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I try to tell them to leave...something was wrong.

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December 12, 2015

December 12th 2015 4:45 am
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Alex is right next to me purring as he always does...He has become more of a talker recently....He is very expressive. He is always asking for his treats from Life's Balance. Juliette and he are so good together. It is wonderful to see them groom each other and beg together for their food. They would eat around the clock if they could. Alex does go to Angell's now for his check ups because they have the tools if he becomes ill. We are watching his numbers and they are still good. No visit until May....yeah!....He just turned 13....He did have a cyst removed from his stomach area and recovered well. He had one on his tail which was drained. It will be checked at the next appointment. He has good vet care and has insurance. I haven't used it yet but will if need be. He just loves people....I got a door stop that looks like him...It scared Juliette but she recovered....May those two have a easy winter....They are a perfect couple.....


Clean teeth and a little cyst removed

March 25th 2015 2:52 am
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Alex's teeth needed to be cleaned and he had a small benign cyst under his skin which concerned me. The cyst had been tested and found to be benign but it was a hard round one. While he was under, the vet removed the cyst and cleaned his teeth. No teeth were removed. He has pretty good teeth. She had wanted him on hard food several years ago and cited his teeth to be the reason. I found that it didn't matter. Now that he has early kidney disease, 2.0, it is good that he has only wet food. He was sent home with four meds for the cyst. He didn't have his teeth done until 4. He waited all day and his last meal was twelve hours before. He came home very hungry at eight thirty. He has a hard cone one but I have a soft one to be used. Juliette was scared of the vet smell so I have Feliway for her and him. His hyperthyroid test was a Free T-4 and his number was 3.5. He has to go back in three months to check the number again. He is feeling good this morning and wants to leave the room but Juliette is scared of him and he needs a little recovery time.

-----Alex----it so good to be home...foooooood.....fooood....
----Juliette---He is stinky again..ugh....who is he?..

March 25, 2015


Results from Hyperthyroid test and kidney tests

March 14th 2015 1:50 pm
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Alex is borderline for hyperthyroid and his creatinine is 2.0. The vet didn't recommend
any treatment as yet for a hyperthyroid. His number is still too low. She wants to test him again in June to see if the number went down. He goes in for a dental on the 24th of March. He looks good and ready to go for the dental. I worry about him so much. The vet did recommend extra potassium for him because of his early kidney disease.
His kidney disease goes up and down from 2.2-1.8. Now it is 2.0....She recommended that kidney food again. He is on Wellness food and Life's Balance. Meanwhile, if anyone has recommendations, I am open to them..thanks..


Dental and Elevated Liver Values- 3/9/2015

March 10th 2015 2:50 am
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Alex went in for his six months check up. He lost a little weight and I was happy at first. Now, I got a call that his liver values were elevated slightly so she is going to do a thyroid test from his blood sample. I spent all night looking at research. It scares me. He is so healthy looking and feisty. He spent all night grooming Juliette who loves the attention. I don't want anything to happen to him. He is twelve now and so active. I do have pet insurance for him, thank goodness. Now to relax and go to work without thinking about him too much. The vet will call back today with news. Meanwhile, he will go in for his dental on 3/24 and get that small cyst removed under his skin. Juliette won't like the way that he smells when he returns. She gives him a snarl and hides from him until he smells better. I do use the Feline spray on both of them. Please think good thoughts.....thanks..


Wow....I am twelve years old..

November 21st 2014 6:23 pm
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It was twelve years ago when I arrived on Christmas morning. My foster family held me until Christmas. My "dad" placed me in a box with a cloth cover. I was so frisky and was able to jump out of this huge box. At that time, Ben and Natasha were here. Ben passed away about a month later. Natasha was my playmate for many years until she passed away about three years ago. Now, Juliette is my friend and companion. She has been my best friend. We beg for treats and food together. She helps me get our "mom" up in the morning. As for my health, it seems to be good. I go for a kidney check up in about a month. My weight is a bit heavy but I can jump where I want to go. Twelve years.....cross your fingers and hope everything is fine for awhile. ...I would love to thank the person for my chocolate cupcake that I got for my birthday....I may get something special tomorrow...
besides this entry.....thanks to Catster......


Now, are you home to stay for awhile??

July 28th 2014 11:27 am
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Poor Alex and Juliette have been watching me pack and unpack this past month. I went to Florida and then to NYC. Alex is doing well but he is so needy.He loves to sleep next to me. Juliette is more independent and just naps next to me. Alex is eleven and counting. He is due for a blood re-check soon. His numbers are low and his weight is good. Juliette just lost the one pound that she needed to loose. Both of them were overfed for two months when we had workers here last year. Now, their meal times are more regulated. She looks so well and beautiful. I will add up-dated pictures of both soon. Catster was done for so long that I was a bit nervous about adding more here...It is good to be back....Now, Alex and Juliette, there are no vacations in sight so you have all of the attention that I can give you..


Oh no....not this....

January 16th 2014 10:33 pm
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We are going to miss Catster...I need to save everything now and not later.
We feel so sad now.This place has been so good to see friends and
write about all the things about our sweet cats. Now to go and save the diaries and pictures....


December 22, 2013- What a year!

December 22nd 2013 5:19 am
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Mom forgot my birthday in November....She doesn't want me to get older. I am trying my best to stay in shape but I do love my food. My friend, Juliette and I still play together a lot. She is my true friend and will beg with me for food. We do the song, "I am hungry", in harmony. She has a higher pitch than I have. Yep, I am older but I still love cuddling in bed. My tummy is still a little rounder than it should be but I am fine with it.
I was diagnosed with early kidney disease but it is stable over the year and hasn't climbed much. I am borderline so I go every six months for my senior panel. Mom add a little water to my wet food and that is it. She watches me carefully. Other than that, no earth
shattering news. I will go for a re-check in January and for my three year shot.
I hope Juliette doesn't snarl at me when I return. She hates the smell of the vet's.
She is fine when she is there but the smell travels with us. ....Some of our friends have crossed over to the Bridge this past year. That makes me sad so we try our best to comfort their families. .....Hope the next year is a healthy for the rest of my friends and family. Love to all, Alex.......


Strange People in the House...

September 27th 2013 2:13 am
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Juliette and I have been placed in a bedroom for the past two weeks and when we come out there is something different about the place. We hear noises coming from downstairs and upstairs. Our mom keeps running downstairs during the night. She seems to be in a rush to do something. Her bathroom door has been closed for two weeks too...We have seen it at night and it looks strange. The walls are gone and the floor and bare. We are so tired of being locked up. At least at night, we are out. Our food is still safe too. We have checked the draws where she keeps our food and it is full so no one is eating it but us.
We have played with everything in her room so what is she up to?.....I still get to cuddle with her at night. We will let you know when we find out.....


Vet Visit and Not a Pleasant Ride- July 9, 2013

July 9th 2013 5:50 pm
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Well, it was time for a re-check on my kidney values to make sure that I am fine. At ten years old, you have to be careful. Juliette came with me too because it was time for her shots. She meowed the whole way there, about a twenty minute ride. I did a nasty surprise for everyone in the car. Just as my "mom" parked the car, I threw up all of my food. There was a ton. The vet's assistant cleaned me up and the vet took my blood. We will know tomorrow how the blood went. They cleaned up my carrier and we went back home. About half way home, I had the runs. What a smell!!!....Mom opened all of the windows for the smell. When we got home, "mom" and I went into the bathroom while Juliette enjoyed her peace and quiet. I got a bath to remove the poop from my tail. It was nasty. I didn't fight at all and slept all afternoon. I didn't tell my mom that I got fed this morning by my "dad" and then she fed me. I had twice as much food in my stomach as I usually have. I have never thrown up and feel so much better now....Now to see what my blood results were....Cross your paws......What a day....both ends of it.......

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