my check.
She tried to get me kittens from her friend who lives close to me but her friend's cat
didn't have kitten either. Then, she wanted me to get kittens from a friend of hers who will ship the kitten. I don't like any kitten to be shipped. Well, back to the drawing board.
I have an appointment to meet with a breeder soon. We will see.....After the other dealer, I am a bit more cautious. No more, bait and switch......
....Poor Bumpurr's mom who is grieving now her Bumpurr. I know how hard it is to say good-bye. I thought about it when I lost Natasha. Do I want to go through this again with another? I guess that the answer is yes. To never have known them is harder. My Alex is alone during the day. He used to run around with Natasha when she was well. He loves
chasing balls and treats. He is so active even for a nine year old. He is in excellent health,
cross my fingers....
....Now, to relax and see what happens in the next month.....I am glad that I got excellent information from Purrcy's mom....I am asking the right questions and taking my time. The kitten will be here for a long time so everything has to be right....


Meeting Bumper at the Bridge

April 16th 2012 3:45 am
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It was his time but I couldn't believe that he arrived here. He is so young. His mom will miss him but he is going to learn how to be a fabulous guardian angel and watch over her. The other orange cats came to welcome him. He will be getting splendid wings so he can fly anywhere he wants to. HIs time on Earth was short but he was so beloved by his family. His mom will be hurting for a long time but please tell her that he is fine.
We will take wonderful care of him.......Alex from Finney and Lacey's family and I will
include him on our travels.......Send his family he has so much love to give....


Natasha is trying her best to send us a sweetie...Will it- happen?

March 6th 2012 2:52 am
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I can hear my mom calling me. She is looking for another sweetie like myself to love the family. Alex is wandering around the house and wants to play. You would never think that he was nine years old. He has the spirit of a youngster. He whines a lot too...I remember that well. My mom is looking for a Siberian who will allow relatives who have allergies to visit without being drowsy from medication. She also loves big cats which I wasn't but she still loved me a lot. I was so sweet and pretty that she couldn't help but love me. Every time, she hears my name, she thinks that this must be the one. She found someone who had Siberians but they had only five kittens and she was number six....and then, yesterday, another person wrote to her telling her that they may have some kittens soon...I am trying my best to get one to her.....She isn't a patient person either. Every night, she goes to bed, she looks for my head on her pillow. I am trying to get a real sweet kitten to her. Be patient mom.....Ben and I are working on this one together...

- Natasha's mom- I never thought that it would be this hard to be without Natasha. It has been three months and I can't eat whipped cream without thinking of her. I would always get her a small bowl and she would lick it all up. It didn't bother her at all as it was suppose to. I did find a place that had beautiful Siberians but being the sixth person on the waiting list is hard. The breeder was sad that her cat didn't have more but I was concerned about the health of the mother cat. She is a beauty. Her owner's name was Natasha too so I thought that this would be the one...I don't think that it was going to happen. I have to wait until the end of the month. She had to have four females out of the five for a female to come here. The odds are against us...Natasha is trying her best. I do love Siberians and my new son in law can come here without being congested. He loves cats and can't resist in petting them. They are also beauties and have such a manner about them. I know how some people may regard me in going to a breeder but this will be my first. I do believe in helping those cats as well in the rescues. Meanwhile, I am going to be patient, not something that I usually am, and wait for a Siberian sweetie...


Three weeks ago.....Thank you Natasha....

December 26th 2011 5:19 am
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Time is passing by and each day, I still miss her but I know that her time was up......
I was taking some pictures and saw the ones that I took of her on her last day. She looked so
tired and uncomfortable. I knew it on that day but looking back, it all came to me again.
Loosing her was more difficult that I realize. You know in your heart that they are here for such a short time but you can get "greedy" and want more. She had no more to give. Alex is doing his best to fill her big role. She loved to cuddle as she got older. She would groom us too......

I feel bad for others who have lost their loved ones at the holidays. Everyone around is so happy and full of celebration. My sister in law's son passed in September and she will mourn him every day. He didn't live a full life. His family is having such a difficult time. He had young children. I am grateful for my children who are healthy and must remember the good times...Natasha was my sweet cat but she lived so long and gave so much...for that I am extremely grateful. She was an easy cat until the last two years. My grand daughter who is in the picture with Natasha wanted to know how and why Natasha got her wings. She understands and was so sympathic. Now, poor Alex is getting his exercise while she is here. He is good with her. He will get a play mate in the then, things will calm down and our hearts can open again.

Now, to get more Zealies to give gifts......It is good to give and wish everyone to have a happy holiday.....Next year will be a better year and an exciting year of new experiences as each year is......I would never trade those years with Natasha and glad to have them.....Thank you Natasha for spending and choosing your life to be with us......Your family.....


Our Sweet Natasha, Seventeen Wonderful Years, 1994-December- 2, 2011

December 11th 2011 7:18 am
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It has been a week since she was given her wings. It was a difficult week. The bedroom was so empty without her sweet face looking out from her place on the pillow. Alex has done his best to comfort his family. He has done well. He didn't give them a moment to think. Whenever they sat down, he would pounce on them. He was telling them to remember him and give him some TLC too. He went into the bedroom to look for her. He went around the house in case she was somewhere else. He has finally given up and relaxed.
The vet called on Wednesday to give us the news of her biopsy from the liver. She had told us that the cancer had spread all over the liver on Friday, December 2. The final news was that the cancer was metastic melanoma. Natasha's iris melanoma must have spread to her liver. Yesterday on her first week being at the Bridge, the vet called to tell us that Natasha could be picked up. I couldn't go there on Saturday for any reason. I will go soon but not a Saturday. It was too hard....I will get her soon. She left such a void here.....All of our plans were changed around her. Going into the supermaket to buy her any special foods that she will eat was an ongoing battle. I have so many different kinds of foods. Natasha had stage two kidney disease which never went high. I am glad that I didn't make her eat the kidney food as she hated it. Wellness food is the best here...She actually put some weight on after her eye surgery. She had a good summer. I left a summer picture on her site so others can see. She was happy in the summer. In September, she had an UTI. The vet commented that she had many. She recovered from it and was tested in November. Nothing showed up.
The vet told us that she would see Natasha in February. Three weeks went by and Natasha had to go back since she was drinking and peeing so much. It wasn't an UTI but her liver values.
It was with such great sadness that it was her time....After seventeen years, Natasha had to
leave for the Bridge. She was so tired at the end. We were there for her and held her paw.
She met Ben at the Bridge. Hopefully, the two of them are enjoying a meal together would be turkey for the both of them and whipped cream for her dessert.
In time, Alex will have a playmate so that he enjoys. He has been without a playmate since Natasha went into the bedroom for her senior years. It will take time for his family......Meanwhile, thank you everyone here for your support, gifts, and letters.
What an amazing group of people..thank you from us and Natasha, our sweetie and princess.....

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