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Meowings of My Life...Or..How This Butterscotch See's It

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Did Ya Know?

May 22nd 2013 8:21 am
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I’m a snugga bug baby…I don’t like to be picked up or held. I say, NO!! and Meomwy listens, have been like this since the day I came to live wif mai furmily.

But I sure like to snuggle when Meowmy finally lays down and goes to sleep fur the night..I curl up into a ball and snuggle right into the crook by her tummy.

I’m the only one who does this!~We’re all a little different and this is my spawcial spot and thing wif Meowmy.

And me and Neiko just luvs to meow wif our Meowmy~I tells it to mai Meowmy!~YUPS!! And I make Meowmy laff, too when I walk a bit and stretch mai back legs out..I take a step, stretch one back leg, walk a step or two and stretch the ofur leg~Meowmy finks it’s cute, as I do this while Meomwy is watching me and talking wif me and I talk wif her and do this cute walk about!!

I’m just a cuties patootie!!~hey!~so are YOU!! *giggles*


Thank You For Helping to Make Memories!!

May 21st 2013 1:57 pm
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I just wanted to thank alla mai wonnerfur furineds fur helping us to make wonnerrfur memories!!

It sure was a surprise when I got to be a DDP yesturday and so many kind furineds sent telegrams and rosies to help decorate mai page ~ thank you all for taking the time to think of little ol' me!!

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew sent me a bewtifur Red Ribbon

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a bewtifur Red Rose and a Personal telegram

Mac, Ivy, Legolas and Crew sent me a bewtifur Red Heart

Jezebel sent me Concats in a telegram

Lady GaGa sent me Concats in a telegram

Thank you all once again!!


A Daily Diary Pick Today??? Little Ol' ME???

May 20th 2013 10:39 am
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*Bailey comes in looking in awe at all the beautiful balloons and well wishes, the pawty favors and tuna juice fountain ~ furineds dancing and laugh and hugging and purrlaying, just having a wonnerfur time*

Oh mai goodness!! I'm just so overwhelmed!!~dis was sooo unexpected, too!!

Thank you sooo musch Diary Gurl~dis sure helps to make us feel a little lime smiles a little more!!

We have been so concerned over some furineds who are battling cancer and den my pawpaw Friday gots sick last week, and now today I am a DDP and mai sisfur, Neiko is a Blue of The Week!!~oh Catsterland is sooo wonnerfur!! Thank you all!!

Hey Mallee, you always up fur a goot pawty!!~come on and lets get dis purrlace a boppin'

Come on over and let's have a furtastic time!!~today we luff and have fun and luv and hug and send wonnerfur cheers out to all~so come one over and purrlay wif us and pawty ~ *Smiles big*

*shaking her booties and dancing all over*


Thank YOU Fur Helping Make Memories

May 12th 2013 10:48 am
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Mai 4th Birfday was yesturday and soo many of mai wonnerfur furiends came on over to wish me a most Happy Blessed Birfday!~I am soo fankful fur all of the gifites and love to me!

Jezebel and Charlie sent me a personal telegram wishing me a most Happy Birfday~fank you sooo musch!!

Herbie and Callie Rose sent me Birfday cards~from the Birfthday and Gotcha Day club along with Canadian Kitties club~fank you sooo musch!!

Manytoes and Jamison both made lovely, bewtifur Birfday portraits fur mai Birfday~luv dem furry musch!!~fank you both!!

The following kibbies sent me Roseis:

Kite ~ Kibbles, Francis and Crew

Red Heart ~ Tiger, Tiny and Beauty

Ladybug ~ Big Harry, Patches and Crew

Ladybug ~ Smiley Cassanova

Shrimp ~ Platelicker, Raincloud, Cartman, and Crew

Daffadils ~ Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew

Pink Frosted Cupcake ~ Harley

Pink Frosted Cupcake ~ Marmelade, Tigger, Pippin and Crew

Chocolate Cupcake ~ Tink the Cat

Red Rose ~ Kody, Zeke, Queen Tallulah, Princess Tu Two and Crew

Shrimp ~ Rue, Hamish and Mini

Red Heart ~ Mr. Sam

Purple Flower ~ Muppet

Wow WEEE Thank YOU all once again fur helpin me caturbrate mai Birfday and helping us too make precious memoires!!~we make them wif our furmily and here also wif our wonnerfur furiends!!

Luv you all!~have a pawsome day!!


Birfdays, Meowmy's Day and Meant to Be~ME!!

May 10th 2013 11:11 am
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Dear Diary

Tomorrow I will be a whole four years old~were did the time go?

And Sunday is Meowmy's Day!!~I feel super duper spawcial to share my day so close to Meowmy's Day!

It's a spawcial time of year that brings back so many memories~Meowmy's Day is very spawcial indeed!!~and we all love our Meowmy very musch!~YUP!!

I'm gonna tell a true story now so pay atention ok?

Buddy was adopted on the 11th of October and I was born on the 11th of May

Friday was born on the 21st of Feb. and Bijou was born on the 21st of April. I was adopted on the 21st of July!

Meowmy and Buddy along with Friday moved to Plumas on Feb 11th of 2006 and Meowmy moved into our house we live at now, on May 11th, yup my birthday and the very same year I was born, too! This is the first home without Buddy!

Oh how Meowmy cried and cried after she brought me home. you see, the owner didn't want me any more and was choosing her boyfriend and his dog over me!~so instead of letting me run free and dying, my Meowmy said she would take me!~wasn't planned and Meowmy felt quilty, like she was betraying Buddy's memory..she just had to work it out and have a good cry and get it out of her system!~boy Meowmy sure must have loved my Granpaw Buddy!

Anyway, Meowmy figured this all out as time went by!~now, I don't know how anyone else sees this, but I have to say, way too many similarities to say it is just a fluke.

No way!!~I was a meant to be!! Meowmy said the day I came home that it is the "circle of life" and said I am Grandpaw Buddy's girl!!

Well, I sure feel spawcial!~and Budy sent me to mai Meowmy~he was just so heart broken over at the Bridge and had a talk with God and told him to make sure there was a little girl with lots of love sent to Meomwy, as she was so sad and the first year is the hardest of all, having to go through everything the first year.

That is jsut what God did~and He put markers up all along for Meowmy to be able to see and recognize the Master at work, to bring love, peace and balance!!

Happy Birfday to ME!!~Happy Meowmy's Day, too!!

Oh, yes~and I was MEANT TO BE MEOWMY"S gurl!!


Sumfin Dreadful Happend to ME Yesturday!!

May 6th 2013 9:51 am
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Sunday started off like any usual normal day: breakfast, bath, wash face, help with tidying up and making the bed and straightening stuff up and such.

Meowmy got all ready to go out, she does this Sunday mornings, so nothing unusual there.

I did my rounds, checking stuff out and making sure all my blankies and hiding spots were as should be~yup and oh well, this one particular spot looked good~it's on of my favorite spots, too, by the way.

Anyway, with all the morning hussle and bussle I jsut tought I would lay down and sniff my hiding spot..*oh, oh, all at once EVERYTHING went competely dark!~MOL! hey dis is fun!!

OH, and den I heard the door Meowmy uses to go outside, open and close..hmm..what she up to, now?...I go to leave my hiding spot and Bang!!~there is sumfin big and hard in my way!!~oh no~ok, I will push and scratch~no still nothing!!~

Um~Meomy are you out there? cuz I think I'm stuck and I need help!!~Neiko is that you breathing on the other side?~I can hear and smell you!~go get Meowmy, I need Meowmy

What do you mean she's not here?~she went thru the door and didn't come back?~Neiko I am SCARED!!~I don't like it in here anymore~SUMFUR HELP ME!!~

Oh how I scratched and Meowed but it did no good and the ofurs stood on the other side and tried to help, Neiko put her paws under and tried to pull, but all to no avail...hours passed

OH waite I hear sumfin!~YES!!~Meowmy is HOME!!

*Scratch, scratch, scratch*

Meowmy hears me, she is coming =)

The DOOR opens and I run out, blinking and run downstairs to use the little gurls biffy

I come back up and am blinking mai eyes and kwivering my tail, I am just so happy to be out of that dark place!

*Bailey I am sooo sorry you were locked in the hall closet for almost four hours!!~I feel so bad!!~will have to double check next time, before I close the door*

I am such an imp, Meowmy says I love to jump into the closet and hide at the bottom, on Grandpa Buddy's blankie~thank goodness Meowmy came home!


OMC!! I 'm Kitty Of The Week at OKR!!

April 28th 2013 11:52 am
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Wow weeee!!~I am soo happy and catcitied and now that I am getting over the shock of it, very humble and feel privileged to be able to hold this title for the coming week!

I have alot of white in me, and sandy color and red patches, but am still an orangie gurl!~and I love the way Jasper called me an apricot. Now that is so lovely sounding!~I hereby classify me as an APRICOT Gurl!!

By the way, did you know that only 20 per cent of orangies (apricots, too, MOL) are gurls? Yes we are rare!~so if you are an orangie, or apricot or something like this and want to join up at Orange Kitties Rock just send me a pmail so I can see you and have your Id number!!~we would love to have you join us at one of the most friendly, enjoyable groups around!

I am just thrilled by this!~I have been the quiet one in the furmily and on the 11th of May I will be having a birfday, so watch for this!~now alla my wonnerfur furiends will be invited over for a pawsome pawty!~But furst we're pawtying and having a real orange ball this week over at the OKR group~so come on and have a ton of fun wif me!

Smiling Big and Blowing PawPaw Kisses


Whoo Hoo Pink is THE Color

February 27th 2013 8:20 pm
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Yup!! pink is THE color!!'s said strong men wear pink..well kids who are learning to be strong and supportive of others are learning pink is a strong color. On the local news tonight it showed a bunch of kids at school wearing pink t-shirts and having a rally at school in support of a boy who was bullied for wearing a pink t-shirt.

These kids are learning bullying is not cool and they are being supportive of a fellow human who just wanted to be see kibbies Pink is THE color!!..its pretty color..strong color..gentle color

Pink is IT!!


OH WOW!!!..I Was A Daily Diary Pick Today!!

February 8th 2013 6:11 pm
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I sure was surprised!!!..and, oh so happy!! YUP!! dis is fur shur!!..two honors in a short period of time..I am truly blessed indeed!! Tank you soooo musch Diary Girl fur reading up on my diary and caring enuf to choose my diary for ofurs to take a look at and read!!

I wud like to tank da fallohin furiends fur der pawsome. bewtifur gifties:

Jamison and his Meowmy made me a bewifur keepsake picshur..see? Purrty!

Platelicker gave me a wonnerfur bewtifur Fleur De Lis

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave big a big kiss..see da lips on my cheek?

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe,Timmy, Rhett, Ziggy and Crew gave me Candy Hearts!!..valentine candies..

yeah and I's gonna share wif my furiends when you come over and purrlay wif me...hmmm..I can come to your house to purrrlay wif you to?

I had a wonnerfur day!! tank you to Angel Buddy for da telegram and also to Smiley Cassanova..him sent me one too..YUP!!!

I got to go over and purrlay wif Bootbox..its nice and warm in snow eiffur!!..we climbed trees and chased birds and rabbits and I laughed furry hard at dem squirrels..des is sooo funny!! MOL!! you effur see dem squirrels chase each offur? boy dem go furry fast!!YUP!!..Zippidy doo..woo woo woo No!! don't tink I can catch dem..can you?..MOL


My First Honor at Catsterland...THANK YOU!!!

February 5th 2013 9:02 pm
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Wowzies!! I was da Diary of The Day on Saturday, Feb. 2/13..unfortunately we missed it...awww...but I sure got lots of prezzies to help decorate my page!! Thank you!!! I said afore - dis is my furst honor here!! It sure was nice, too!! I want to say thank you to all who sent gifties!

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Casey gave me a tastey shrimp..yummy

Morris, Patches and furmily gave me a big Red Heart

Jasper gave me a Blue Ribbon

Bondi, Felix,Fanny and Crew gave me a Pink Ribbon

Smiley Cassanova gave me a Pink Ribbon

Jason Hopper gave me a Pink Ribbon

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe, Timmy, Ziggy, Rhett and Crew gave me a Trophy

A bewtifur picshure was made fur me and my Meowmy..she luvs these keepsakes soo much!!

Thank you all for my prezzies once again and fur all who reads my diary and comments and fur my wonnerfur furiends coming on over to my house to play wif me..we sure are having loads of fun!! So come on over!!!

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